My Wife Leena And My Kinky Sexual Fantasies – Part 2

Previous Part: My Wife Leena And My Kinky Sexual Fantasies – Part 1

Hello guys, in the previous part, you read that I wanted my wife to fuck my neighbour guy. Then I created a situation where they both got a chance to have fun.

Now my neighbour and my wife were together in the kitchen and I was in the bathroom. Let’s move ahead.

All of a sudden, my wife’s boldness was seemingly weakening watching him getting hard. Rajesh for a while looked at her beauty in amazement and finally, he asked her something (I could not get the audio properly).

My neighbour moved very close to her and I was in heaven at that point. He then took Leena’s hand, put on his crouch, and grabbed her in thirst. Both started kissing for the next 15 seconds and he started sucking my wife’s tongue like I never did before! He put his hand on her hip, reached her pussy, and inserted his hands inside from the front of her saree.

Leena looked like she was having the greatest time of her life. My neighbour then put his mouth in her jacket and pushed his tongue inside her jacket, searching for her cute nipples all over. My wife was also not shy to grab his crotch and rub it all over.

Then they heard me flushing the toilet. They both hesitantly stopped doing what they were doing and started getting back to normal. I came out in a minute and saw him already opened the jar and sitting on his chair. I noticed that Leena had adjusted her saree back to normal and she was preparing dinner in the kitchen.

When I looked at my neighbour Rajesh, he was a bit scared and excited. Leena was equally looking stale. I said to him that –

Me: I have to check my office email again.

And I got into the office room. I took a wireless camera and set that up in Leena’s handbag. Then I made sure all were working fine. By that time, I had already finished 5 beers while Rajesh had just one. Then I told him –

Me: Let’s finish having a beer and I will come to your house to give your dinner in a box.

He certainly didn’t feel like leaving. He was not knowing what was my next move. Then he left with his hard dick crying.

I closed the door and asked Leena if the food was ready. She asked me to wait for 15 minutes. Then I told her –

Me: I am not feeling well.

And I decided to go to bed.

Me: Please pack the food and deliver it to Rajesh by yourself.

She was stunned for a moment and said, “Okay” immediately. I asked her to take her handbag. Then I took my phone and went to the bedroom. In a minute, I called her from the bedroom and asked her to close the door as it was very noisy because of the cooking.

It was around 9 pm. I checked my phone if it was connected to the wireless camera once again. When I made sure all was good, I started watching my wife through the laptop camera that I set up earlier. She was looking quite excited.

After 10 minutes, she tried to check on me after opening the bedroom door. I pretended as I had completely passed out because of the beer. After confirming, she closed the door quietly and rushed to grab her lip-gloss and started applying it over her lips that were already been sucked up by Rajesh.

I was amazed to see sexual appetite on her face. She went inside the bathroom and came back fresh. The saree was back sexy again, showing all her beauty boldly. She then packed his food and once again opened the door to check on me. I again stopped watching her on the phone and pretended to sleep deeply.

My wife then closed the bedroom door and walked toward the front door, taking her handbag where I kept the wireless camera and his food. She closed the door quietly and went to our neighbour’s front door. I watched her through the wireless camera without her knowing.

Rajesh opened the door expecting me. He looked surprised when he saw Leena in her stunning look. The camera was facing him at this point, showing him clearly. He was tumbling about what to do next. He was wearing only a small pair of shorts at that time.

My wife looked very clear on what she wanted that night, and asked him –

Leena: May I come in, dear Rajesh?

He started smiling, laughing, giggling, and inviting her inside his house, telling her –

Rajesh: I was expecting your husband.

She replied: He is completely passed out for the night and when I asked him to lock the door, he was unable to do so.

Rajesh: Are you sure?

Leena: Yes, sure.

Then Rajesh closed the door. In split second, she kept the food on the table and gave a similar sexy look to him as before. He didn’t wait for a moment to grab her and started licking her sexy sleeveless arms. Then he reached her armpit and started sucking it.

Leena waited no time to grab his wide arms and started licking his chest. Then my neighbour took my wife to his bedroom. She finally dropped her handbag on the bed, giving me not so bad view of them.

