Wild Side Of My Neighbor Bhabhi – Part 2

This is the continuation of the previous story. Please read the previous one to be with the flow.

Wild Side Of My Neighbor Bhabhi

When I entered the house, I saw Pinky bhabhi lying on her stomach with hands tied and she was trying to open it up. I thought to myself not so soon, bhabhi. I went close to the bed and got on top of the bed. She was covered with a shawl on her ass and the rest was a feast to my eyes.

Her body was soaked in a mixture of sweat especially her thighs looked so hot and sexy. It was inviting me. Meanwhile, She might have heard someone coming and said, “Please khol ke jao. Ab toh chod diya na, aur kya chahiye.” Without responding, I undid my jeans and let my dick free.

I then pulled the shawl aside and made bhabhi to stand on her four. My dick was hard and ready to drill her. Bhabhi realized the situation, “Abhi aur mat chodo. I am tired, please leave now.” I took some saliva from my mouth and applied on raging dick.

I pushed my dick inside her pussy in one shot. It went straight in full length with all the cum in her pussy. Bhabhi reacted, “Nahi, so hard again.” I kept drilling her, slow and steady. All the way in and all the way out. Bhabhi was waiting desperately whenever I take the dick all the way out.

“Please stop teasing and fuck me harder.” And there she herself started moving back and met my thrust much faster. Seeing bhabhi enjoy herself, I slapped her on her ass and was losing myself in the moment.

Bhabhi, “Ahh yeah. Just like this, fuck me more.” I was breathing heavily, finally opened up, “Fuck you, bhabhi. You are made to be fucked, abse roz chodunga.” And continued as if asking for permission, “Let me fuck you always. Love your pussy and hot body.”

Bhabhi reached orgasm, “I am coming again.” And I banged her without any mercy and pushed her on the bed. She fell flat on her stomach and I laid myself on her back. I started fucking her from behind by putting my arms under her shoulder. I gave heavy thrusts in her pussy.

After 15-20 thrusts, I let it go and cummed heavily inside her warm pussy. Both were catching a breath. I pulled myself up and turned bhabhi to face me. She got the shock of her life with her eyes wide open, “Tum? Rohit?”

Unable to understand and think, how? Why? What? she said, “Ye kya kiya tumne? Tum mujhe kyu chod rahe the. Main tumhari bhabhi hu.”

I said, “Maine sab kuch dekha, jo apne kiya undono ke saath.”

Bhabhi didn’t know how to respond, “Woh…mujhe…sab achanak ho gaya. Sachi, mujhe pata nahi chala, kab 2 mask wale log aaye. Aur kuch churane ke badle mein, mujhe chod diya. Maine kafi mana kiya, par nahi maane. Main kya karti? Tum batao Rohit?”

I was just watching her. Even in her distress, she was looking hot and seductress. I could feel my blood going to the wrong place again and things are getting harder and harder every second.

She continued her sorry tale, “Aur unke paas knife bhi thi. Fir unhone suck karaya aur mujhe hosh khone pe majbur kar diya. Fir khub choda dono ne milke. Par tumne kyu choda mujhe? Rohit kyun choda mujhe? Tum toh mere se chote aur bhai jaise hona, fir kyun apna lund mujh mein dala?”

I could have said a lot of things to her to make her understand why I fucked her. Par maine aisa kuch nahi kiya. Maine bhabhi ka haath apne hatho mein liya aur apne rock-like hard dick pe rakh diya. Aur unko apna dick pakda diya.

Fir kaha, “Mehsus kar rahi ho bhabhi. Bachelor aur single ladke ke liye, ye kisi golden aur once-in-a-life moment se kam nahi hai. Baki toh ap kafi intelligent ho maine kyu choda apko.” Bhabhi took the hand away, “Hum ye sab nahi kar sakte. tum mujhe ek baar chod diya hai. ab jao. Aur abse mujhse baat mat karna. Promise karo.”

I smiled to myself and said, “Promise toh ap karoge, mujhse chodne ki aur bhi kuch karne ki.”
Bhabhi looked confused, “Kya matlab?”

