Family Friend To Fuck Partner

Hi all. Myself Kumar (name changed). I am from Chennai 25 years old. Single ready to mingle.

It all happened a year ago. The queen of the story is Sheba (name changed). She is 30 years old and married. Never anyone can say she is 30. She looks like a Hollywood actress. She is lean but God has blessed the required things abundantly for her. Her size is 34-32-34.

That’s all about the introduction. Let’s move into the story. This is my first real-life experience and my story. Let’s rock.

It happened a year back. I was introduced to this queen through one of my friends. He introduced me to her husband. Later as days moved on I started moving with his wife (Sheba). He introduced me to her. Then we all were like family friends.

As days moved on we all three used to roam out, go out for a dinner, take on a one day trip.  At all such times, I didn’t have any bad intentions on her. She used to help me. I used to be with her. Whenever her husband was busy, I started to take her out. She started loving the care which I showered on her.

And we moved to different places. We used to roam as if we are a couple. We explored and wandered. As days moved on she started to fall for me, which I came to know very late.

One such day we were in the Phoenix. We both went for a movie and then later we were in the food shop. She used to stand very close to me holding my hands. Her melons kept on rubbing me. Wow, she has very soft boobs. From there my intentions changed for her.

But still, I didn’t express anything. Because I don’t wanna spoil their life. Like this, it had happened many times. Once after reaching home, I used to think of her and I used to masturbate and enjoy myself. Days went on. During one festival time, I and they both were on a two-day trip.

Then we booked a room at a resort. They both took a double bedroom and I took a single room. Then after roaming out, we reached the room. There they went inside and locked and said to me to enjoy myself. As I had planned I ordered beers to the room.

I was sitting in an easy chair and was enjoying my beer. After two hours I went out and then checked their room. There was a hangtag ‘Do Not Disturb’. I thought they both are enjoying their life. Then I came back to my room and I enjoyed myself and had a nap.

The next day morning she peeped out. On seeing me sitting outside she came. We wished each other a good morning. As she was alone I asked her, “Full enjoyment yesterday night uh?” She was tensed and asked me to shut my mouth and not to dig her feelings.

As he may come out anytime I don’t wanna continue the same. Then the trip ended. And then often I used to tease her. One fine day she said that nothing had happened that day. She made another statement which gave me more shock. He was stating that it’s been a year he has fucked me.

I was awestruck how it’s gonna be. And had several conversations and outings as usual. Then here comes the storyline.

It was September 3 her husband had gone out for a business meeting. And then we planned for a party night. Then once he left and boarded the bus she called me. I bought Vodka and some mango juices for her and landed in her home. As per the plan, we were just going to drink.

Then night around 11 I went to her home. Then she had made arrangements in one of the rooms. It’s like a hall. We both sat over there and we started enjoying our drinks and side dish. As of first two rounds was normal. Then I poured the third round. As soon as she drank she hit high.

Here starts the story of our life. She asked me to sit closer. Why are you sitting far away? I moved closer to her. Suddenly she bombed a question, “Kumar if you don’t mind can I remove the bra? It’s quite tight and it’s pressing my breast hard.”

I replied, “Yeah you can feel comfortable. Go into the bedroom and remove and come back.” She said, “Why should I go there? I’ll remove here. Nothing to worry. I’ll remove here even with the t-shirts on the top.” Then she removed the bra strap at the back and removed one hand.

While removing another hand t-shirt gone up. Wow, this is the first time I am seeing her boobs. But soon she recognized and adjusted and removed the bra. And then I was not able to take my eyes from her massive melons. It was shacking inside the t-shirt.

Slowly her nipples started to erect which was visible. On seeing that my penis started to grow. Then suddenly after the third drink, she asked me to come very close. She planted a kiss on my lips passionately. And said, “You are one dummy piece. Having such a girl in front of you and you are wasting time.”

There I got my courage the first time. I felt her boobs. So soft so huge it was. Suddenly I asked, “Can I see it once?” She replied, “Yeah Kumar. You can.” Then slowly I was smooching her and I was kissing her and my hands were playing with the boobs.

Since we were sitting down I removed the t-shirt. She undressed me and now we both hugged each other tightly. I started to play and tease her pussy. A load of cum came out from the pussy and it was so hot. I slowly started to enjoy her inch by inch.

Slowly I took her boobs in my mouth. I was tickling her boobs with my tongue. Suddenly she grabbed the boobs and made me lick it fast. Slowly I was sucking the boobs and my one hand was playing with her pussy and boobs. It went for 10 minutes.

We both became naked. We smooched and then I asked, “Can I fuck you?” She said, “It’s been a year passed I have not been fucked. Please fuck me.” This was the first time in my life I am getting fucked. As soon as I left my penis inside her pussy it was quite hard.

She started to moan. I was in heaven and I pushed two strokes front and back. I was about to cum and I took my penis out. And to my shock suddenly she turned and took it in her mouth. As soon as she took it in, I cummed inside the mouth. And then we washed.

Then we stood naked and we had another round of vodka. After some five minutes, I was playing with her boobs and she was playing with my penis. And then my rod stood again. She felt happy about it. She touched it and shook it twice and made it harder.

And this time she asked me to lie down and she came above on me. She came up she guided my penis inside her pussy. This time the stroke was heavy. I can feel the warmth inside her pussy. She slowly moved up and down and I was in heaven. She said to hold on the cum. “Don’t leave it fast.”

I was about to leave I asked her to stop. I stood and sat in the same position and kissed her and played with her boobs. I started to lick the boobs and kissed her. And again she started to move up and down. There was a heavy pain in my penis and she moved to and fro.

This time I loaded the cum inside her pussy. She sat on the penis and lay on my bare chest. And we were kissing like a pro and we enjoyed that night. And we had a smoke. After half an hour past we were lying down naked.

She started to suck my penis. And this time I asked for the doggy style for which she readily accepted. She stood like a dog and I pounced at the back of her ass. I spanked at her bum and slowly she guided my penis suing into the pussy. And I started to stroke slowly and she screamed.

I started to move to and fro. Often I increased the speed and decreased and this time I fucked her for 30 minutes in the same position. She had fallen sick and said, “This is how you’ll fuck if you get a girl.” She was extremely happy. Then we had some more drinks and we tried several other positions.

That night alone I fucked her nearly 5 times in different positions. And we both enjoyed a lot. And there was a birthday surprise which I’ll tell the next story. Thanks for spending time reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to text me and catch me at [email protected]

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