Public Sex Encounter With Hot, Drunk Female Friend

Hello peeps, this is Sanket Paul (name changed) for obvious reasons. Today I am going to narrate a true encounter with one of my best friends and the hottest encounter so far in public.

My female friend’s name is Ananya. We are of the same age. My age is 26. I am not a muscular guy. I have an average body type and a height of 5.5. My tool is quite long and fat at the same time. I stay in Mumbai.

From a younger age itself, I was very much interested and passionate about sex. As I grew up, I started becoming more passionate about this.

So I met this female friend during my convocation. We were friends on Facebook however we never talked in person nor on chat. On the convocation day, she gave me a smile and I responded with the same.

That day when I went home, I texted her on Facebook and soon, we started talking to each other. Later we became friends and started sharing about our personal lives. We kept sharing naughty and dirty memes. Slowly and steadily, we started talking about sex. We used to have sex chat at night and discuss our sexual fantasies.

Then we decided to meet at a park in Kharghar for the very first time. As soon as we met, we started talking and walking.

There was a place in the park where we both were alone and nobody could see us. All of a sudden, my best friend came near me and kissed me on my lips! I too responded and started sucking on her juicy lips.

Ananya had an amazing figure. Her boobs were so round and sexy. While kissing, she inserted her hand in my jeans and caught my dick and started stroking it. I was in cloud nine as I was having such an experience after a very long time.

I got aroused and started pressing my female friend’s boobs above her top. They were so soft that I started pressing them hard and she let out a small moan.

We were so aroused that we could have had sex then and there in the park. However, we realized we were in a public place and we needed to stop.

I came home and couldn’t stop thinking if the scenario which happened in the park. I masturbated twice that night and wanted to have sex with my sexy best friend at the earliest.

The next day we planned to have sex but we did not find a place. We both took leave from the office and went to a pub in Vashi. As it was a weekday, the entire pub was empty and we decided to have some beers and food.

We took a tower of beer and some food along with it. We started drinking and she started feeling tipsy. The alcohol started creating wonders in her. Ananya came close to me and started kissing me on my cheeks. I got a hard-on and she noticed it too.

We both wanted to explore each other but we were in a pub. The very next moment, something struck my mind. I had an idea. I shared the same with my best friend and she was happy to hear and execute it.

We planned to go to the washroom. She acted as if she was not able to walk and I was taking her to the washroom. We entered the washroom and locked the door. As soon as the door was locked, I pinned my girl friend to the wall and started kissing her. Our lips were tightly stuck against each other and we were chewing each other lips.

I inserted my tongue in her mouth and Ananya let me in and started playing with my tongue. My hard dick was poking her already wet pussy and she could not hold anymore. She started unbuttoning my shirt and kissing all over my chest. This drove me crazy and I held her more tightly.

Ananya was wearing a top and jeans. I held her top and made it go up till her neck. I kissed her neck while pressing her boobs over her bra. My bestie started moaning and this made the experience more thrilling!

I unhooked her bra and for the first time, I saw my hot female friend’s boobs clearly. What a beautiful pair of boobs she had!

I started pressing one boob and took the other boob in my mouth and started sucking it. She was enjoying it and she wanted me to suck more. As we did not have much time, we hurried up.

Ananya unhooked my jeans button and sat on her knees on the floor. She took my dick in her hand and started giving me a blowjob. She was a real cock-sucker. She sucked it so well that I was on the verge of cumming soon. But I controlled and let her suck me. That was one of the most thrilling blowjobs I have ever received in my life!

I wanted to fuck my best friend badly. So I unzipped her jeans and told her to remove one part of her jeans. She removed it and I lowered her panty. I could sense that her panty was all wet with her pussy juices.

I made her sit on the washbasin top and touched her wet pussy. I inserted a finger and she moaned a bit. As I had a fear of someone hearing us, I brought my tongue closer and started eating my horny best friend’s pussy. I was sucking her pussy and she was moaning, keeping her hand on her mouth so that no one could hear her.

After a few minutes of sucking her pussy, she could not wait and wanted my dick in her wet pussy. I took out the condom from my pocket which I had already got with me. I put on the condom and spread her legs while she was still on the washbasin top.

I went closer and slowly started inserting my dick. I held her legs in both my hands and started going in and out. After some 5-7 minutes of fucking my best friend, I was on the verge of cumming.

I removed the condom and put my dick in her mouth and unloaded all the cum as she wanted to taste my cum. Ananya was happily sucking and drinking every drop of my cum.

Then I washed my dick and she started sucking my dick again for round 2. In no time, my dick became hard again. This time, we wanted to try something new. I sat on the toilet seat and she came and sat on my dick. She started moving her ass to and fro. We were soon fucking at a rapid pace and soon we both came.

We were all filled with sweat. I adjusted my clothes and left the washroom. She came after some time.

This was one of the most thrilling experiences I have ever had in my life.

If you guys want to read more, I will be happy to tell about my experiences. Also, I love mature ladies and bhabhis too. I will be sharing such incidents later.

Keeping everything secret is what I believe. Anybody who wants to give feedback or wants to connect with me can mail me at [email protected]

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