Had A Wonderful Time With The Masseuse

Hi. This is Ram from Chennai. I am going to narrate another experience of mine. I am a guy who likes to share experiences and wants to know about others as well. I will be really happy if this story gives me some new friends. Those who haven’t read my previous stories, please read them on this link.

It was a busy week for me. One fine morning the thought of the masseuse came into my mind. I checked the date and found that this was the 5th day after I got the massage. I remembered her telling me that she would switch her job after a week. I decided I’d visit the place. If she is available, I could take her services.

I decided to go early when they open as many people won’t come to a massage at 10 am. When I visited the place, there was nobody at the reception. I sat there and called to see if anybody was responding. As luck would have it, she came from inside, saw me remembered me, and smiled.

She inquired about the duration I needed. After confirming, she led me to a room and asked me to change while she would join me in 10 minutes. I went inside the room, checked the bath to see if it was tidy and whether the showers were working.

I undressed and entered the bath to take a quick shower.  I dried myself after the shower and wore that towel around my waist, and came out of the bathroom. At the same instant, she came inside and locked the door. I sat on the massage table.

When she came near me, I pulled her close to me and locked her between my legs. She asked why did I shower at the beginning itself. I told her that I was sweaty and didn’t wanna take massage as I was.  I put my hands on her waist and pulled her closer, and hugged her.

She also hugged me and asked me whether I wanna have the massage. I told her, “Let us be like this for a while. I just wanna be with you.” She was ok with it, and we were still hugging each other. I pulled my head back a little and kissed her forehead and then her neck and earlobes.

Guess that was her weak spot, and she tightened her hug. I continued kissing her neck and earlobes while my hand was feeling her ass. I was pressing her ass cheeks and raised to feel her boobs. She moaned a little which made me do it more. I loosened the grip of the hug and we both relaxed for a while.

I took my hand that was feeling her boobs and inserted it inside her churidar from the top. She caught my hand and shook her head suggesting not to do it. I told her that I wanna feel it with bare hands and not over the clothes. I told her that I will stop if she doesn’t like it.

I inserted the hand inside and felt her boobs over her bra. I pressed both the boobs over the bra and then inserted my fingers inside the bra and felt the treasures. As hers was a low cut in the front, I pulled her chudi down and tried to take out her boobs and kissed it. She just pressed my head with her hand.

I took her other hand and kept it between my things. As my legs were spread the towel gave way. She caught my dick and was shaking it back and forth. I kissed her boobs for a while and she was shaking me faster. I sensed that I would cum soon and took her hand away from my dick while I also stopped kissing her boobs.

She then opened my towel and saw my dick which was fully erect. I got down from the table and made her sit on it. I went to her and hugged her again. I told her that I wanna eat her boobs and kissed them over the dress. I made her lie down on the table and lifted her churidar and kissed her navel.

She had her hand over my head and was playing with my hair. I still lifted her dress to find the treasures captured in a white bra. I was kissing her navel and licked it while my hand was pressing her boobs. I gradually started going up kissing and I kissed her boobs over her bra.

I inserted my fingers on both sides under the elastic of the bra and lifted it up to expose the two beauties. It was a wonderful sight to see. Her nipples were erect and I took them in my mouth. I sucked her boobs and flicked her nipples with my tongue. I alternated between the boobs.

She pressed my head more towards her boobs. I lifted myself to see the beauties again and she told me that she finds the bra above her tight. I turned her to the side and removed the bra hooks and made her sleep on her back again. She smiled and told that its comfortable now.

I climbed on the table, spread her legs, and kept my knees in between her legs. I laid down on her and kissed her boobs while kneading the other. I alternated the actions with either boob. I started coming down kissing from her boobs to her navel and then kissed over her dress above her pussy.

I did as if I was sucking the pussy. She kept her hand on my head and pressed it as if she wanted more. I raised myself and started searching for her pant knot to loosen it. She caught my hand and pulled me up and as I came up, she hugged me tightly and kissed me on my cheeks.

I diverted my attention to her boobs and while doing so I took my hand to caress her pussy above her pant. She was excited and was twitching like a fish out of water. During this time I loosened the knot of her pants. I caught the sides of the pant to lower them.

I pulled the pant down along with the panties. She raised her butt so that it would be easy for me. I pulled the pant along with the panties to her knees. I made her fold her legs and went on to kiss her pussy. She had slight stubble and her pussy wasn’t smelly.

I used my tongue and licked her lips up and down. I used my hand to rub her clit while I was licking. She was turning her head to both her sides and was pressing my head more towards her pussy. I licked her pussy for a while and then shifted to lick her clit. I inserted a finger inside and fingered her.

This continued for a while and her movement increased. She asked me to get down and finger her.  I got down from the table and stood by her side and fingered her. She took my other hand and kept it on my boobs suggesting I press it. I was fingering her with my middle finger.

