Female Viewer Liked My Nude Show On Chaturbate

Date: 12/12/2020


I am a regular guy working in IT, and I enjoy my free time doing nude shows on Chaturbate. I don’t do this for the tips or the money, I just do it for fun. I get satisfaction when strangers compliment and validate my dick size and body. I go by the username “suckoncecumtwice” on it.

Feel free to follow me and watch my free shows there. I am 25 now, but this story took place over 2 years ago in Bangalore. Now that you have the background, let me begin with my story and entertain you guys with my experience.

It was a lazy Saturday evening and I had caught up with all my Netflix shows and was completely bored. I was a regular on Chaturbate and started my nude show. It was a slow one. It started with 2 viewers and then the count increased to 7.

One viewer demanded that I remove my shirt and shorts. I obliged and now I was just in my boxers with a slight hard-on. People usually ask me to private message them and I do so only if it’s a woman.

Then I got a private message. So, I checked the profile and it was a woman. I pinged her on private message. She complimented my body and said that she was a regular on my shows and was completely mad about my dick.

I thanked her for her compliments and asked her for ASL, (age, sex, location). She replied with 36, F, Bangalore. “Bangalore? Bangalore!” that excited me so much that I almost had an orgasm reading that!

We started conversing and she asked me to create a private room with a password as she wanted to see my face. I did the same and asked my other followers to wait for 5 minutes. I went private and showed her my face. She said she loves me, and that she can’t control her feelings. She gave me her number and asked me to call her.

I called her. Her voice was so sweet. I complimented her and told her that she was driving me crazy as fuck. She said that she enjoyed watching me. While talking, she was fingering herself and was moaning my name every time she climaxed. I also came by the time she finished saying this.

I ended my show for the day and started texting her. We started sharing our life stories and she began growing on me, telling me about herself. She was divorced from her impotent husband, but he blamed her for his impotency. I felt sad for her and told her the same. She began crying and I consoled her as much as I could and she fell asleep.

We began texting regularly and became besties. She used to moderate my shows and tell me who I should go private for. It went on like this for around 3 months. Then we decided we should meet for a coffee since we were from the same city.

We met in a CCD close to her place. She was so beautiful that I couldn’t believe my eyes. We both together looked like siblings. We had so much fun talking about my shows and joking about life.

While talking, our hands met for the first time. It was a slight brush, and I don’t think she realized it. But it was my first time that I was touching a woman, a damn beautiful one at least!

She invited me home, but I was way too shy to go and declined the invitation. She insisted and kissed my cheeks when I agreed to go to her place. She sat her on my bike and guided me to her place.

There was a pharmacy at the end of the road and she told me to drop her there and then I should walk to her house after 15 minutes, else her neighbors will doubt her.

I said ok and lit up a cigarette, and smoked it. I was wondering what to do for the rest of the 10 minutes. Then I remembered the pharmacy and that gave me an idea to go there and buy protection, just in case.

I parked my bike in the BDA complex and walked to her house with some chocolates in my pocket. I knocked on her door. I heard a voice saying, “The door’s open, come on in.”

I went inside and then sat on the sofa. Her house was simple but it was so elegant, just like her. She came to the hall from her room in a very sexy see-through gown. Her red bra matched her underwear and I could see all this from her see-through dress.

My admirer sat next to me. I was so shy and trembling with fear as it was my first time at a girl’s place all by myself.

She calmly sat next to me, held my hands and said, “It’s ok, you’re doing fine, don’t worry about anything.” I was still trembling with fear. To ease the situation, she started talking normally.

The time was around 12 noon. She got up and asked me to follow her to the kitchen. She saw that my pockets were heavy and asked me to empty them. I took out the completely forgotten, now melted squishy chocolates from my pocket and the condom fell down! She saw the condom and gave me a very cute, naughty smile.

We went to the kitchen, and she took out some cold water and made some juice for us. I drank it and she spilled some on her dress. I tried to clean it with my hand, and in the process, I touched her left breast by accident! I felt a current pass through me. My dick got hard in a jiffy, and I had never been so hard before.

She observed all this, held my hand and kept it on her soft breasts. Then she took my other hand and kept it on her lips and started kissing it while holding my bulge through my pants. I was in heaven, literally in heaven!

She let go of my dick, and took my hand off her breast, and slid the sides of her gown and it fell on the floor. She was standing before me in her matching red bra and panty sweating, looking directly at my eyes. I was in a trance, completely unaware of anything happening around me.

I went close to her started and started smooching her. We kissed so hard and our tongues met and saliva was exchanged. I grabbed her ass with my left hand and her boobs with my right.

