Desi CFNM Girl Enjoys Great Sex

In the first half, I will write about myself and my CFNM experiences (Clothed female naked male).

I am 27-year-old girl. From teenage itself, I have had the strong desire to watch naked men. But for several years, this erotic desire remained unfulfilled.

I was often haunted by the thoughts of the male penis and balls. Sometimes I could see construction workers bathing. They were wearing only underwear. But this was not enough for me. I wanted men to be completely naked in front of me.

I have five cousin brothers. One day, I did tell them about my secret desire. From that day onwards, some of them would go around shirtless or in only underwear in front of me. But this only strengthened my desires.

Then one day, all of them did remove all their clothes in front of me. They stood stark naked. It was a wonderful sight. At first, they stood with their backs towards me. I watched their bare backs and bums. This was a wonderful sight. But what I saw next was much more marvelous.

My cousins turned back and then I saw them in their full nude glory, with not a piece of cloth on their bodies. All of them were aged above 25. I was fascinated with the sight in front of me. The bare chests, the naked thighs, the penises and balls made me gasp.

My eyes wandered from one penis to another and from one set of balls to another. In those few minutes, I became a great fan of male nudity.

CFNM is highly fascinating. A man or group of men fully naked in front of a girl or group of girls is a very exciting thing.

I stared at the five penises and ten balls for what seemed like an eternity.

It is difficult to say which part of the male nude body is most attractive. The thighs, back, bum, chest, stomach, penis and balls – all these are attractive. Still, I say the most exciting is the male genitals, those organs which men keep usually covered. To the female eye, the penis and balls are the most exciting to watch.

After this incident, I had seen at least twelve neighborhood guys naked and seven of my male classmates naked. Some guys were always ready to strip in front of girls when they came to know the girls were CFNM girls. To the guys also, it was a pleasure to be fully naked in front of girls.

Later, I and my group of female friends had hired male strippers. None of them were professional strippers. They were guys who had a strong desire to be naked in front of girls.

We girls asked them to jump in front of us and when they did jump, we girls laughed, shouted, whistled and clapped our hands. The sight of the penis and balls shaking and bouncing in front of us was a sight too exciting and extraordinary. We also touched their penises and stroked their balls.

Watching a flaccid penis was exciting. But watching an erect penis was even more exciting. Watching the penis grow from a soft state to a hard, erect state was marvelous. It was a sight too extraordinary.

Watching so many naked male bodies made me a great admirer of male nudity, especially the penis and balls. I felt like having sex with one male stripper. He was quite tall and good-looking. I proposed to him for sex and he agreed.

I called him to my house when my parents were out of town. I experienced heaven on that day! This was my first sex experience. I was 26. He kissed me passionately again and again, very hungrily. He then removed his clothes one by one, until he was stark naked.

Then he slowly removed my t-shirt. The upper half of my body was now covered only with a bra. He slowly removed that bra and my breasts were removed from captivity.

He touched my breasts passionately, causing me to moan in pleasure. He played gently with those boobs. He put them in his mouth and sucked them and kissed them. He also kissed my naked stomach.

Then he removed my jeans pant and soon, the last undergarment was also removed. Now I was fully naked in front of him, even as he was fully naked in front of me. It was the first time I had ever been fully naked in front of a guy.

He put his finger inside my vagina, it was causing great pleasure. It was very difficult to describe that pleasure. He did this for a long time. It seemed like heaven.

Then he kissed my thighs passionately. He kissed my bare back repeatedly and caught hold of my bum. He hit my bum gently and I was moaning with pleasure. He kissed my bum several times.

I dashed my breasts on his chest many times. I also dashed them on his face. His full face got covered in my breasts. Then he kept his penis in between my breasts and found pleasure. He then sucked my vagina. His tongue went inside and he kissed the sides of the vagina.

I kissed him on his chest and stomach. I licked him everywhere and he moaned in pleasure. Now and then, he stroked my bum. I kissed his thighs, bum, and back. Then I fondled his penis and balls. I stroked the penis for a long time. It seemed like an eternity. Soon, I made the male stripper cum.

Then came the great moment of fucking. His penis was inside my vagina. Then the male stripper kept on fucking hard for a long time. Thus, I lost my virginity.

Apart from this, I have had a sexual encounter on a bus. Myself and a guy were seated on the last seat. There was nobody on the front few seats. Overall, there were a few passengers. The guy was a total stranger to me. He was probably 19 or 20.

He removed the zip of his pant and his penis came out. He knew I was watching. I could see he was not feeling comfortable. He had the desire to show his private parts to girls, but he had no courage. He was shy and embarrassed.

I caught hold of his penis in my hand and I stroked it. I was wearing a saree. With trembling fingers, he removed the upper part of the saree and he touched my breasts which were still clothed. He managed to remove the buttons of my blouse and I removed my bra. My boobs were exposed for him to see and touch and suck.

He touched my breasts and fondled them. I removed part of the saree and panties and inserted his penis inside my vagina. I could see he was very embarrassed. He wanted to fuck, but he was shy. He just fingered my vagina. Anyway, it is difficult to fuck inside a moving bus.

There have been several guys who have only flashed their penis at me and I have challenged them to stand fully naked in front of me. They were surprised at my boldness.

I will continue to watch more naked men, thus fulfilling my desire as well as their exhibitionist desire. Let us hope India will become liberal towards CFNM.

Those who wish to comment or write to me about their CFNM experiences or ask me any questions regarding my experiences, please feel free to write to me at [email protected]

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