My thumbs were on her clit while my other hand was on her boobs. Guys, you should try this on your gal. This would be the ultimate pleasure for her.  As I was pleasing her. She caught my erect dick and pulled me closer towards her. She slightly turned and lowered to kiss my dick and took it in her mouth.

After five or six actions she suddenly rotated and caught my dick and put it in her pussy. As it was well lubricated it went in easily and I fucked her with deep thrusts. In a while, she pulled me using the legs around my hips to give deeper thrusts. She raised herself and hugged me and then relaxed on the table.

I understood that she had cum and I was also gonna cum soon. I withdrew my penis and cummed on the towel.  I looked at her and she smiled at me. She told that her pussy hasn’t been licked like this before even by her husband. She had an awesome time.

I was shocked to learn that she was married as she doesn’t look so. She told that she is staying away from her husband due to differences. We heard a voice from outside asking her about something and she told that she will come out soon. I asked her if the time’s up and she looked at her watch.

She told that I still had half-hour. She needs to go out to speak regarding another booking. She hastily pulled her pant along with the panties and lowered her top. She went out while I lay down on the massage table with the towel around my hips.

After a while, she came in with a water bottle and locked the door. I drank some water and she asked if I wanted a massage. I told her to sit on the table so that we could talk for a while. She said that she was comfortable standing as its easy for her to look at me and talk.

I was on my side and she was standing near the table. We talked about her job, her personal problems and about movies. While talking she was massaging my hand and then proceeded to my feet. From the feet, she proceeded to the thighs. She removed the towel and massaged the thighs.

She looked at my dick and said that it’s tired and sleeping. I told her to be careful and not to wake it up.  She was massaging my thighs, hands, butt and was occasionally massaging my balls.  She then pulled the foreskin back and was playing with my dick.

I told her that she left in a hurry before and she hasn’t put on her bra and panties properly. She smiled and told that she will do it later. I told her that I will help her and rose to sit at the table. I raised her churidar to see the unhooked bra and could see her boobs.

I lowered my head and kissed her boobs while I caught her other boob. I kept kneading and kissing for a while. Then she stopped me telling me that she is getting tempted. I made her hold the top above the boobs. Then I adjusted her bra over the boobs and turned her and hooked her bra.

She then turned to face me. I inserted my hand into the bra and adjusted her boobs so that her boobs are placed properly. I then proceeded to untie the knot of her pants. She caught my hand saying that she will take care of herself. I told her that I was the reason. I will rectify it as I did with her boobs.

She let me untie the knot and lowered her pant to her knees. Her panty was rolled up as she wore it in a hurry. I caught the panty by the sides and pushed it down. She looked at me surprised and I told her that I wanna wear it properly. I got down from the table and hugged her. She was naked waist down to knees.

My dick was semi-hard and it touched her pubic hairs. I took my hand down to feel her pubic hair. She felt ticklish and I grabbed her naked ass for the first time. It was silky and I was getting hard slowly which poked her between her legs. She slowly opened her legs and gripped my dick between her legs.

I hugged her and was feeling her ass and was fucking her between her legs. I let myself loose and went behind her to see her ass. It was a wonderful sight. I sat down and kept my cheeks on her ass cheeks. It was so soft. I then kissed her ass. She kept her hand on my head and pressed it.

After a while, I stood up and hugged her from the back. My erect dick touched her ass and went between the thighs. I was playing with her pubic hairs and moving front and back as if I was fucking her. She spread her legs a little and inserted her hand in-between her legs to catch my dick from the bottom.

It was like my dick was sandwiched between her pussy lips and her hand. I kept a hand on her back shoulder and pressed a little. She took the cue and rested her front body on the massage table. It was like standing the doggy style.  Even though she was already wet, I found it a little hard to enter.

I slowly entered and started fucking her. She also matched my movement by pushing herself back and front. We both were enjoying it. She asked me to pump her faster as she was gonna cum. Within a while, I felt the tension building up and removed my dick to cum on the sheet on the table.

She turned and hugged me. I put on her panties and pulled her pants up for her to tie the knot.  She asked me to take the shower and come. She started cleaning the sheets on the table. I came back after the shower with the towel around the waist. She came to me.

I pulled her, hugged, and kissed her on her cheek and forehead. She kissed me on my lips. She thanked me for the wonderful time she had and how I made love to her as if she was my lover. She removed my towel and bent down to kiss my dick.

I started to dress up and gave her an amount for her to buy something that she might need for her new job. She told, “If you had come tomorrow, we both would have missed this awesome time.” She told me that this should be a one-time thing. Let’s not meet hereafter.

I smiled, hugged her and pressed her butt, and told her that I will respect her wishes. I kissed her which turned into a deep french kiss and then started to leave.

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