My Dad’s Friend, My Benefit

Sonal, a cook in a reputed government office, was my dad’s friend. My dad was promoted to manager there. Sonal would serve him morning chai, breakfast, lunch, and evening snacks. They bonded well. As good friends, they would go on trips and have fun along with their other colleagues.

My dad would show us all the pictures from the trip on his SLR camera. At one corner, I saw a lady with bright lipstick. When I zoomed in, I saw a bomb. A lady in her 30s, round firm boobs which made a good appearance from the wet t-shirt she’d worn.

Her legs were milky, and her face was so bright. It felt as if their group found a mermaid in the waterfalls of Matheran. I had a mini boner at that moment and jerked that night imagining about her. Days passed, and while scrolling through my FB feed, I saw her account in my suggestion list.

Without thinking further, I sent her a friend request, to which she instantly accepted (maybe she was online then). I checked her profile. Damn! A cook from a desi household from Mumbai visited pubs, wearing mangalsutra and sindoor! That too on one-piece dresses or skirts!

She had some 1700 FB friends, 200+ posts. About 30 of them were of various parties she attended. Now let me give you jerkers your feed. Her sizes I estimated to be about 34-30-36. I now had found someone constant who I could waste my cum on. I’m 23, 5ft 8inches tall, and my tool is about 6.8 inches long.

Every time I was alone at home, I would moan her name and jerk. I think God heard my prayers. As lockdowns were imposed, everyone in my family would work from home. It became increasingly difficult even to shag, and I thought God wants me to change for once.

I have an adult meme page on Instagram (@cumspam6). Adding posts there soon became a rarity. But as said, patience is the key to ultimate happiness. When the first wave receded, things were coming back to normalcy. My dad informed us that Sonal and one of her colleagues would visit us soon.

I was happy to hear this as I would be seeing my sex model live. My family was kind of jealous of her as my dad was close with her. The D-day arrived. My mom would visit her family, leaving dad and me alone. They arrived late in the afternoon (around 2:30 PM).

They had finally taken a seat. Her friend Pushpa informed us that Sonal had twisted her ankle while getting out of Uber and was in pain. I gave Pushpa some balm and asked her to apply it to my dear Sonal. She pulled Sonal’s leggings a little up and started applying the balm.

She had worn anklets that had some red gems, and that made her feet lickable. At that moment, I could see Pushpa’s 36C’s cleavage. But I resisted my temptation as it’s a sin (wink). Later, dad took Pushpa to her relative’s place while Sonal laid on our sofa for rest.

I assumed she slept. I went to my room, pulled out FB, and half shut the door, jerking vigorously on my Goddess’s name. I was in the second round when the door suddenly opened. I tried my best to hide my dicky with full-streaming veins, but I exposed the FB images.

She immediately looked like a rude aunty at me. But then shook the dandruff of my hair and sat on my bed. I was really worried about the consequences. I quickly tied my shorts and went near her to apologize. But the bulge in my pants was still visible. I pleaded with her a lot, but I saw her staring at my bulge.

I moved forward and was about to touch her white feet. She held me by my shoulders and made me sit beside her and talked, “It’s common at this age.” She inquired about my relationship, to which I said aloud, “Single.”  She laughed and had her hands on her neck.

It gave me a strong indication of what she wanted. The next moment I saw her looking at my bulge, which had receded then. The scene was me looking at her lusty face and her eyes on my bulge. She then held my shoulders firmly and said, “If you tell this to anyone, I’ll charge you and file a case.”

Confused, I was unsure what she said. She pushed me back on the sofa and pulled my shorts. She then pushed her ponytail back and opened my undies. I immediately remembered the scene from BA Pass where the hungry actress satisfied herself with a young boy.

I got into the groove and rubbed my hands over her bright face, as soft as an orange! She immediately pushed my hands aside and looked into my eyes. Those eyes had a cunning appeal. It was for about a second or two, and the next moment my dick was in her mouth.

I gave a loud moan as it was my first encounter. The feeling of masturbating a wet, or much better, a foamed dick was nothing in front of her soft and smooth tongue. The tongue did rounds. My oxytocins were so high. I couldn’t even moan.

My mouth was wide open after feeling pleasure. She would occasionally peel the cover up to half the length and lick it from the side. I was in immense pain, but the pleasure it gave me equalized it. I now had truly understood the real meaning of “No Pain No Gain.”

She would take my tool out, spit out on the floor and continue again. It was a long blowjob, lasing about 7-8 minutes. When she finally finished, she looked really tired and laid on the sofa. I now knew it was my time to show off what I practiced for years.