We were kissing very passionately and I felt her up real good. She held my hands and took me to her room. Then she pushed me on the bed and jumped on me like a wrestler. She sat on my crotch area and leaned forward to kiss me while dry humping me over my jeans.

I leaned forward, and put my hand behind her, clipped open her bra, and removed them. This revealed her beautiful breasts – they were firm and perfect in every way imaginable. Her nipples were black with perfectly, small, round areolas.

Her nipples were very hard and pointed. I licked them and sucked them like a hungry puppy, while she kept moaning. She asked me to remove my dress and I obliged. I was in her favorite SpongeBob underwear. She was so happy looking at that.

She got up from the bed and held my cock over the undie. Then she pulled me closer to her and started sucking my dick over the underwear and making sounds. I couldn’t control myself. I had to feel her mouth on my cock.

I pulled my underwear down and shoved my cock inside her mouth, and started fucking her mouth real hard. I was about to cum but stopped myself, and felt it was time to take control. I knew all her weaknesses from sexting her for 3 months now.

I moved closer to her, removed her red underwear, and smelled her pussy. It smelled like cum and piss, which started driving me crazy. I spread her legs wide open and touched her puffy, bald pussy lips. They were soaking wet and sticky with cum. I licked my fingers and tasted her. I never felt hornier than this ever in my life.

I moved close to her pussy and adjusted her in such a way that it was easier for me to lick her clean and dry. Then I placed my mouth close to her pussy. My stubble poked her groin area and she complained, I did not bother about it anyway.

I started licking her clitoris and sucking on it real hard. She was moaning like a bitch in a porn movie. She pushed my head close to her pussy, burying it there, and closed her legs. I couldn’t breathe and was choking. It was now her turn to choke me and I let her.

I kept sucking on her clit, and placed a finger near her pussy hole. I could feel the heat radiating from her insides. I did not want to finger and loosen her hole, so I placed my tongue there and started to tongue-fuck her like crazy. She was enjoying every bit of it and I was so happy with all the action that I was getting.

It was the maximum I had ever done with a woman and I couldn’t believe my eyes. She orgasmed and her sticky cum was all over my mouth and jaw. I licked myself clean and got on the bed to kiss her. We kissed real good for a few minutes, while she kept stroking my dick and I was playing with her boobs.

The time was around 1 pm now, the room was getting hotter, and so was our mood. I went to the hall, took the condom and the chocolate back to the room. She had a blindfold which she used to sleep, next to her. I knew exactly what was on her mind.

I poured the melted chocolate and spread it on her breasts, cleavage, tummy, navel, and abdomen. I told her that I was going to enjoy licking every inch of her goddess-type body and did it by licking the chocolate clean off her body. She was so horny by now that every lick and kiss from me became sensitive to her.

She began moaning with each kiss and lick. I took the condom out of the box and tore one open. She told me that she hated condoms and she had already mentioned this to me, so before I could wear it, she told me to fuck her once without it and then decide if we should use the condom or not.

I got on top of her, kissed her neck, licked her ear lobes and whispered in her ears to guide me into her. She held my dick so tenderly and placed me near the entrance and asked me to go ahead.

I gently started pushing in and her warm-wet-pussy welcomed my dick and I slid it in like a hungry monkey eating a banana. My dick was completely into her and I could feel the warm walls of her pussy clenching my dick tightly. She asked me to start slowly and gradually increase the pace.

I started fucking her slowly with a few rhythmic up and down thrusts, and I moved my hip to make her feel good. I was increasing the pace with every thrust, and her moans also grew with it. I knew she was close to orgasm as she became stiff and her pussy was tightly holding my dick. That also made me close to cumming.

I asked her if I should pull out or cum in her. She barely said, “Continue,” as she was completely lost in the orgasm. I came in her, once she came and her cum was trickling down my balls. I was exhausted and fell on top of her with my dick inside her. It was starting to become soft.

I slowly pulled out and a flood of my sperms mixed with her cum leaked from her pussy. I took it on my finger and fed it to her. She fed some to me as well! It tasted like love, we both were exhausted and she went to the kitchen naked, and came back wearing her see-through gown and sat next to me.

Her hair was untied, eyes were moist, lips dry and hickeys were all over her neck. I had left my mark on her and enjoyed every single second of it while I was lost in the moment and trying to comprehend what happened.

By the time I came to my senses and looked at her, I saw a beautiful angel who had just slept with me and looked a million bucks.

I will continue what happened in my next story. I would really appreciate your comments and feedback. You can reach me at [email protected] (porn handling ID).

Also, don’t forget to follow “suckoncecumtwice” on CB. Thanks for your patience. Hope you have a beautiful day ahead!

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