First Time Sexperience With My Girlfriend

Hi readers. I have been a frequent visitor to this website to satisfy myself whenever I got horny. This is my first story where I am going to tell you about my sexual experiences with my girlfriend in her house.

Talking about myself. I am a Malayali staying in UAE for the past 10 years. Now I am 22 years old having a 6′ dick and a fit body not muscular though.

This happened during my college days and the attraction of this story is my first girlfriend Divya. She was not a goddess but definitely had a good figure. She had a 32 sized firm boobs that I always sucked on to.

We used to meet quite often in the stairs of her apartment where we would kiss for a while. But we used to chat only sometimes as she didn’t have a phone for herself. We gradually started having sex chats at night whenever she came online. She seemed to be liking that also.

This incident happened during our winter break when her parents went for work. I went to her house once her father left for work. I immediately got into before any of her neighbors noticed. She just got up from her sleep and was wearing a t-shirt and a small skirt covering till her knees.

The moment I got inside her house I started kissing her. We were smooching each other still standing by the door and after about 5 minutes we realized this. I picked her up in my arms and walked to her bedroom and threw her on her bed. I fell on top of her and started smooching her madly along with pressing her boobs.

I was going crazy and so was she. We were losing control. Though it was a winter season the room started getting hot. I removed her t-shirt and mine also. I saw her boobs through her bra and started sucking them over the bra itself. She was pressing my head into her boobs and moaning with pleasure.

Then I removed her bra also. Pressed her nipple with one hand and I was sucking her other nipple. She couldn’t control her pleasure that she started pushing me closer towards her. I removed my half pants and my underwear. I made her go on top of me.

There she was my girlfriend sitting on me topless and her hair left loose looking directly into my eyes. I pulled her close to me and lip locked her for about 5 minutes. I made her give me a handjob though she was a bit shy about it. After that I made her lie on the bed.

I removed her panties while I was kissing her neck and ears. She wanted to resist but she couldn’t. I parted her legs and rubbed my fingers over her wet pussy. She had no control over herself at this moment. She started biting my lips as I was finger fucking her.

She was a virgin and it was the first time that something has gone inside her pussy. I slowly started fucking her with two more fingers and gradually increased the speed. She was about to cum after about 3 minutes she had her first orgasm in life.

She said she was tired but I wanted more. My dick was waiting to be kissed by her wet pussy. I parted her legs and placed my dick on her pussy and rubbed over her pussy lips while kissing her and pressing her boobs. I slowly applied pressure and the head of my dick went inside her.

She started pushing me away but I stayed where I was and started sucking her boobs. After some time I again pushed my dick and half of my dick was inside her so I decided to get inside completely. I started smooching her and pushed my dick with full force. It disappeared into her wet pussy.

Tears rolled down her eyes but she didn’t stop kissing me. Once her pain reduced I started going in and out of her pussy while she hugged me tight and pushed me into her boobs. We were fucking in missionary position for some time. After that, I told her that I want her to become my doggie.

She was hesitant and told no way but I can do something else for you. She removed her skirt which I moved to her stomach. And now she was stark naked. She came over me and gently placed her pussy on top of my dick. She was gently moving up and down.

I placed one hand on her waist and the other on her boob pinching her nipples and spanking her ass softly. She got horny again and started fucking me quickly. I could see her boobs jumping up and down which made me even hornier and my dick stronger.

She was riding me like a wild horse. Now I placed both my hands on her waist and was pushing her up and down with even more force. After about 10 minutes she was tired and fell on top of me. I didn’t stop I continued fucking her in that position until I was about to cum.

I asked her for a blowjob but she said she doesn’t like to do it. I said ok give me a handjob I am about to cum. She was lying beside me and giving me a very nice handjob. I was in heaven feeling her warm hand on my dick and pressing her boobs hard.

I told her that I’m about to cum and my cum burst out and fell on her legs. I then kissed her on her forehead and told, “I love you.” She kissed me back on my cheeks. She told me, “Thank you for giving me so much pleasure. I love you too.” We then got up.

I helped her get herself cleaned and we got dressed. It was time for lunch and her father would come home so I quickly gave her a kiss and left.

This continued for the next week until she got periods and after that our holidays got over. But we continued to have sex whenever we could until we broke up. We ended up fighting for useless reasons almost every day which made me upset.

More stories to come by. If you like my story or would like to hook up with me then let me know on [email protected]