Old College Classmate Girl Fucked And Lust Fulfilled

The last time I had seen the sexy Bengali girl Sayeli was in 2010 after our college functions got over. We had a hidden relationship with each other which none of our friends knew about. I had a crush on Lakshmi in the class while Sayeli had a deep crush on me.

I threw a party that evening at my home and called 10-15 friends over which included 2-3 couples. It was an evening filled with booze and babes where every couple was openly making out, groping, and just having fun while the others were playing sexy games.

Sayeli and I had managed to make out in a different room and would have lustily fucked each other but the other friends also came in, making it impossible for us to fuck. And that was it.

Fast forward to 2020 and I saw Sayeli’s post on social media. I was taken aback as we hadn’t talked since the party at my home. I had openly chosen Lakshmi over her in front of my friends and broken her heart and we never talked once after that. She replied almost instantly to my ping and my heart skipped a beat.

We chatted like old friends and she had forgiven me for everything in the past. I came to know that my old classmate got married 3 years back but was getting a divorce now. I don’t know why it kind of made me happy.

I enquired further and came to know that she would be coming to Delhi a week later for her final court hearing. I knew I had a chance and asked her to meet me when she was in town. In fact, she had a request which made my day even better. I immediately video-called her and for a couple of minutes, I kept staring at the screen.

Now, let me tell you about Sayeli. She had developed from a nymph into a complete goddess of a woman. Her boobs looked majestic in her deep-cut top while her cleavage felt like butter waiting to be licked. She was short in height but her body frame had grown into a curvy angel. Her lips were ripe to be plucked and her smile gave me a boner.

I started thinking of putting my dick inside two lips and sucking and thrusting my dick in that heavenly cleavage of hers. Our conversation went something like this:

Sayeli: So, how are you, bad boy?

Me: Have become calm after you left (winked at her).

Sayeli (smiling): Come on. I know no one could tame you. After all, you never thought of the consequences.

Me: I was young back then. More mature now. You will see.

Sayeli: I am keen on meeting you. So much was left unsaid back then.

My heart skipped another beat.

Me: I am sorry to hear about your divorce. Must be exhausting for you.

Sayeli: In fact, I am relieved. Being with that idiot has made me realize better to have fun in life than settle with someone stupid.

Me: Good for you. Let’s meet when you are in town.

Sayeli: Sure. In fact, I have to stay for 3 days in Delhi, but I do not have any accommodation. Can you help me find one?

She bent to pick something up and her voluptuous ass was on view. I got an instant boner.

I knew this was my chance.

Me: You can stay at my place. It is completely empty and I only live there. We also have so much catching up to do.

Sayeli: Ohh wow! That’s interesting.

Our eyes met and we both smiled nervously.

Sayeli: Let’s do it. That’s such a relief. See you in a week then. Bye.

A week passed so quickly in anticipation.

My old classmate got finished at the court and I picked her up. We hugged tightly and I almost had forgotten what a sex goddess she was. She was wearing a frilly skirt (my favorite dress) and her milky white boobs were almost dangling out of her lacy push-up bra. I knew instantly I had to fuck her.

We went directly to our home and she was high and happy. There were no inhibitions and it felt like we were back in 2010.

We started conversing as I opened a bottle of champagne for her to celebrate. She lit a cigarette and took off her shoes and jumped on the bed in my room instead of the one that I had made ready for her.

She said with anger that we should be sleeping in the same room and not waste any time as we only had 3 days together. I apologized and refilled her glass as she started becoming tipsy.

I commented on my old classmate’s dress and she reminded me that it was my favorite dress and she had worn it for her. I was surprised that she remembered it.

I was taken aback by her bustling, heavy thighs. I couldn’t remove my eyes from it and wanted to devour them. They looked like white lollies with cream dripping from it. She noticed it and very slyly put it on my legs. It was becoming uncontrollable for me now.

The Bengali girl took a puff from her cigarette and playfully let the smoke on my face. I playfully acted snatching the cigarette from her and she got up and tried to take it back. In the process, she fell in my laps with her boobs colliding with my lips and moved away.

I looked in her eyes and her breath became heavier. I leaned down and kissed her on her lips. All hell broke loose.

She responded to my kiss with earnest hunger and our lips locked and all 10 years of wait seemed to have finished in one go. I grabbed her head and my hands swiftly moved over her boobs and started groping them. “Ahhh baby..” she said as I lifted her in my arms and made her sit on my lap.

My old sexy classmate’s boobs were right on my face and I started nuzzling, biting, and sucking them like a mad dog. She stopped me and calmed me saying I am not going anywhere. I calmed down a bit and lifted her skirt and started painting her thighs with my tongue. She was in seventh heaven.

I have a thing for short skirts like the one she had worn. I didn’t take it. I simply threw off her bra and panties. Her 36D boobs were staring at me while her pussy was rubbing ever so gently over my dick. We were simply enjoying the moment.

I poured some of the champagne over her pussy and started licking it. She went delirious and crazy as I let my tongue lick her shining thighs and pussy.

Sayeli was ready to be fucked but I was not going to do it so easily. I kept pushing my tongue inside her pussy and she was about to burst.

“Fuck me you bastard,” she shouted and I immediately bit the areola of her tits. My horny old college mate screamed as I pushed my dick in her mouth. She gagged on it but seamlessly started sucking it. A dream come true for my dick.

Slowly and softly, I pushed it down her throat and kept groping her boobs. She spat on my dick and sucked it and kept repeating it. I kept pouring champagne on my dick and with the cum she kept drinking it.

I started fucking her tits and her fully wet cleavage felt like a highway road. My dick slipped through the cleavage right into her open mouth. Her moans were making this ride memorable. My dick would slip deep in her throat and could feel her lungs and when it slipped out she heaved a sigh of relief and her boobs were shaking like golden melons.

This continued for several minutes and finally, I looked at her red corny pussy. I sucked it with my tongue like a sweeper. She spread her legs and shouted, “Fuck me behenchod.. I have waited 10 years.”

“Wait,” I said. “Let’s record this moment as we have waited so long for this.”

She seemed confused but after giving a thought she was ready for it. We put up two mobiles in different angles and started. I lifted her left leg and put it on my shoulder and pushed my dick in. Immediately, she shouted saying, “It is so big. I can’t take it.”

I was in no mood to stop now. I pushed and pushed and pushed. Finally, I was inside her. Our lips were locked, her boobs were crushing my chest and my dick was making crazy phahchhhh phahchhhh..sounds inside her.

I turned her and grabbed her ass with such force that she almost fell off the bed. She tried stopping me from doing anal sex but I was in no mood to listen. I had lust in my eyes and I went right for her butt hole. I applied some cream on it and in one massive force, I unloaded in her.

Her body went limp with pain but she told me to continue. She was feeling very excited now and I continued mutilating her ass for 10 minutes.

Finally, I unloaded all my cum in my old classmate’s pussy and we fell over each other in a heap. Finally, the wait was over.

We shared a passionate liplock and a glass of champagne to commemorate the event. The next 3 days were crazy as we stayed home and fucked everywhere in the house. It was a dream lustful vacation that we enjoyed thoroughly.

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