Outdoor Fun With My Girlfriend – Part 6

Hi, I am Anil from a tier 2 city Warangal in Telangana. My age is 24 with an average built body and an average dick. This is a real story of how I befriended a Muslim girl on Facebook and fucked her. Names of characters are changed for security reasons.

In the last part, ‘Outdoor Fun With A Muslim Girl – Part 5’, I explained how I dared Saba to have a carrot in her pussy and she dared me to drink my own cum. After a few days when she was alone in her house something happened. This is a bit long and only some erotica.

Saba (low voice)-” I hear some voice in my home.”
Me-” What? What voice be careful.”
Saba-” It’s like some moaning, I hear a girl.”

Me-” Woah, who would that be?”
Saba-” Oh my god Anil that’s coming from my brother’s room. Oh god, you won’t believe what I am seeing. ”

Me-” Oh what’s the matter what’s happening there? Any problem?”
Saba-“Oh god Anil my brother is completely naked. He is fucking his girlfriend. Oh god, I can’t believe this. What’s happening?”
Me-” WTF, your brother is having sex in your home?”

Saba-“In front of me damn it. I am scared. Anil, what should I do?”
Me-” What are you scared of, its sex after all.”
Saba-” Shut up it’s my little brother naked with a naked girl having sex.”

Me-” That’s so sexy. the thing you got to see directly that’s good I guess. Who gets a chance to see their brother screwing a girl lol?”
Saba-” Oh come on shut up. What should I do now? I just can’t think of what to do.”

I got a bit jealous of the fact that Mushtaq who just turned 19 is fucking a girl and I couldn’t enter his sister’s pussy as yet. I got a wicked idea.

Me-“Saba, do what I say. Record their sex act. Make sure you have pics also. Sometimes focus on your brother while you can’t see the girl. Sometimes focus on the girl where you can’t see your brother.”

Saba-” What the fuck are you telling? You want me to record my brother having sex? Are you out of your mind? I won’t do that.”
Me-” Babe, trust me I have something crazy for you only, please. This will be between us. The craziest thing we will be doing, please babe.”

Saba-“Oh fuck you idiot why can’t I deny anything you say. Ok I’ll do it”
Me-“Babe be careful they don’t see you.”

Saba sent me the video and a few pictures. Oh god, that fucking was awesome. Mushtaq had a very well built body and a good-sized cock. It is long but seems to be a bit thin. He was fucking his girlfriend Mehar in missionary position. Mehar is of 19 years studying 1st year engineering in Saba’s college itself.

Saba knew her very well because she is her junior and her brother’s girlfriend. Mushtaq studies in a different college. They both were friends from childhood. Mehar is looking gorgeous in the video. She has solid boobs that were bouncing while Mushtaq was pounding her pussy.

Both their milky white bodies were shining because of the sweat. Mushtaq has parted her legs far and ramming her pussy. He then leaned and kissed her on lips. He was pressing her boobs while fucking her pussy. He took one boob in his mouth and started sucking and biting her nipples.

Mehar was shouting loud and the heaviness in her breathing could be heard in the video. After sometime Mushtaq laid on the bed and Mehar started taking his cock in her mouth. She slowly went down the long cock and started sucking it while massaging the balls.

Mushtaq held her and guided her ass towards his face. Meher mounted his mouth with her pussy. Now they were sucking each other in 69 position. That was soo wonderful to watch. I already had my cock out and was stroking it vigorously.

Mehar was bobbing on Mushtaq’s cock. Her saliva was oozing down his dick. She was sucking him very fastly while fondling his balls. Mushtaq was fucking Mehar’s pussy with his tongue and his nose was pressing into her asshole.

They were so lost in their actions that they didn’t know they were being recorded. The only sounds heard were slurping sounds of Mehar’s mouth on Mushtaq’s dick and his mouth under her pussy. Their bodies were stiffening which meant they were nearing their orgasm.

At this time what I saw blew my mind. Mehar inserted a finger in Mushtaq’s asshole and Mushtaq did the same with Mehar’s asshole. As soon as their fingers went in each other’s asshole they both had their orgasms. I could see Mehar’s mouth bulging due to the cum she got from Mushtaq’s cock.

The cum was leaking from her mouth down the dick. And stream after streams of liquids flushed out of Mehar’s pussy into Mushtaq’s mouth and all over his face. At this point, I too had my orgasm with so much intensity.

After completion of orgasm, both drank the other’s cum and got up and cuddled on the bed. The video ended here. I called Saba to express my situation.

Me-” That was the most amazing thing I ever watched.”
Saba-” I feel bad. That’s my brother and I shouldn’t have done that.”
Me-” Babe, come on, didn’t you enjoy it. That was so sexy and I had an amazing orgasm watching them fuck.”

Saba-” Yeah even I fingered myself after I sent you video. That was sexy but I don’t know I feel guilty.”
Me-” There’s nothing to be guilty. You would have seen porn online but now you have seen it directly and showed me too. That’s it.”

Saba-” Yeah I guess am overreacting.”

Me-” Now listen to me. I have a crazy dare for you and a risky one too”
Saba-” What’s that?”
Me-” I dare you to have oral sex with a girl.”

