Wife Cuckolds Husband With Her Ex

Hi, a little background to this story of how a wife cuckolds husband.  I am from Mumbai, 25 years old. I completed Mechanical Engineering and am working in an MNC. I am a little health freak and have an 8.5inch dick.

During my college years, I had a girlfriend named Shivangi, a really cute girl, slim, brown hair, black eyes, and a fair whitish complexion. Her best asset was her boobs. They were not very big, but her figure assured people were looking at her boobs. She was a 30C.

We met in our FY and dated from SY to Final Year. During our time together, initially, we just kissed. In the final year, after our mid semesters were over, we started having sex.

We dated for around 15 months after college while I tried looking for a job. During this time, we had sex countless times. Meanwhile, she was being pressured to be married to another guy. After 15 months, we got into a fight because of my job status, and she left.

Later I got to know her parents forced her to get married to a guy of their liking, which she did under pressure. We had no contact after that. She got married to Karan, who was a software engineer like her. He was working in a big banking firm in Delhi when she married him.

Around 1 & 1/2 years later, in 2019, I had to go for a meeting in Delhi for one week. I was staying in a 5-star hotel paid for by the company. I went out to get some chips when I ran into Shivangi at a local store near my hotel.

She was wearing a Punjabi dress. She was shocked to see me there. She was buying things for her household.

Me: Hi, how have you been? (awkwardly)

Shivangi: Hi, I have been great. How about you?

Me: Me too. (and smiled at her)

I got some chips and hurried towards the billing counter, feeling the awkwardness of the situation. As I was walking out, I got a call on my phone from an unknown number. It was Shivangi. She asked me to wait out as she wanted to talk to me.

So I waited for her to finish her shopping and meet me. She came out and asked if I would like to have coffee with her. So we went to the café of the hotel I was staying in.

Shivangi: I am so sorry. We ended things the way we did. But mom forced me into this marriage, and there was nothing I could do. You didn’t have a job, and I couldn’t tell my parents about you.

Me: I understand, and it’s okay, as long as you are happy.

Shivangi: That I am. (with a small fake smile)

Me: What happened? You don’t look happy.

Shivangi: It’s nothing.

Our coffee came, and we started to drink our coffee, discussing other general things. She left after that.

Later at night, I again got a call from her, saying she was in the hotel lobby. She was crying. I asked her to come to my room. She came up. She was wearing a sari and looked just perfect. She hugged me, crying.

Me: What’s wrong?

Shivangi: I lied. My marriage is going really bad. My husband is a fucking emasculate character. Firstly, on our honeymoon, I realize he has a cock the size of my little finger. Then I know he is such a sissy that anyone could overpower him easily.

“A few months ago at a party, his boss, 58 years old, was drunk and came to me to ask me to dance. I rejected. So angrily, he pulled me towards him and started to dance with me. He put his hands on my ass, caressing them. He even put his face on my cleavage, smelling them.”

“I kept dancing because my husband looking at all this didn’t come to my rescue. After a few days, I realized that he has been giving my used panties to his boss. If he didn’t, his boss would harass him. Instead of standing up to him, he kept providing him with all my used panties.”

“When I saw you today, all my feelings came up. I remembered the time when I had sex with you. When I went home, I started to get ready for a party. I realized Karan was clicking my pictures. When asked about it, he said that his boss wanted to see naked pictures of me, so he clicked them.”

“His boss planned on using them to blackmail me after the party. I slapped him and left the house to meet you.”

She was in my arms and crying. I told her to stop crying and that I would take care of her and she can leave that useless husband of hers. She didn’t want to leave him since it would be a huge disgrace for the families but wanted to fuck me. But before that, I wanted to humiliate him the way he did with Shivangi.

I set up a camera facing the chair by the bed, and I asked her to call him to the hotel room. She did as I asked. As he came in, he saw me holding Shivangi in my arms while sitting on the bed. He went straight to Shivangi and asked her what is going on.

I latched the door and made him sit on the chair by the bed forcefully. Then I asked Shivangi to come to me and kissed her on the lips. I could feel her tongue on my tongue, her soft lips on my lips. I moved my hand in her hair and kissed her with vigor, remembering all the old days.

Karan just sat there in shock.

Me: I am going to show you how a real man fucks.

I asked Shivangi to remove Karan’s clothes. He denied it until I gave him a cold stare. Looking at my built body, he had no option but to remove it. He was standing there with his small dick erect. I told him to sit and watch. I pulled Shivangi on the bed and started to kiss her again.

This time my hands were already in her saree. My hands were inside her blouse and on her bra. I was feeling up her boobs from outside her bra. I removed her clothes, and she stood there in front of me in just her bra and panties. She put her hand in my pants and smiled at me.

She slowly took down my pajamas and revealed my dick to her husband. Karan was in almost shock. It was nearly 3 times as big as his. Shivangi took my dick in her mouth and started blowing me. I held her hair and thrust my dick in her mouth. From my time with her, I knew she liked it rough.

My hands, meanwhile, unhooked her bra, and her boobs were unveiled in front of me. I held her boobs and pulled on the nipples while she sucked my dick. After 10 minutes of blowjob, I asked her to 69 position. I removed her panties and went below her, and started to lick her pussy.

She had a hairy pussy. She liked to keep a little hair on her pussy, but it seemed like she lost interest in maintaining it anymore. I licked her pubic hair a little. They tasted of her pussy. She had been wet for some time now. I put my tongue on her pussy lips and moved them up around the lips.

I used my tongue to flick her clit, and then using my teeth, I slightly bit the hood of clit and started to suck on it. She was moaning loudly. From the corner of my eye, I could see Karan looking at us and touching himself.

I pushed my tongue inside her pussy and moved in it in circles around the upper wall of the pussy. She was meanwhile gulping down my dick without any difficulty. I put a finger in along with my tongue. I moved the finger in her pussy, wriggling it.

My tongue lapped up all the pussy juice that came out of it. I could feel her twitch as she came with my tongue still in her. I got her up and made her sit on my dick in a seating position while facing her husband. She guided my dick in pussy and started to fuck.

I could feel her wet pussy taking my dick deep inside. It was just like the first time we had sex. I started to pull on her nipples towards Karan. I was pinching and squishing her nipples in between my fingers. She got up, turned back, and began to fuck again. This time we both faced each other.

I took her right boob in my mouth and started to suck on it while leaving little bite marks on it. My hands were holding her ass and helping her ride my dick. Her hands were on my back, her nails hurting my back. It was a huge turn-on at that point.

I lapped my tongue between her boobs and then licked the areas between her boobs. She was sweating from all this excitement. I slowly put a finger in her ass and wiggle it in while I sucked her boobs. She gave out a loud gasp and pulled my face up, and started to kiss me.

Karan kept looking at all this while touching his dick. In about half an hour of fucking we both came. I came in her. She used her panties to wipe the cum oozing out of her and threw it on Karan’s face. While still kissing her, I asked Karan to leave the room.

Shivangi and I slept for some time in the bed, cuddling naked. After which, I fucked her again for hours. Before I left, I gave her the footage of him touching himself. I asked her to keep this handy and use that to blackmail him into doing what she wanted.

She suggested that I would not need to stay in a hotel next time and stay with her and fuck her whenever I wanted. I also promised her that I would visit her every month and give her some sweet love.

So this was my story about my cuckold experience. If you have any comments, drop them at [email protected]. I would like to hear from you all.

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