Secret Affair With Girlfriend’s Neighbor- Part 4

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Hello Readers, this is my story. I am John, 24 years of age and I am from Hyderabad. Please read the previous parts to understand this one better and to enjoy it.

Later Vandana told me to freshen up and she will prepare lunch. I told her that don’t prepare for me as I need to go. She requested me to stay at her place until Sneha comes back. I agreed but told her I had my conditions.  So I told her that I would stay only if we both are naked for the whole day.

She gave me a sarcastic smile and told, “Are you planning to fuck me the whole day?”
Me: As you want me to stay here still Sneha comes that is what you want me to do right?
She laughed out loud and told, “You can read my mind.”

Me: I can only if a girl/lady is naked beside me.
V: Acha?
She pushed me and came to me and started kissing. She stopped in between and asked, “What all can you do if a lady is naked beside you?”

Me: I can make her happy.
V: I know this. So tell something which you do.
Me: I can make babies and started smiling. (I was kidding).
V: Will you do that with me?

Me: (pulled her close, kissed on her and hugged her) I would love to do that with. But as you are operated I cannot do with you.
V: (she quickly sat on my tummy) You would do right if I was not operated.
Me: Yeah (casually)

V: Oh my god this is what I want to hear from you. I am not operated. Please give a child.

I was shocked. I couldn’t speak anything. All this time I fucked her without a condom thinking that she was operated and she would never get pregnant. She lied to me saying that she was operated.

On seeing me shocked.
V: As of now I am not pregnant. Whenever you fucked me without condom, those days were not the days to get pregnant.
Me: Why do you want my child?

V: Not only I want your child but I also want you.
Me: What? You know that it is not possible? If Sneha knows about us she would kill me. She told me that I can satisfy you only once as you were really desperate for sex.

V: Yes she was right. I was desperate for sex. I want you so that I can satisfy myself. After we had sex for the first time I enjoyed it. I felt like I was with my husband. When I came back to reality I know that I can’t have my husband back so at least I can have you.

V: That is the reason why I came to the airport to pick you up. So that you would fuck me again. That is the reason why I started to suck your dick in the car so that as soon as you come to the flat you would fuck me.
Me: What the fuck?

I was angry after hearing all this. I left her on the bed and went into the hall. She came to me. There was no talk for 15 minutes.
Me: Ok fine I am leaving now.
V: Please stay here till Sneha comes.

Me: No, I need to go.
V: Please, please.
Me: I thought that I was here to satisfy you but you had a new plan for yourself. I am not here to make babies. Let me go.

She stopped me and requested me to stay with her for one last day. And she also said that she would be naked the whole day. If possible whenever I come to her house she would be naked (sarcastic request). Then she started to tickle me. I sat on her sofa and pulled her towards me. She came and sat on my right thigh.

Then I told her, “This is not my age to have a child. What would you tell the society if you get pregnant? What will you tell your parents and your in-laws?” Vandana was silent.

Me: Think about this. Having sex to satisfy ourselves is a whole different thing. But if you get pregnant then that is a whole different story. Think peacefully. I am here to help you. I can help you without Sneha knowing about us. But please don’t ask me to make you pregnant.

Vandana was not speaking anything. She had tears in her eyes.
V: I know that I asked for more than what I deserve. But you really helped me. I want you to help me in the future as well. I can’t ask for this my whole life. But can we maintain this relationship secretly even if you marry Sneha?

Me: I can help you but I am not sure how many days this can happen. But whatever happens, I want Sneha to know whatever happened between us. I love Sneha and I don’t want to lose her.
V: Yes you do. We will plan to tell Sneha but not now.

Me: Ok I will freshen up and leave.
V: Please stay till Sneha comes back. You can fuck me the whole day as much as you want, I will be naked the whole day.

Me: Fine but when Sneha comes back I will tell her that I was here with you.
V: Ok.

She went to the bathroom to take a bath. As promised we both were naked the whole day. When she was preparing lunch we had one round of sex in the kitchen After lunch, we had one round in her bedroom. Later that evening we went out in her car for a long drive.

We came back with 6 beers. We finished 2 beers each and had dinner. After dinner, we sat in her veranda which was on the 4th floor and there were no buildings nearby we were naked in the Varanda we opened 1 beer and shared that. She was high and was not able to walk properly.

We finished the beer in no time and had a casual talk. Later around 11 o clock she went to bring back the leftover beer from the fridge. She said that she wants to sit in her bedroom and complete the last beer. So when she went into the bedroom she brought the beer and sat on my lap holding the beer in her hand.

I took the bottle in my hand and then I placed that chilled bottle on her pussy. She shivered and was about to stand. I caught hold of her both hands and made her sit on my lap. I locked her by placing one of my legs on her she was not able to move.

I wanted to spread her legs and placed that chilled bottle. I was rubbing her pussy she was so high due to alcohol. She was moaning at her highest voice. When I kept the bottle near her pussy she closed her legs and so that the bottle would not fall down. She pulled me close to her and started kissing me.

I left the bottle between her legs and started pressing her boobs. In between pinching her nipples. Her nipples were really big as she has a son. Then I removed the bottle and kept it aside. I pushed her into a doggy position and inserted my dick inside her pussy.

I can feel the coldness whenever I give a stroke. I fucked her and I was completely exhausted as we had many rounds since yesterday night. She turned away from me I pulled her close to me in spoon hug position and slept.