I knelt at her side and sniffed her out when she suddenly pulled my hair and forced me on her chest. Her firm boobs acted and cushions for my hard landing. I kissed them from the dress and moved towards her neck, licking every inch. She, too, was tending towards me when our lips met.

I kissed just a little bit as her sticky saliva tasted different, but why would I leave them alone! We smooched hard. There were weird sounds as our salivas exchanged, but it felt awesome. Her tongue was long, slightly pointed towards the end, which I sucked pretty well.

By then, I had her 34D in my hands, pressing them fondly. Bending over, I pressed my tongue against her cleavage and licked a little, turning her further on. Undressing her, I squeezed both her boobs and let their nipples kiss each other. I licked them like it was an ice-gola.

Maybe they tasted a little salty because of her sweat. But it was awesome to have those marshmallows in my mouth. Pinching the right nipple, circling the areoles of the left one, I tried dominating her. It felt so satisfying to lick a woman older than me or, say, lick a woman, as it was my first time.

She dripped quickly then. I knew I had less time, so I kissed her again and undressed her undies. It wasn’t a dense forest, but it was thick. It was already wet because of her cum, so I touched it a little. It sent a 440V across her body. I played a bit with the pussy lips and now tried to kiss that.

But it was annoying because of the amount of hair. She held my hair firm towards her opening and guided me. All this while I kissed the pussy lips, she instructed me to open those lips. The inside portion was contrary to her dark lips. The pink region was a sight to view in the middle of a forest!

Without wasting time, I licked her, felt like a calf drinking from a cow. The fingerings in between made her cum the second time. My long tongue reached some unexplored regions in her den. She would twitch her body as I gave some strokes deep within.

My thumb held the opening wide open while the other hand was busy molding the softened boobies. Her occasional deep exhalation told me that I was doing well, if not better. My fingers were patiently waiting for their turn, but when it was showtime, they didn’t disappoint.

The one-finger policy didn’t go well initially. So I had to turn the spiderman mode on. This pleasured her more. She now began to moan, and the ‘chick chick’ sound was awesome. “Halu kar” (Do it slowly) is what she told me, but the pace increased instead.

The ‘Aaah’s’ became ‘Ooh’s,’ and I loved it. She lifted her ass to reduce the pain but showed what she hid all this while. I decelerated and made her turn over. Her ass was about the size of an American Tourister bag, and her bare back was appealing.

I did a spanking on those buttocks and separated the cheeks. There was a 1-inch hole drilled deep in. Drawing a line from the pussy lips to the hole made her shiver. I pounced on the bareback and wet it with my tongue. Her entire back was wet. I even spat a little in the hole.

Imagine the position here, her boobs on the bed and back on top while me on her back with my dick. My dick rode her back just like chalk on board! Her thighs were milkier than Tamanna. But she immediately pushed me as my entire weight was on her.

“Chal ghal lavkar, vel nahiye aata,” (Enter now as there isn’t much time left), and she laid on her back. Now I positioned myself for insertion, for which she stopped me and asked to get her bag. She opened the mini pocket in it and pulled out a condom. She had a few Kamasutra ones and gave me one.

I’d seen Sunny give a tutorial, and hence there wasn’t much fuss wearing my guard. On my mark, I rubbed it. I feel it annoyed her, and she inserted it with her hand. It gave a bit of pain to both of us, but it was nice to see that I was in a woman. I gave a few thumps, but the dick didn’t respond well and fell out.

Now she, the pro player of this game, applied saliva and asked me to put it again. This time, the torpedo was in position, ready to go bang bang. The thrusting was quite energetic, and her moans were the proof. After that, our positions changed to doggy style.

Her marshmallows were into play again as they hung like Alphonso mangoes. The friction between her pussy and my dick generated enough heat for me to sustain for more than 8 minutes. That pleasure with pain was something that I wanted for a long time.

The banging speed increased gradually until it went berserk. The moaning noises filled the room with all the sweaty and juicy flavors. After about 8-9 minutes, when I informed my dolly that I was about to cum, she pulled my penis out.

She pulled the dick out and was on the verge of stroking it vigorously when the volcano erupted. She collected all of it in her palm and ate most of it. We later kissed, and I thanked her for the opportunity. I was sad that I couldn’t make her orgasm, but I felt a bit relieved to see her satisfied.

As we dressed up, I knew this could be my last time with her. I then smooched her once and ended it for the day. To my surprise, she took my phone and saved her contact as Sumit. We usually chat when she feels alone.

That encounter gave me confidence for life. A few more incidents were lived through with my neighbors, classmates, and a few of my followers (I’ll let you know).

If you loved this, the story of my first sudden encounter, do let me know your reviews, feedback, opinions, or experience my mail at [email protected]

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