Stranded In Delhi

“Air Asia flight XXX768 from Delhi to Bangalore has been canceled due to inclement weather. Passengers are requested to contact the nearest Air Asia service desk.”

“Fuck me!” she murmured under her breath as the airline announcement continued, first in English and then in Hindi. Amused at her choice of words, I thought to myself, ‘glad to oblige,’ and smiled inwardly.

Of course not. I didn’t know her. It’s just that she had managed to draw my attention from the time she came into the lounge an hour ago. It was pretty obvious that her day wasn’t going quite well.

It was more of a riot-minded cursing and irritation at the Air Asia counter. Not just from her but most angry passengers. I just decided to stand by the side and listen. As frustrated and embittered as the passengers were, she was by far the loudest and angriest of the lot.

I shook my head to everything they said. It’s not like Air Asia could control the weather. I mean, it’s Delhi. It was better to ground flights than to send passengers on a risky journey through a storm.

Ours wasn’t the only flight that had been canceled due to these unforeseen circumstances. Nearly all flights out of Delhi had to be grounded for passenger and crew safety.

Over time, the crowd at the counter started thinning. I slowly made my way through the dispersing crowd forward towards the counter. I wanted to assess my option and check about accommodation options till the weather cleared. Just as I reached the desk, I heard the lady at the next counter explain.

“Ma’am, all flights have been grounded. Please call ahead because hotels are getting filled up.”

“Fuck me,” I heard her curse under her breath again. I then intervened and asked the nice lady at the counter. “Is there a list of hotels and phone numbers you could give us?” Trying to find a solution amidst the chaos. The lady handed me a sheet similar to the one in the hands of many passengers.

It took half an hour of calling before a hotel could confirm that they had a vacancy. The receptionist on the phone conferred me the details of the shuttle and gave me directions to where I could find it.

But she warned that they had to take on guests on a first-come, first-served basis because of the number of stranded passengers. She urged me to get there as quickly as possible. A few minutes later, I had managed to get on the shuttle. I sat there, tapping my foot impatiently, with my shirt wet on the shoulders.

I was intermittently glancing at the time on my phone. Every passing minute reduced the chances of getting a room. I did not fancy being out in the streets during January cold when the worst of the storm hit. I needed that room.

I groaned when she boarded the shuttle along with 3 others, five minutes later. Of course, It was my humongous luck to get the obnoxious and angry passenger headed to the same hotel with me.

“You can’t be serious!” she seethed at the hotel receptionist.

“I am sorry, Ma’am, but that was the last room,” the lady said apologetically in a low voice. “I can give you numbers of other hotels nearby. You can use the complimentary phone in the lobby to find a hotel that has rooms.”

As soon as we reached the hotel, I had run to the reception. I had just collected my key when she arrived at the counter. I did not know that I was a peasant fool who had got the last room. While I thanked my stars, I was sad for a fellow stranded traveler. I stood by and watched the argument for a while.

“Excuse me,” I said finally, taking pity on the receptionist who was on the receiving end of her delirious rage. Handing her my room key, I added, “I don’t mind looking for another hotel. Please accommodate the lady.”

“I don’t need your pity,” she glared and snapped at me.

“Hello?” I said, taken aback at the reaction. I would have thought she would be thankful and relieved at the gesture.

“Sir,” the receptionist continued, “I would advise you to hold on to your room. The chances of getting a room in any hotel are slim for the next few days till the weather clears.”

“And what am I supposed to do?” she snarled at the receptionist, “If there are no rooms, what good is it going to do me to sit in your lobby and call hotels?”

“I am sorry, ma’am,” the receptionist said, “There is nothing I can do.”

The two continued arguing. I contemplated walking away, but I just couldn’t. I suspected offering to help again would probably result in another angry response, but I had to try.

“May I suggest something?” I said, and I held up my hands in surrender as she turned towards me in a fury. “Just listen, okay? I am trying to help. Shouting at me isn’t going to solve the problem for you.”

Suddenly, she seemed to realize what she was doing and furrowed, embarrassed, “I am sorry,” she said, “I didn’t mean to take off on you.”