Then he removed her saree, undershirt and put her on the bed. He completely undressed and started licking her thighs. In no time, he removed her inners and made her fully nude, and gave his cock to suck. Then he grabbed her boobs without stopping kissing her lips. They both enjoyed sucking each other’s tongues for a while.

Leena praised him for his thick cock and put it in her mouth. They both stayed in 69 position and enjoyed sucking their private parts for a while. He then leaned and put her ass hole into his mouth. At this point, Leena was so excited as if that was all she was missing for millions of years.

My neighbour guy then started fucking my wife from the side. They did not seem comfortable, so he asked her to go on top. After 5 minutes of fucking, he put his cock by her mouth and started shagging. She thought that he wanted to come on her face, but he opened her mouth forcefully and released his juice inside.

Leena thought it would be a few drops but his cock poured a ton of sperm in her mouth. He held her face tightly with his knees, not giving any chance to her to spill or spit. He interestingly didn’t keep his crotch shaved. So the sperm did spill a bit in the hair also. She swallowed every bit of sperm and sucked his crotch hair for extra juice.

I on the other hand took roses from the vase and started picking petals. I collected them in a bowl, while I was enjoying watching my wife with another man. A fantasy of mine came true because she was so gorgeous.

Then I took a bottle of champagne, poured in two glasses, and kept it aside. I filled the bathtub with rose petals and then filled the tub with warm water.

After they finished, my wife wanted to leave fearing what if I woke up in the middle. So she started wearing her clothes back. But Rajesh grabbed her again to the bed and removed her dress. This time, he seemed trained, lol.

My neighbour was so aggressive, and Leena seemed to like that aggression a lot. He put his finger in her pussy and shook three times faster than I usually did. While she was moaning in pleasure, he wide opened her mouth with the other hand and started spitting in her mouth.

Then he asked her to have some water and spat on her hand. She then applied his saliva all over her pussy, and then he started eating her saliva dripping pussy.

After that, he put one of his fingers into my wife’s asshole and started moving back and forth. She was completely bombarded with multiple enjoyments at the same time. She went to the peak of pleasure and moaned like the entire house was on an earthquake! Then she came as well. This time, Rajesh licked all her juice and left her speechless.

Both hugged and kissed for some time and he spat in her mouth a few more times. She certainly enjoyed doing such nasty acts. He again tried to put her face between her knees to make her drink his sperm. This time, she put him on the bed and gave her head so hard.

Finally, when he came, she drank every bit of his sperm. Rajesh looked so tired and Leena was terrified about me waking up. So she rushed to wear her clothes and said goodbye to him. I kept the bedroom door half-opened and stayed in the bathroom watching her open the front door via handbag camera.

I turned the bathroom light off. My wife entered the house looking at the bedroom door and terrified that I was awake. She closed the front door and walked slowly towards the bedroom, not knowing I was in the bathroom.

When she took a peek into the bedroom, I turned my phone off and opened the bathroom door.

She turned towards me in panic. She slowly asked –

Leena: Didn’t you sleep?

I now grabbed her into the bathroom, leaving the lights off. I removed all her clothes and asked her to get in the bathtub. I was able to feel she was shaking at that time. I asked her to wash and then I turned the outside light on to get a good ambiance in the bathroom.

She then took a peek at all the rose petals in the tub. I served her champagne, and she took it in fear quickly. Then I kissed all over her, sucked her lips, and asked her –

Me: Have you delivered the food to Rajesh?

She was shaking and answered –

Leena: I quickly gave and came back.

Me: It took you more than an hour to drop food next door?

My wife clearly understood that I figured out something. She again managed to say that –

Leena: Actually, I served him, had a chat with him, and came back.

Then I put my finger on her mouth to stop her from talking. After that, I asked her –

Me: Did he enjoy eating out homemade food? (pointing at her pussy.)

Leena was now frozen. Then I kissed her more and undressed myself, and got into the tub with her.

Me: It was my fantasy to see you with other men. And I loved the fun you might have.

When she looked at me with a big question mark, I told her to keep our neighbour for pleasure if she wanted. I assured her that I had no problem. Then I asked her to wear a type-1 saree. She was shocked to see how revealing that was. And I fucked her all night.

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