Outdoor Fun With My Girlfriend – Part 5

Hi, I am Anil from a tier 2 city Warangal in Telangana. My age is 24 with an average built body and an average dick. This is a real story of how I befriended a Muslim girl on Facebook and fucked her. Names of characters are changed for security reasons.

In the last part, ‘Outdoor Fun With A Muslim Girl – Part 4’, I had told Saba to meet me at a certain location.

So the next day during our morning break in the college I sent Saba the location and asked her to come immediately. It was a place between both our colleges which are in the same compound. There is a small shed over there in the bushes and I asked her to come there.

I went there and as soon as she arrived I pounded on her and started kissing her. While kissing I took my hands to her ass and started fondling it. Then slowly I lifted her burqa upwards till her waist and also pulled her skirt till her waist. I kneeled in front of her removed her panty.

I buried my face in her pussy and started licking and sucking her juices. I used my tongue to circle lick and fuck her pussy. She was going mad and with her hands pushed my head more into her pussy. I sensed her orgasm building so I stopped and got up. I asked her to hold her burqa and skirt like that only.

She was depressed by my act. Then I removed a carrot from my bag and waived at her. She didn’t understand what was on my mind. I bought it the previous day. It was just as big and thick as my dick. I gave a mischievous smile at her. I inserted the carrot in my mouth and greased it with my saliva.

Then I put it into her mouth to suck it. When she did I removed and kissed her slowly. While kissing her I slowly put the carrot near her pussy she gasped and parted from me.

Saba-“What are you doing with this?”
Me-” I’ll tell you. This is your next dare. It will be amazing.”

And again started kissing her. While kissing I slowly inserted the carrot in her pussy. She was moaning in my mouth. I slid it further in and pulled out. I did this a few times and then suddenly pushed the entire carrot inside her hole. She gasped in my mouth and tried to shout. But I didn’t allow her by kissing.

She didn’t have her hymen as she lost it long back due to sports. So she didn’t feel much pain. I knew this that is why I took this step. But she felt little pain as it was her first time taking something in her pussy apart from fingers and my tongue.

Then while kissing and sucking her mouth passionately I started fucking her pussy with the carrot. She already neared her orgasm earlier by my oral. So she didn’t take much time to cum while getting fucked by the carrot. She moaned inside my mouth and her legs shook. All the juices flowed through the carrot on to my hand.

After her orgasm, I removed the carrot and sucked it off clean and then asked her to do the same.

Saba-“That was wild and a little painful.”
Me-” You enjoyed it na?”
Saba-” Yeah to the full.”
Me-” That’s my pleasure.”

Saba-“So this is my dare? What will you do with this carrot?”
Me-“No this is not the ‘dare’.”
Saying this I inserted the carrot back into her pussy in one go for. She let out a sharp moan. I left the carrot completely inside her pussy.

Me-“This is your dare now.”
Saba-“What? I didn’t understand.”
Me-“Yes. Now you will keep this carrot inside your pussy till you reach your home.”

Saba-“That is so wicked!”
Me-“And so adventurous and sexy.”
Saba-“It’s very difficult.”
Me-“That is why it’s a dare, baby.”

Saying this I kissed her again and with my hand pushed the carrot further inside so that it doesn’t even appear in her pussy. Then she wore her panty and set her dress. While she was leaving I told her that she needs to send me proof every half hour that the carrot is in her pussy.

Listening to this she immediately removed her panty and threw it on my face. Oh god, I could smell her juices on it.

Saba-“How did you think I would take pictures if I had panty?” and gave a smile.
Me-“Crazy bitch!”
Saba-“Haha wait for my pictures.”

We went on our way. She somehow managed to send pictures every half hour or so. She would spread her pussy lips so that the carrot is visible and take the picture. After I reached my home I video called her. She just got back home and removed her burqa.

I then asked her to show the carrot in her pussy. She removed her skirt and spread her legs. She positioned the mobile in front of her so that I could see clearly. Her pussy looked bulged with the carrot inside her for 6 hours now. With both her hands she spread her pussy lips so that I get a clear view of her inner sides.

