Cheated My Boyfriend To Have Sex – Part 2

Hi, Nitz here. So I am back with my second story of ‘Cheated My Boyfriend To Have Sex’.

My Dad and Shane returned. Everything went back to normal, but with the very minimum time we got, I and Rihas did have our own time. After work, we both would reach my home. Dad takes 1 hour more to come. So at that time, we would have a quickie and Rihas leaves.

Some days I used to do with Shane too. Shane was the one with whom I had my first sex. So I thought that his dick was the biggest. But since I had Rihas’s dick, Shane’s was half of it. So I couldn’t get that fullness while doing with Shane. But once dad and Shane were back, I and Rihas did not get time for proper sex.

During these days, Rihas got a license and took a second-hand car. Shane, I and Rihas were friends. So I asked Shane if I could go with Rihas so that I don’t have to take the bus and he said I can. Rihas and I started to go together in the car. In the morning I would sleep till I reached my office.

But the evenings were a great time for us. We use to smooch and eat each other’s lips in the car. He would touch and press my boobs while we smooched. We began to be more exploring and daring. Most of the days I wear a knee-length skirt.

While returning, Rihas would remove my panty and ask me to keep it in my bag. He would finger me wild while driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on my steering. At times I too unzipped his pants and sucked his monster wild in the car.

While he drove, I sucked his monster up and down till he shot his white semen into my mouth. I waited with his dick in my mouth till the last drop had been taken and then I would gulp it whole.

But we were not completely satisfied with this. We would feel ourselves burning to get melted in each other. And then the day came. He told me that his roommates are going for an event. The room will be vacant from 10 am till night. So after a brief discussion, we planned everything for the day.

So the day came. In the morning I got out of the house as if going to the office. And then Rihas picked me in the car and we drove to his place. I was wearing a red salwar with a black shawl and black leggings. Red lipstick and Nailpolish. Kajal on eyes and black metal ornaments.

We got into the lift and reached his room. He made me stand in the staircase and made sure no one was inside the flat. Then signaled me to come in. As soon as I entered, he locked the door behind me. Then straight away picked me up on his shoulders and took me to his bedroom.

There were two bunk beds in that room. He kept be on the top bunk and he was standing on the floor. He was too tall and me being tiny, he started to smooch me standing there and me sitting on the top bunk. Suddenly like a mad guy, he pulled my legs out of the bed.

He straight away removed my pant along with my panty. Suddenly sunk his head between my thighs and started to lick my pussy wild. It was like I was laying with my legs spread, pussy licked, wearing the red churidhar top only. I laid back my head and closed my eyes.

He was eating me so intensely that it made me close my eyes. I began to press my boobs over my clothes. Then I clutched his hair and pressed his face more into my pussy. He started to insert and move his long tongue in and out of my wet pussy.

After a few minutes of eating my honey, I asked him to get me down. He lifted me like a kid and placed me on the floor. He was so huge and I always felt like a doll in his hands. He was towering over me at 6ft 4inch and me at a 4ft 8inch height.

With this height difference with us both standing, I could stand and give him a blowjob. Just a little bend was enough and no need for kneeling. I caught hold on his pants and boxer. With one pull, his monster sprang out with wet precums on the tip.

With not much delay, I caught on it and started to blow him. We both were standing and I was giving him a blowjob. In between blowjob, I would make his dick wet slippery with my saliva. Then hold it with both hands and stroke it long looking seducingly into his eyes.

I would spit on to his dick harder while stroking. Then again put back into my mouth and stroke it while being in my mouth. While doing this I also played on his balls with my fingers. He was high like out of the world. While sucking his monster, he pulled out my churidhar top.

My bra followed it to the floor and he too got naked. I was standing completely naked in front of him. The only things on me were my golden anklets and a thin golden hip chain. I removed all my other ornaments and was concentrating more on sucking his dick deep.

But then he began to hold my head and fuck inside my mouth. I was too big for that. I began to gag on his monster. He would hold my head and push his thing maximum into my mouth to a point where I make that vomiting sound. Then he would pull it out completely while tears rolled out of my eyes.