Saba-” WTF are you out of mind? You are involving another person in dare and that too asking me to have lesbian sex?”
Me-” Think about it. It will be awesome. Didn’t you tell me you sometimes felt an urge to be with a girl? Well, this is the chance I give you and I am ok with it.”

Saba-” Yeah I did tell you so but that was just a fantasy I didn’t feel to have in real life.”
Me-“Fantasies are meant to fulfill when they are possible and this is the best chance.”

Saba-“You are right. But where do I find a girl who will be ok to have sex with me? I can’t just ask anyone to come to suck my pussy na.”
Me-” Babe just think what all you got. You already have a person whom you can drag into this, just rewind the day. Think about your phone.”

Saba-” Oh my god I get you now you want me to have sex with Mehar by showing her the video of her sex?”
Me-” Hell yeah you got it.”
Saba-” But what if she doesn’t accept.”

Me-” It would be a nice try anyway. And moreover, she can’t tell anyone as it will damage her. And remember we are not the bad guys to blackmail.”
Saba-” It is blackmailing only.”

Me-“But we don’t abuse or do anything bad right? We are just doing dares. Think it that way. It will be a one-time thing and you can tell her it will be a one-time thing only.”
Saba-” I’ll try my best”

Saba’s narration

So I sent the video and photos to Mehar where only she was visible without Mushtaq. Mehar was shocked by what she saw. She immediately called me”

Mehar-“Didi ye kya he, ye kaha se aaya aapke pas?”
Saba-” Don’t you know what this is? It is a video of you having sex and how did I get this is not your concern.”

Mehar-” Please didi don’t do this. I am so sorry to sleep with your brother. What will happen if someone sees this?” (started crying)

Saba-” Hey don’t cry. You need not be sorry for sleeping with my brother. He is your boyfriend and it’s normal. And don’t get scared this video is only with me and it’s safe.”
Mehar-” You are not angry with me? You are ok with me fucking Mushtaq? ”

Saba-” No not at all. I, too, have sex with my boyfriend. Well not literally sex but yeah we did things.”
Mehar-” Oh ok. But did how did you get this video and why you sent me?”

Saba-” Well how it got to me is not matter now as long as it is safe with me. And I sent to you because I wanted you to see for yourself getting fucked.”
Mehar-” Oh ok.”

Saba-” How long have you two been having sex?”
Mehar-” More than a year I guess.”
Saba-” Acha for more than a year?”
Mehar-“Sort of.”

Saba-” Who else you fucked apart from Mushtaq?”
Mehar-” Didi no one I never cheated Mushtaq. I had sex only with him and no one else.”

Saba-“So you never even wanted to have sex with others? Like fantasy or something?”
Mehar-” Yeah I do have some fantasies. But I love Mushtaq so much and I can’t cheat him. He gets depressed even if I talk to some boy.”

Saba-” So possessive my brother is. So what kind of fantasies do you have?”
Mehar-” I mean like having some fun in public places and like threesome kind of things.”

Saba-” oh nice and what about lesbian sex? You don’t have any such fantasy?”
Mehar-” I mean I thought sometime but did it is haram na having lesbian sex?”
Saba-” You talking about haram? You had sex before marriage didn’t you? Lol”

Mehar-” Woh toh hai, didi. But I don’t know it is still cheating Mushtaq na, so never gave a thought.”
Saba-“Well give a thought now and it won’t be cheating as Mushtaq won’t know.”

Mehar-” What are you saying, didi? You want me to have lesbian sex?”
Saba-” You are a very sharp girl. Yes, why not? After all, it’s your fantasy and you also need not search for any girl.”

Mehar-“What? Why I need not search for any girl. I don’t know anyone who is lesbian”
Saba-“Well you have me.”
Mehar-” What? Didi aap lesbian ho?”

Saba-“Are no, I am not lesbian but I have a fantasy just like you. I was searching for a girl to have sex. Fortunately, I got your video so I guess you wouldn’t say no.”
Mehar-” Why do you think so?”

Saba-” Because you too have a lesbian fantasy and upon all, I have your sex tape.”
Mehar-” Didi please video kisi ko mat dikhana.”

Saba-“Then let’s have some fun. See Mehar it is not like blackmailing ok. I have this fantasy which I want very badly. You are the only person I can approach and trust. This will be just a one time fun.”

Mehar-“Sachi mein didi kisiko mat dikhana.”
Saba-“That’s a promise. I’ll not send it to anyone now.”
Mehar-” Ok didi.”

Saba-” Ok, meet me tomorrow at the college in the recess.”
Mehar-” Ok didi.”
Saba-” Mehar thoda porn bhi dekhlo lesbian vali kaam aayega.”

Mehar-” Ha didi you also do na. It will be nice if it’s mutual”
Saba-” The bitch in you has woken up ha?”

The next day Mehar met me at the college. I advised her to bunk the last period and come to the washroom. She came to the washroom and it was only us two. As my dare was oral sex only Mehar fucked my pussy with her tongue in the bathroom.

After I had my orgasm we went to an empty classroom to continue our activities. In the classroom, I sucked on Mehar’s pussy till she had cummed. I managed Mehar and recorded both the sessions and sent them to Anil.

Saba’s narrative ends

So this is it for this part guys. The next part is much more erotic where ill describe what Saba had sent me and what dare did I get to do next. Give your feedback at [email protected] on Gmail or hangout.

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