Locked In Her Arms In Hyderabad

Hi guys. This is Bhargav aged 23 from Hyderabad. It’s my first story. So please excuse me. All comments and compliments are welcome at [email protected]

I am a management trainee in some X company. I live in a small room for rent which is on the terrace of a single-storied building. The ground floor is let out for commercial purposes and the first floor is occupied by owners.

They are an old couple stay with their widow daughter (Heroine – Divya, aged 28) and their grandchild aged 10 months. I am very close to the old couple and they like me as well. The old man who is a retired lecturer always chats with me on present issues and other stuff.

Initially, I didn’t talk to Divya much. She was in mourning when I shifted there. She had lost her husband when she was carrying the baby.

Coming to the story. This all happened because of the lockdown. Our ground floor is isolated. Our owners are stuck in their native village who went for some litigation issues. So I am left with Divya and her child in the building. Sorry guys I’m not interested in sharing her body stats.

The first three days went boring and I was in my room except for mornings as I go to take some food for the day. The next day it’s Ugadi she came to my room to give me sweets. I thanked her. She went. Later at night again she came to my room.

She said that her father wants to talk to me and handed over her mobile to me. He asked me how am I and told me to take care of his daughter and her child and bla bla stuff and ended the call. Then the conversation between us started like this.

Divya – Hey Bhargav. I thought you went to your home town yesterday night. You were speaking to someone on mobile. Then I came to know you are here.

Me – Oh yeah I’m in my room all day with my study stuff.

Divya – Aren’t you getting bored?

Me – Yeah. But mostly I sleep or check my stuff. What about you?

Divya – I am all alone with the child and very much bored. Why don’t you give some company to me?

Me – Yeah sure.

Like this our conversation started and we chatted for some time. I asked her about the child.

Divya – Oh god. She’s sleeping. I left her alone

She said bye and went to her home. The next morning (as mornings are allowed for market) while I’m going to get some food, I called her to shop. She agreed and came with her child. We bought some food and returned.

While I was going up, she said, “Bhargav, don’t get breakfast from out (as I bought for me). I’ll make breakfast for both of us.” I didn’t agree at first. But later I agreed. And days are going like this. We chatted more. I helped at her work. Played with her child.

The worst part is if she gets emotional because of the tragedy, there is silence. I sit there for some time and go to my room (because I don’t know how to handle the situation). Later not only breakfast but lunch and dinner also I’m having in her home.  Some times she comes to my room when she’s bored with TV.

One night she came to me around 11 pm. I see some tears rolling from her eyes and pain in her face. She’s unable to stand properly. I allowed her in. I told her to sit and asked what was her problem. She’s unable to speak. I gave some water.

She drank some and said that her child is sleeping and not taking her milk. It hurts her. I understood the situation but I’m in confusion. Then I asked her to let’s go to the hospital. She then said no. Not required to go to the hospital. She can press herself to get the milk out.

But they got tighter and tighter. So she can’t even touch them when they are that much full. It hurts her more. I then told her I understand her pain. I asked if she wants me to do something else? She said, “Yes, Bhargav please help me.”

I’m about to kneel. She asked me to turn off the lights. I turned off and knelt. She lowered her nighty. I went near her and got hold of her nipple with my mouth as directed by her. Then my hand touched her nighty. It’s so wet I didn’t notice earlier as it is a dark-colored nighty.

I sucked most of that. She asked me to shift to the other. I did and emptied that too. She held my hand, thanked me, chatted with me for some time, and left my room. But I’m not left from that session. I jerked off 3 times that night.

The next morning I went to her home. She’s in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I asked her was she alright. She said she’s ok. During that day while we are chatting, she caught me many times staring at her boobs while feeding her child. After some time she asked me are you still in yesterday’s session.

I said, “No, not at all.” Then she gave me a different expression. That expression is still in my mind. I love that expression. After some time the child slept. She came close to me and held my hand and lied her head on my shoulder. I can see tears again. I asked what happened.

She then said, “I think I have polluted your mind right? I’m so sorry. I can’t control the situation.” On hearing her words, I felt embarrassed. I said, “I am so sorry. It’s a strange experience I haven’t had before. I’ll never stare at you like that again. I’ll control my emotions.” I stood up to leave.

She held my hand and asked me to be there for some more time. “Bhargava, it’s not your fault. It’s me I should have controlled the situation.” I interrupted and told her don’t be sorry and let’s leave that. She again held my hand and laid her head on my shoulder for some time. She said nothing. Later I left.

From then, whenever I go to her home she holds my hand and speaks to me. We are getting very closer to each other. She loved my company. One night. I’m about to go to my room after being some time with her. She asked me whether she can hug me for some time.

I said ok (felt very happy inside) and hugged her. We hugged for some time with total silence. While leaving I kissed softly on her lips and turning back to leave. She pulled me and began hugging me hard. And we kissed each other badly.

I told her, “I don’t know whatever we are doing is right or wrong. I like to do it.” She nodded her head and hugged me. Then we went to her bedroom and within no time both got undressed and started caressing and cuddling each other. The most romantic part I like is her kisses over my face.

Then I got up for intercourse. She held my penis and guiding me towards her vagina. But I can’t push because of the skin (as I’m a virgin). Then she tried to pull back the skin on it. I screamed out with pain. Anyhow she pulled such that my ball-shaped thing on penis came out.

Then again I tried to push into her. That ball-shaped thing went in. I pushed harder but due to pain took it out. She said, “We shall do whenever you are ready,” and hugged me. But I’m unable to agree with her. Even though it’s paining I wanted to do that at any cost.

Again I started to push. It’s paining but I controlled and pushed it harder she held my hips and letting me towards her. I then screamed out very loud with pain. That pain is unbearable. I fell on her and started to push slowly into her. It went fully inside.

I can see that skin on my penis came back. Then I started the motion. Within no time I cummed. I took my penis out from her. It looked fully reddish. I’m checking its condition as I’m very confused. On seeing me she laughed and pulled me over her.

I fell on her breasts. I hugged her and lay in her arms. She kept on caressing my hair. After some time I woke up again and asked her shall we do again. She laughed and kissed me. I too laughed and started to push in. This time it went freely leaving me not much pain. And I started ramming her.

This time I did for a long time than before. I can feel the enjoyment and see in her face as well. Then I again checked my penis. The skin is moving smoothly up and down. It’s a big relief for me. On seeing me relieved she came to me and gave me a tight hug. She gave me a lot of kisses on my face.

Like this, we started our journey.

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