He then lifted me in the air and made me sit on his face. He held me in the air supporting my ass cheeks and began to lick my pussy by holding me in air. He was always a powerful man. Built and hits the gym regularly. I was mesmerized by his power of holding me above his face and eating my pussy.

After a few minutes, from there itself he made me upside down and held me upside down with my face near his dick. I got to hold on to it fast and began to suck it wildly while he ate my pussy. We were in a 69 while he was standing and holding me upside down.

After that, he placed me on the floor. He took a mattress from one of the beds and laid it on the floor. He made me lay on it and began to suck my nipples one after one. While feeding on my nipples, he also started to insert his middle finger into my pussy and move in and out slowly. I was on cloud nine.

He began to insert his two fingers deep into me and finger me. He started gently, but gradually increased the speed and was wilder. Soon I began to squirt. A jet of liquids sprayed out from my pussy. When it sprayed out, he went down and licked my pussy and did this again till I squirt again.

Finally, he makes me lay on the bed, came on top of me. He inserted his monster slowly into my wet drenched pussy. He rested for some time until I was comfortable. Then he started to move his hip to and fro at a steady speed. I was dumbstruck by the feel and my eyes were rolling back by itself.

His dark big body over my white tiny body. He was ramming me like a bull or stallion in heat. His every stroke was long and deep as if touching my womb. With this, he was sucking my nipples like a baby drinks milk. Then he increased the pace of ramming me. The feeling was awesome.

He was fucking me in missionary position like a machine. I folded back my legs giving him deeper access into my pussy. My eyes were rolling back automatically. I started to carve his back with my nails and was also moaning heavily. Then after some time, from that position itself, he stood up.

By lifting and holding me started to fuck me in the air by supporting and holding both my ass cheeks and his monster inside me. My legs were raising and dropping in the air in each stroke. Tiny feet dangling in the air as he lifted and dropped me on his monster.

I locked my arms around his neck as he stood strong. I jumped up and down like riding a horse. After some time, he laid back in the bed. I was on top and began to ride him well. While riding, he was pressing my boobs too. While I was riding, my ass cheeks were spread.

Slowly he began to touch my anal with his fingers. As I was riding he wets my anal and slowly inserted his little finger into my anus. Now I was madly riding his monster and his little finger too. Then again back to the missionary position. This time he folded my legs and then placed my feet on his chest.

He was deeply inserting in a slow rhythm. After a few strokes, he kept both my legs on his shoulders and began to fuck harder and said he was gonna cum. I too was nearing my orgasm. As I was about to explode, I told him that I wanted to ride him when climaxing. He straight away rolled and brought me on top and I started to ride him.

He was spanking me while riding. We both were on the verge of a strong climax. Then I increase the riding speed. Faster and faster and my feet began to cling and waves of orgasm struck heavily. My legs shivered wildly from the orgasm and I laid on his chest exhausted.

He wrapped both hands around me. With a few more strokes he began to shoot his loads of hot sperm into my inner pussy walls. I bounced up and down on him till the last drop of his cum was drained. We laid there for some time, exhausted. Plenty of time was left for us.

We later sat in his flat watching movies. We were naked all the time. We never bothered to wear any clothes. We even watched HD western porn on the big TV. We did a wild round of sex watching porn. We slept hugging each other after lunch. And woke up evening and had one and a half hours to leave.

We decided to take a shower together. In the bathroom, we began to smooch and touch each other. We soaped each other and started over. He closed the lid of the commode and made me sit on it. He knelt and licked my pussy good. I gave him a blowjob when he stood and I sat. Then he lay on the bathroom floor and I rode him.

He lifted me and fucked me under the shower. After an hour of the shower, we both dressed up, cleaned the mess and left the flat. He dropped me home and I came home just like another day after office.

To be continued.

So guys, in the last part I said that I will write about how Shane found out my secret. But I thought I have to say a few more incidents before rushing into it. Pardon me. I won’t disappoint you.

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