Terrifying next day:
I woke up around 8 am to pee. But I didn’t find Vandana in the bedroom. So I went to the washroom after coming out. I went into the kitchen to drink some water. I found Vandana in the kitchen preparing something.

She had a bath and was in her saree. I went from behind and hugged her tightly and kissing her neck and bareback. She was frightened and told me to dress quickly as Sneha (my girlfriend) was in her house. I went quickly to the bedroom and wore my jeans and a T-shirt and checked my phone.

I had 4 missed calls from Sneha around 6 am. So I quickly went to Vandana and asked, “When did Sneha come and why is she here?”
Vandana: Go and ask your girlfriend, not me.
Me: Does she know that I am here.

Vandana: Yes
Me: Oh my god. What did you say and why did she come here?
Vandana: She came at 6 am and rang the calling bell. She said she forgot her keys in Vijayawada and the spare key is with you.

Me: Ya I have the spare key. Does she know that I am here?
Vandana: Yes! She was calling you when she came into the house and the phone was ringing in the hall. I couldn’t hide it. She knows that your phone is here and you will be here as well. She is in the other room. Go and speak to her.

I was fucking scared. Went into the other bedroom and found Sneha to be sleeping. I sat beside the bed and waiting for her to wakeup.
Sneha: (Closed her eyes) Why did you come here?

I told her everything that happened.
Sneha: Ok do you have the spare key? We’ll go to our house.
Me: Yes, I’ll get it.

She got up from the bed and took her luggage. I went quickly and brought the key and gave it to her.
Sneha: Are you planning to stay here?
Me: No!

Sneha: Then go and get your luggage.
I went swiftly and brought my luggage and kept it near the main door.
Sneha: Vandana, we are going. Thank you and bye.

She left without waiting for Vandana. Even I said Vandana bye and left without waiting for Vandana to reply as Sneha was angry. We went to Sneha’s flat and she went into the bathroom to take a bath. I was sitting in the hall and waiting for her. These 10 minutes felt like hours. At last, Sneha came and sat beside me.

Sneha: When did you come to Hyderabad?
Me: Day before yesterday night at 12:45. Then Vandana came to pick me.
Sneha: Hmmm good! So, having fun with her?

Me: No, I didn’t expect her to come and pick me. When I was in Delhi she called me and asked where I was. She asked me to come to her flat. But I told her that I was in Delhi. She asked me when I was coming. So I told her the date and time. I didn’t expect her to come and pick me.

Sneha: Ok, ok fine Vandana told me everything in the morning. Don’t worry I am not going to tell you anything as it was started because of me. I saw you in the bedroom and found you to be naked. You were in a deep sleep so I didn’t disturb you.

Me: You should have woken me up?
Sneha: You would have died in shock if I did so.
Me: (In mind)yea, (Outside)silent
Sneha: Go and take a bath in the meantime I will prepare something to eat.

Me: No, don’t. We’ll go out and eat. You are tired because of traveling. I know that you would not sleep on the bus. Just wait for 10 minutes we’ll go out.
Sneha: Acha, you know so much about me. I think even you are tired of Marathons.

Me: Nothing like that. We did only one session and then we slept.
Sneha: Ok then we’ll get tired today after breakfast. (she winked)

I went and had my bath. Later we went to the nearby hotel and had breakfast.
After coming back to the flat I sat on the sofa. After 2-3 minutes she came and sat on my lap.

Sneha: I missed having sex with you.
Me: Even I missed you.
Sneha: I made a mistake by introducing you to Vandana. That bitch is taking you from me.

Me: Nothing like that.

Sneha: I know, I trust you. But I didn’t expect you to be there in her flat. I was shocked to see you there. I thought that I would never speak to you. But Vandana told me everything. So I trust you completely. Even after getting caught like this you never lied to me.

Me: (Inside) Oh my god, I did the right thing by saying what all happened, I didn’t try to manipulate.
Sneha: I feel like having sex right from the moment I saw you in her bedroom. Come let’s go to the bedroom.

She closed all the doors and we went into the bedroom and closed the curtains as it was shining brightly. When I was closing curtains she hugged me from behind. Then I turned towards her and started kissing her from the forehead and then kissed her lips.

The best part of Sneha is she has juicy lips. While kissing we fell on the bed and slowly started removing our clothes. I removed her bra hook from behind while I was still kissing her. As I removed her hook I slid her straps from the shoulders.

I started kissing her breast and sucked her nipples slowly, one after the other. Sneha closed her eyes and she was enjoying and moaning slowly. When she was still closing her eyes I went up to kiss her. She responded quickly and we kissed again.

Then again I moved down to her breasts. This time I was sucking her breast vigorously. I gave her small bites on her nipples in between. She shouted in pain when I bit her nipple for the 1st time. But later, she started enjoying and made sounds like in between.

While I was sucking her breast I inserted my right hand into her panty and slowly rubbed her pussy. In between, I pulled her panty up in such a way that her panty would split her pussy into two halves. Then I went down and started licking her pussy. It was a clean shaved pussy and the aroma was awesome.

Sneha started moaning every time I make a stroke with my tongue. She was not able to control her self. Then I inserted my middle finger and slowly finger fucked for some time. She exploded on my face. I stopped for about 2 minutes and let out all her juices

Then again I started finger fucking her but his time with 2 fingers. I was licking her pussy too. (I was just fingering her so that she gets satisfied and it doesn’t require me to fuck her as my dick was hurt due to repeat sex with Vandana). This is how my second meeting with Vandana went.

I am signing off for now. If you need any help please feel free to contact me on [email protected]

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