Bringing Out Wild Side Of Hot Gym Receptionist Nandita

Hi guys, my name is Jay. I am 30 years old and new to this site. This would be my first story. A little about myself, I am standing tall at 5’8, wheatish and a chiseled body thanks to years of football and gym. And my friend down below is 6 inches and thick with great stamina.

So this happened when I was in college few years back in Bangalore. As soon as I joined college, I joined the football team and did well. To further enhance my strength, I was looking to join a gym. I visited a few and finally decided to join a reputed gym which was three floors big in Koramangala.

I started visiting the gym 2-3 times a week but I love working out on Sunday late mornings, as the gym would be empty and I will have ample free time. During one such Sundays, I saw a very cute looking girl behind the reception of the gym. I smiled at her while entering and she did the same.

When I started working out, my mind was still not focused and kept going back to her smile.

To tell you, her name was Nandita (name changed). She was 5’3, fair and cute round boobs. More, later.

Half an hour into the workout, I saw her on the gym floor with anther colleague. The moment I saw her, I started smiling like a small kid smiles for a candy. I didn’t realise but I was staring at her. She looked at me confused and waved. I realised I made a fool of myself and as their were not many people in the gym, I walked up to her.

Me: Hi.

Nandita: Hey

Me: I haven’t seen you here before.

Nandita: Haha..Yea.. I joined a few days back.

Me: I suppose your shift is at mornings.

Nandita: Yes, why?

Me: I can’t come in the mornings. (sad face)

Nandita(laughing): Ok bye.

While entering the lift, she turned back and was still smiling. I winked at her and she started laughing. So this continued for a few Sundays. We would have a little chit chat every Sunday and she was quite friendly.

One of such days, I just asked her for her number and she politely declined. That made me real sad and I guess she saw it on my face. While leaving the gym, I didn’t look at her and walked out straight. Later that evening, I got a message on my phone. It was Nandita.

Nandita: Someone looked really sad today.

Me: Who is this?

Nandita: Forgot me so soon?

Me: Nandita?

Nandita: Yes. 😉

Me: How did you get my number?

Nandita: I work here, forgot?

Me: Oh yes.. 🙂 so why did you say no when I asked?

Nandita: Just..wanted to tease you.

Me: That’s so mean..

Nandita: I am not mean..I messaged you..Didn’t I?

Me: Well yea..It’s kind a surprise.

We spoke for an hour and I was so happy. She was a decent girl and I didn’t want to blow her off, so I took it slow.

By then I knew a lot about her. She was from north east and was living with some friends. I asked her if she wanted to go out for lunch on Sunday and she said she would love to. She told me her shift got over at 2 pm and we can go after that.

I planned my workout accordingly and told her to meet me in a nearby cafe at 2.30 pm. I was waiting for her in the cafe and when she came, I got an instant hard on.

She was wearing a blue denim and a black top with a hint of cleavage.Her figure was 32B–26–32. Her skin looked smooth and spotless. And she was wearing red lipstick which made her lips look extra thick and juicy.

I got an instant hard-on when I saw her. I hugged her tight when she came and complimented her. She said, “You don’t look so bad yourself.”

I thanked her and we sat down. We gelled really well and I kept touching her hand in pretext or something or the other. She didn’t seem to mind at all.

We finished our lunch and moved out. We were outside the restaurant holding hands and there was palpable sexual tension between us. I could sense that even she wanted to get a little more comfortable.

I offered her to spend the afternoon at my apartment as both my flatmates were out and I had a room to myself. She hesitantly said yes and we got a auto and headed to my apartment.

While inside the auto, my hands were on her shoulder and I kept feeling her arm and pulling her closer. In the pretext of saying something, I moved my head closer to her and kissed her on the neck!

She was shocked and turned on the same time. She pressed my hand firmly and inched closer to me. I was so hard at that time and already my precum was causing problems inside the boxers.

The better the foreplay, the greater the sex. Once we got to my flat, I gave her a tour of my apartment and she was quite impressed seeing it. And then I asked her what would she like to do and started grinning.