“I know,” I said, “we’ve all had a bad day. So why don’t we do this? Why don’t we head to the restaurant? I am sure getting some food will help. We can both call hotels over dinner. Surely, two people calling would improve the chances of getting a room?”

The receptionist gave me a silent ‘Thank you and relieved look. She seemed hesitant and almost ready to take off on the receptionist again.

“I am Jacob, by the way,” I said, extending my hand just as she was about to turn away.

“Arathy,” she replied, shaking my hand.

“Going to Bangalore?” I asked, “Sorry… I had seen when you were at the Air Asia counter.”

“Yes,” she said in a hushed tone, seeming to calm down, “heading home to Coorg.”

“You from Karnataka?” I said, smiling. I hadn’t realized she was a Kannadiga. Given her accent, I thought she was from West Bengal or thereabouts.

I picked up her bag as we made small talk and headed towards the restaurant. Arathy followed, the argument with the receptionist blanked out for the time being.

Between calling hotels and eating, we talked about what we do. I learned that she was a beautician who had catapulted to success quite rapidly. The success itself was causing friction in her married life because her husband was jealous of a more successful wife.

I also found out that her temper tantrums did not help the cause either. She wasn’t half-bad looking and, under different circumstances, might even be someone I would call a raw, sensual woman.

A chubby yet curvy body complimented her milky complexion, large, almond-shaped eyes framed by her glasses. Her full red cherry lips could be sexy if they weren’t spewing out poison.

With every call, her frustrations were rising, and even my patience with her was beginning to wear thin. When dinner ended, and I paid the bill, we still had no luck finding a hotel for her.

Still working the phones, we picked up our bags and made our way out of the restaurant. We unconsciously made our way towards the elevators. Only when the loss of signal resulted in the ending of the call did both of us realize we were in the elevator riding up to my floor.

I burst out laughing at the situation. That seemed to light a match with Arathy, who unleashed on me. I was defensively trying to calm her when the elevator stopped on my floor, and the doors opened. She was still shouting at me.

I tried to back away, hoping that the elevator doors would shut behind me and take her back down to the lobby. I had no such luck as she stepped out of the elevator, waving her finger in my face blaming me for everything.

“Stop, stop, stop,” I kept saying calmly. We were soon outside my room. She was between me and the room door, blocking me from getting into my room. I was on the verge of screaming at her or pushing her back, just to make her stop.

Instead, I don’t know what got into me. I pressed my lips against hers, pinning her between me and the door. That sure shut her up. I kept my lips on hers till she stopped mumbling and pushed me back.

As we stepped back, she was panting, her chest heaving with every breath. But the verbal barrage had stopped. I was bracing myself for a slap that I was certain was coming. I was taken aback when she pounced on me after a few moments, kissing me hard.

Her hands wrapped around my neck, and her tongue was in my mouth. Fumbling behind her, I managed to unlock the door, and we stumbled inside, still kissing hungrily. I kicked the door shut and cupped her breasts under her saree.

Arathy gasped in my mouth as I squeezed her breasts over her blouse. I could feel her nipples harden through the fabric of her blouse as I squeezed her boobs. Our mouths were glued to each other. We were hungrily sucking on each other’s tongues as we started undressing each other.

By the time I had stripped her saree off, she had ripped my shirt off, taken my belt off, and was unbuttoning my pants. I pushed Arathy on the bed. While I got rid of my pants, she unbuttoned her blouse. There was no bra and her glorious breasts dotted with erect pink nipples beckoned me.

Though not very big, her breasts were creamy and jiggled as she stripped out of her blouse. Her areolas were a light shade of pink complemented by her milky complexion. There were two proud, erect, and hard nipples begging to be sucked.

Arathy’s eyes widened in surprise when I pulled my underwear down, releasing my semi-erect shaft. Evidently, she had expected something smaller going by her expression of surprise, and I smiled.

Grabbing her ankles, I slid my hands up her petticoat, caressing the inside of her legs. Bending over her, I kissed her again while I started rubbing her over her panties. Within minutes, I could feel dampness on her panties and started pulling them down.