I played the recording with mask men where bhabhi was getting fucked, “Ye dekho. Kahin se lagta hai ki apko kisine majbur kiya hai?  Ya forcefully chod rahe hai? Sab hasange aur apki lenge.” I laughed and said, “So, what do you say ab life chudana hai ya chodna hai?” (Be fucked or get fucked)

Bhabhi nervously, “Please ye sab delete karlo, nahi toh sab bigad jayega. Main kuch bhi kar lungi, par delete karlo.”
I said, “Delete toh kar lunga, par Promise ka kya?”
Bhabhi, “I promise, ab please delete karlo.”

“Aise nahi,” and guided her mouth on my dick, “Ab suck karo.” Bhabhi chusne lagi mere lund ko. I let myself fall on the bed. She kept sucking for another 5 minutes. I had my eyes closed all this time. I opened my eyes when I saw bhabhi came on top of me and was guiding my dick in her pussy.

I said, “Kya hua bhabhi ap toh mana kar rahe the na chudne se?”
She said, “Tum bina chode mante? Ab shhh.” and pressed her lips on my lips and gave a long smooch.

After the kiss, I put her on her back and came on top of her in missionary style. I started pressing her boobs with both hands and pinching her nipples. Mera lund ab bhi unke andar bahar ho raha tha. But my focus was her boobs. Her tight, perfect, round boobs.

I was biting her nipples and licking it. Mera man finally bhar gaya tha. I decided to take the action to another level. Main chodna fir shuru kiya zor zor se. She closed her eyes, “Keep fucking harder, aur zor se,” and putting her hands on my waist and pushing me inside her.

I was surprised, “Bohut maza aa raha hai? Kitna chodti ho daily?”
She, “Roz nahi, 3-4 baar hafte mein. Par aaj itna sab hogaya hai. Ab lund se dil nahi bhar raha.”

I was on the verge of climax, “Jab bhi man kare, ghar aa jana chodne.” While saying this I kept fucking her hard with all the strength. I drilled her with last few strokes and I cummed inside her.

She, “Ahh you are amazing, Rohit. Ab please delete karlo videos.”
Me, “I will,” and smooched her.

After we both got dressed, I said, “I like Janvi.” She got blank, “What? Pagal ho? She is engaged. Uski shaadi hai 1mahine baad.”
I said, “Pata hai, but I like her aur woh mujhe chahiye.”
She angrily, “Dimaag kharab ho gaya hai.”

I couldn’t take it. I took my phone in my hand and started playing the video.
She requested, “Please don’t spoil her life.”
I said, “Chi, no, I am not gonna do anything like that, please relax.”

She, “Toh, what you mean?”
I said, “Waise I want her but on her own wish. Not by force.”
She laughed, “Kuch bhi bol rahe ho. How’s that possible?”

I continued, “I have a plan. Ap jo main kahu waise karo and that’s it. Leave the rest to me”
She thoughtfully, “And what exactly you have in your mind?”

I added, “Well, jab hum 4 ghar pe ho, bhai, Janvi, you and me. You seduce bhai in your room with doors open and do it openly. I will make her watch and she will be seduced. Rest is on fate. Simple plan.”

Not sure exactly, she said, “I can do it if you really think this will work and if you promise to delete the video.” Then I did something to gain her confidence. I deleted the video in front of her. I confidently and without giving her time to think said, “See, done, now you keep your promise.”

She with a sigh of relief, “Then you better be ready”

Janvi, my first crush, woh crush jab you couldn’t even talk about it. Woh crush jab you just follow her sometimes without getting caught. Woh crush jisse dekhne ke liye you wait for hours. Woh crush jisse sunne ke liye you give blank calls. Haan, my first crush.

Though after a few years, we became friends. But a friendship with a crush can be so nerve-wracking, so overwhelming, and so much burden of delivering. I felt I almost always let things slip and felt low.

She grew up to be hot and sexy, not so bold and not so shy, not too exposing and not too revealing. But just enough to drive crazy. With 5`5 and beautiful curvy body and silky hair. Diamond eyes and lusty lips and soft round boobs and slim waist and lovely thighs.

She is an amazing girl and I wanted her to feel special with my love. After a few days, I got a call from Bhabhi. She said to come by 7 pm at her home. “I hope fate and lady luck is on your end. If not, that’s it.” I said ok.

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