Nandita: Why are you smiling? (shyly)
Me: Nothing, just happy in general.

Me: So, would you like to do some sheesha and watch a movie?
Nandita: Yes! I like pulling sheesha.
Me: Great. I will make a sheesha. You select a movie.

I gave her my laptop and kissed her gently on the cheek and thanked her for such a wonderful afternoon. She started blushing and couldn’t say anything.

We sat on the bed and started watching a romcom movie that she had selected. Since the sheesha was kept on the floor next to her, I had to bend everytime to take a puff and intentionally, I would keep my hand on her thigh for support while pulling the smoke.

While watching the movie, we started holding hands and she was leaning on me. I got a good view of her cleavage and her scent was driving me mad. My hard on was pretty big and made me uncomfortable. But I didn’t know how to proceed further. After a while, she was trying to make rings while blowing smoke but failed miserably.

Me: Maybe there are some other things you should blow.

She understood my double meaning joke and started to hit me in a joking manner. I could not hold any longer.

I dropped the pipe on the floor, looked at her and kissed her lips hard. She went shy and turned her head but my boner was not ready to accept it. I turned her head and kissed her again and this time, she responded.

We started kissing very passionately, she tasted so sweet. We kept kissing and I started to feel her. She left out a soft moan and that was pretty much a green signal. I started kissing her neck, ears and biting below neck. She was breathing heavily. My hands were pressing her boobs and trying to find an opening in the top.

I was mad with lust and would not stop at anything. She kept moaning baby, “Aah..Go slow..Ahh..”

Then I took off her top in a jiffy and the sight just made me harder. She was wearing a dark pink push up bra and her skin was white shinning with all the kissing I had just then.

I took off her bra and started sucking her nipples while rubbing the other one. Her nipples were light pink and firm.

Nandita was moaning very loudly now and all the while sucking and kissing made her loose her mind. She pulled away my shirt and buttons went flying. We both bursted out laughing but it was just made the sexual hunger in us more obvious.

We kept kissing and licking each other while she kept grabbing my hard on over my pants. I slid her jeans and then took off mine too and then jumped on her.

We continued kissing. Our hands were inside each other’s underwear. She was holding my dick and rubbing it and I was fingering her. We both were wet like Niagara falls.

Then I took off my underwear and my dick sprang out saluting this Indian beauty. She was like wow when she saw it and jumped to suck it. I was lying down pushing her head further and with every stroke, she took my dick deeper and deeper in her mouth.

“Oh Nandita! Yes babe..Suck it like that.. Ahh..You dirty little slut..Take in all in..”

She sucked my dick for ten minutes. I was ready to explode so I pulled her off, made her lie down and pulled away her pink panty. She was clean shaved and her pussy was glistening with her juices.

I quickly went down, got a taste of it and banged my cock inside in one push!!

“Aaaahhhh!!!!!” she screamed and I took out my cock and thrusted it in again.

“Aah!! Baby I love it..”

I started fucking her deep but slow and kept on kissing her lips, boobs and neck and biting her all over (by the time we were done she had too many love bites to even count, lol.)

We kept fucking in missionary for ten minutes and then she turned around and got in doggy style. I positioned my dick and slowly slid inside her. I held her hair and started fucking her really hard and fast.

Then I pulled her by her hair and made her stand up. I was fucking her like that, squeezing her breasts and eating her neck shoulders and ears. I could not control any longer and told her I was going to cum. She told me not to cum inside her so I turned her around and put my dick in her mouth.

Nandita started sucking very hard and within a few seconds, I came so hard that and shot straight down her throat. I felt the life going out of me.

She drank half of it and half came dripping out of her mouth on her chest and stomach. I fell on the bed gasping for air and she lied on top of me.

We both passed out for a while. I got up a while later with my dick already in her mouth and getting sucked. I fucked her again in the shower later. It was one of the best sex I ever had. We started dating and fucked in a lot of different places. More about it later.

Hope you guys and girls enjoyed. Feel free to comment and reach me on [email protected]

Until next time. Much love!

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