When her panties came off, I smelled her musky wetness before tossing them on the floor. Her petticoat soon followed, and we were now both stark naked. Getting on her hands and knees, she licked the head of my cock in her mouth, caressing my balls.

“Wow,” she said before taking me in her mouth, “you are big!”

She started caressing my balls and sucking on my shaft. It didn’t take long for me to be rock hard. I tried to make her stop sucking me, but she seemed determined to keep going. So, I lay on the bed and made her get on top of me so we could both enjoy each other.

While she hungrily sucked and stroked my shaft, I devoured her pussy. She was already dripping wet. I licked her wetness from her pussy before sucking on her pussy lips and clit. Neither of us lasted, cumming violently in each others’ mouths within a matter of minutes.

While Arathy collapsed on the bed spent after her orgasm, I had only got warmed up after mine. Laying next to her, I started sucking on her tits while caressing her pussy with my fingers. I kissed her lips, sucked on her tongue. I kissed and licked her neck and sucked on both her tits hungrily.

All the while, I was stimulating her clit with my fingers, and soon Arathy started moaning.

“Not done yet?” she groaned as her hips started moving in rhythm with my fingers.

“Not even close,” I mumbled into the tit that I was sucking, “You are so damn hot. I am just getting started.”

“You like angry young women?” she said, giggling.

It was the first time I had seen her not stressed or angry. She looked absolutely beautiful, smiling and relaxed. Spreading her legs, I got between them and took her pussy in my mouth.

“You know,” she said, grabbing my hair and pushing my face down into her, “My soon-to-be ex-husband never did that.”

“His loss,” I said, sucking on her clit and shoving two fingers inside her.

“Oh maa….” she groaned, thrusting her pelvis into my mouth as I ate her, lapping up her wetness, “You like it?”

“Yummy,” I said into her pussy, eating and fingering her. Five minutes later, she quivered, screamed, and exploded with her second orgasm. I ate and fingered her right through it. Just as it was subsiding, she had her third and then a fourth orgasm.

She kept cumming, and I hungrily fed on her pussy juices. I showed no intentions of stopping even after her fourth orgasm. She begged me to fuck her. By now, I was hard, as I usually get when a woman cums in my mouth, and ready for action again.

Entering her, I immediately started plowing hard into her, drilling her hard and deep.

“Aah, aah, aah, aah,” she groaned with every thrust of my hardness in her. I kept moving faster and faster till I was pounding her with a frenzy. I felt myself near my release after fucking her for ten minutes. Just as I erupted inside her, she screamed and shook violently with yet another orgasm.

I kept moving in her till the last of my cum was deposited deep inside her.

“Fuck me!” she groaned when I finally collapsed on top of her, “that was incredible.”

“Fuck you again?” I said.

We both burst out laughing at her choice of words. I drifted off to sleep, my limp cock still inside Arathy’s pussy. When I woke up a few hours later, Arathy was sitting by the window, looking out into the raging storm that had hit the town.

“You know,” she said without turning. She must have heard me stir in bed and realized I was awake, “that hasn’t happened in over two years.”

“What do you mean,” I said, wiping my eyes and trying to shake the sleepiness out. She had changed into a different saree while I lay naked under the sheets.

“Something died, and I don’t even know what or when,” she continued, sadly, as if I hadn’t even spoken. “I buried myself into building my business, and as he started resenting my success, we just drifted apart. Leave alone sex. I don’t think we have even kissed in more than two years.”

Turning away from the window, she looked at me and added, “would you believe me if I said you are the only man besides my husband that I have slept with?”

“Regretting it already, huh?” I said, understanding the moral conflict she must have been feeling.

She shook her head, “On the contrary, I don’t remember when I have felt more alive or happy.” she said, “I know he’s been screwing around on me. So no, I have no regrets. I think a part of me knew he was cheating on me, and that made me bitter towards everything.”

“For what it’s worth,” I said, now fully awake, “you are anything but bitter. You were incredible and taste heavenly. And I am sorry for having fallen asleep on you, literally.”

That made her giggle, “Yeah, about that, it took me ten minutes to push you off me.”

“Did you get any sleep at all?” I asked.

“Some, after I showered.” she said, “I just woke up some time back.”