There I could see that carrot shining with her pussy juices. I asked her to remove it out. She pulled it out and when it came out a little she caught it and again pushed it inside. I didn’t understand and asked what she was doing. She gave a sly smile and started fucking her pussy with the carrot.

That was a wonderful scene for me. Then she removed and showed me the carrot. It was coated with her pussy juices.

Saba-“So what do you want me to do with it?”
Me-” Eat it!”

Her eyes lit with my words and she put it in her mouth. But she didn’t eat it instead she started sucking it like a dick. She was looking at me and teasing. She sucked it for some time and cleaned all her juices on it. Then she ate it completely. I became so horny seeing this and got naked. Slowly started stroking my dick and Saba interrupted me.

Saba-“Wait I didn’t give your dare.”
Me-” Haha you can’t ask me to fo the same dare. I don’t have a pussy.”
Saba-“Who told you I will give the same dare?”
Me-“Then what is it?”

Saba-“You know that times when I gave you a handjob and made you taste your cum from my fingers and mouth?”
Me-“Hell yeah. It’s salty and was bizarre. I don’t know how girls readily drink it and even you did.”

Saba-“But I liked it you know. I liked how you tasted.”
Me-” Ok ok so what’s my dare now?”
Saba-” Your dare is to go to any public place and jerk off and then store your cum in something without wasting a drop.”

Me-” Eww what will I do with that?”
Saba-“You will drink it then and there.”
Me-“WTF! I should drink my cum. No way.”

Saba-“Didn’t you made me drink your cum? And moreover, it’s a dare now you should do it that’s all.”
Me-” What a horny monster have I turned you into?”

Saba-” Says the horniest monster lol.”
Me-“Okay I’ll do it.”

Later that night I went to the restaurant where Saba and I had our first oral sex. I took a corner hut and gave my order. I removed my zipper and buttons, lowered my undies and slowly started stroking my dick. The waiter served my dinner and went away.

After he left I video called Saba and placed my mobile so that she could see me. She got completely naked and started seducing me. This git my cock rock hard and I started pumping fastly. After some time I sensed my orgasm building.

I immediately took a glass from my table and placed my cock in it so that I cum in the glass. Then at once, my orgasm hit me and my body shook heavily releasing stream after stream of hot cum into the glass. After completely releasing my cum in the glass I showed it to Saba on the phone.

Saba-“Now drink it, bitch.”
Me-“You pervert.”
Saba-” Haha drink it already.”

Hesitatingly I took the glass near my nose. It didn’t have any smell. I then unwillingly started drinking my cum. It was salty and hot. I felt so weird drinking my cum. After I drank I showed the glass to Saba.

Saba-“Put some water in it and then drink it completely cleaning the glass.”
Me-“You bitch.”

I did what Saba said. Then I dressed up and to get away with the taste of my cum ate all the things on my table. I drank tomato sauce, chili sauce, and even vinegar. Saba was laughing while seeing me and said, “I don’t think your cum was that bad at all it was good for me.”

Me-“Shut up.”

After that day for the next couple of months, we had some other dares. Like masturbating at home while someone was in the same room; masturbating in a friend’s house on their bed; masturbating in train and shopping mall toilets etc.

While our adventures were on, one day Saba’s parents went to Hyderabad. They wouldn’t be returning for 3 days. Only Saba and her brother Mushtaq would be staying home. I got excited that finally, I would be getting some proper opportunity at her home.

But I got some important work at my college and it wouldn’t be possible. I was devastated. Saba also attended her college. The next day Saba called me and said she was not feeling well and would go home. I was talking to her on the phone until she reached her home.

Saba-“Anil why can’t you come home now? I really wanna hang out with you.”
Me-” No baby it’s so important for me now.”
Saba-“Ok, I just got home.”
Me-” All alone ha?”

Saba-“Yeah all alone. (low voice) I hear some voice in my home.”
Me-” What? What voice be careful.”
Saba-“It’s like some moaning. I hear a girl”
Me-” Woah who would that be?”

That’s all for this part guys. Stay tuned to know what happened after Saba got to her home. Give your feedback on Gmail or hangout at [email protected]

In the next part, I’ll be revealing some crazy things that happened and our craziest dares we gave each other. Until then wank for these parts.


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