She came up and sat at the edge of the bed, “Why did you kiss me?” she asked, and then putting her palm on her forehead, she added, “I mean I was so rude and…my God, I was terrible to you when you were trying to help.”

“Honestly,” I said, laughing at the memory, “I was torn between screaming at you and slapping you.”

“What?” she said, “that bad, huh?”

“Yup, yup,” I said, nodding, “I kissed you just to shut you up and give you something else to think about. I expected you to slap me after that.”

“I don’t know what came over me,” she said, shaking her head and laughing with me. There was a knock on the door, and she explained, “I ordered some food. That was some workout,” she giggled at that.

“Give me a few minutes to freshen up,” I said and got off the bed on my way to the bathroom. As she passed me on her way to the door, I saw her eyes linger at my crotch for a fleeting moment.

I relieved my bladder and brushed my teeth before stepping into the shower. As the hot water hit my body, my muscles relaxed. I enjoyed the sensation of the water washing away the exhaustion of a long day.

When Arathy stepped into the shower a few minutes later, she was naked. Just watching her naked body had me erect instantly. We kissed and caressed each others’ bodies for a while.

“How awake are you? Because I have bad news and good news.” She said as she licked my neck.

“Not awake enough,” I said, pressing her boobs, “but I can guess at the bad news.”

“Not that,” she said, “this is something else.”

“Your husband doesn’t know, does he?” I was suddenly worried.

She laughed, shaking her head, “He doesn’t, but it looks like you are awake enough to play 20-questions.”

“Ok, ok…” she said, pushing me against the wall, stroking my cock slowly.
“I was listening to the news a while back, and they expect the storm to get worse before it starts easing up. The forecast is that the airport will remain closed for at least three more days.”

“Fuck me!” I groaned, “that sucks. So what’s the good news?”

“Some clouds do have silver linings, don’t they,” she said dramatically, biting her lips, “being stranded may not be so bad after all.” As she slowly lowered herself, kissing my chest, my abs onto my crotch.

“I thought you were hungry,” I said.

“Food can wait,” she said, going down on her knees, “I want something else right now.”

Taking my hardness in her mouth, she sucked and stroked me for a while.

“Think you can do it again?” she asked finally.

“Only one way to find out.”

We fucked for fifteen minutes in the shower, and she came just moments before I creamed her pussy for the second time that night. We continued to shower and clean each other for close to half an hour before my cock started to stir in her hand again.

I carried her out of the shower and back to bed. I ate her through two orgasms before creaming her pussy for the third time that night before both of us fell asleep again.

“Good morning, sexiness,” I said when Arathy finally woke up. I had woken up an hour earlier and showered. I was sitting by the window, where she had been sitting, when I woke up in the middle of the night.

But instead of watching the storm outside, I enjoyed watching Arathy sleep, admiring every inch of her nakedness.

“Stop staring,” she said, and we both laughed as she pulled the sheets to cover up her nakedness.

“So, I some have bad news and good news, too, sexy,” I said

“You don’t have some horrible STD do you?” she said, suddenly worried.

I laughed, shaking my head, “I don’t.”

“Ok, ok…” she said, sitting up, the covers falling just enough to show most of her breasts above them, “Wake me up with the bad news then.”

“The food you were hungry for last night is stone cold and probably not any good.”

“That’s the bad news?” she said, throwing a pillow vaguely in my direction.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, “but the good news is, we have both hot tea and coffee for her sexiness to choose from. I just didn’t know which you preferred, if any.”

“Her sexiness will have some tea, thank you,” she said theatrically, sitting up pretending to be royalty, making the sheets slide completely off her breasts, “and two sugars, please.”

“Coming right up,” I said.

I fixed her a cup of tea and coffee for myself. I noticed that Arathy made no effort to cover her naked breasts. I kissed her before handing her a cup of tea.

“Thank you,” she said, accepting it from me. After taking a sip of the hot tea, she sighed and added, “and thank you for last night.”

“It was my pleasure entirely,” I said honestly, thinking back to how thoroughly I had enjoyed her body again and again last night.

We talked some more about her life as we sipped tea. I took her cup and set it on the table when she was done.

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