Elder Cousin Sister Became Passionate Lover

Hii, My name is Rocky (name changed), age 26. I am 5’9″ with a 6″ penis. I am a very horny guy and a passionate lover. I like women of all shapes and sizes. I like the form of women, and things like skin color do not matter to me. Let’s begin.

This story is about how I fucked my big cousin sister in lockdown in all her holes and made her my slave. Let me tell you about her. Her name is Riya. She is Bengali, 42 years old, working as a lab technician for quality control in a big MNC. She has been married for 19 years and has a girl child of 12 years old.

I had a crush on her and her body which is 38D, 36 and 38. Yeah, she is voluptuous. She likes to get her pictures clicked. Since I had an iPhone, where pictures came great, she always used to ask me to take her pictures. We used to get along a lot.

One day I overheard her talking to another cousin about their sleeping patterns. I was 99% sure that my jiju was not interested in sex. So I decided that I was going to make her mine. Luck was on my side, and all pieces fell in their places. I just had to strike.

In March, when India declared lockdown, my parents were stuck at my aunt’s house. They called me around the first week of April that my sister Riya had fallen while getting down from her pool car. Since our house was very near, I had to help her.

I took my car and went to her office. When I reached there, she was sitting in a chair. After 5 minutes of conversation, we decided that she would come back to my house and stay there. If her back gets swollen or anything, we will go for an X-ray, or normal medicine will do for a week.

I was happy she would stay with me for a week. Parents were informed, and everybody took a sigh. She was having trouble getting up, and I held her from her stomach side. Touching her bare waist was sending shockwaves to me. I wanted to open her saree then and there.

I controlled myself, took her to the car and back home. She wore one of my mom’s maxis and took a rest. In the evening, I took very great care of her by bringing all food to her bed and all. After dinner, she felt uneasy, and I asked her why. She said that it was painful.

I took the opportunity and asked her if I could put some oil there. She was hesitant, and after 15 minutes, she messaged me to come to her with oil. I immediately took oil and went to her room in my boxers and vest, showing my buildup body. I don’t have 6 packs, but I am well built like a bull.

I asked her to turn around and relax. Slowly I raised the maxi and revealed her big fluffy ass in red panties. Pussy hair is visible from the sides. The aroma got me intoxicated. I slowly pulled the maxi, and she cooperated by lifting her body.

I started applying oil on her back and bordering my fingers on her panty line. Then I started my massage, which I know quite well. She was slightly moaning. After 10 minutes, she told that the pain was on her ass. She must have got horny. I quickly pulled her panty so that she didn’t get the opportunity to resist.

Seeing her calm, it was confirmed that pain meds are working, and she is high now. I started rubbing oil on her ass and then started massaging. Her moans got louder, and she grabbed the pillow. I slowly centered my hand towards the middle and slid my thumb between her ass cheeks.

I ran my thumb inside her asshole and started rubbing it. She was so ecstatic that she didn’t realize that it was her brother. After some 30 seconds, she got up and stopped me and started crying and saying sorry to me. She told me she is not a loose character.

It was really painful and seeing me taking such great care of her. She was carried away. Her maxi barely covered her downside in that position. She noticed my dick hard inside my boxers and tried to look away. I sat in front of her, took her head, put it on my shoulder, and told her I was also sorry.

“I like you, and I thought I wanted to make you happy and see you smile.” I know she is not satisfied, and I wanted to be her man. Her grip on me got tight. I took her right hand and put it on my dick. I asked her if the love she had shown me was real or fake.

Her grip was still loose. I tightened my grip, made her grip tighter on my dick, and slowly stroked it. She was facing me, and I stared very deep into her eyes. I asked her if her affection for me was real? She was still quiet. She was not saying any word.

She was staring down. I lifted her face with a sad face. I said that if she loves me, she must take care of me, or I will take care of her for a week and never talk to her again. After waiting some seconds in pin-drop silence, I went ahead and kissed her lips and kept sucking them.

She was ignited, and her grip on my dick got tight. She was stroking it lightly. I laid on top of her in missionary, and both of our hands are held together, and we are deeply kissing each other. After some 10 minutes of kissing and licking each other faces, I slowly went to suck her titties.

Then I went to my favorite place and started sucking her pussy and my hands mowing her titties. She was very, very wet. I started sucking her clitoris, and a stream of liquid came on my face. She was extremely embarrassed. I told her not to worry, that I love women who squirt.

I lay down and told her to suck my dick, and she was very excited. She told me it was her first time and she was excellent. She was sucking it like a lollipop. I started pushing her face, and then I started roughly face fucking her. She was trying to stop, but the devil had risen.

I cum inside her mouth and made her swallow it. She was confused, and I immediately showered her with kisses. I told her that she was the best woman in my life. She had a proud face and came and hugged me. We were giving each other small kisses.

I brought some alcohol, and both of us started drinking. Half of her body was leaning on me and my hañds caressing her body. After 2-3 drinks, we were intoxicated.

She started saying she loved me. If I were not her brother, she would have married me. My dick is very big, and that she wants to have my child. I knew this was the alcohol talking, and I had to take advantage of this.

I told her that she was lying. If I asked her to do some things for me in bed, all her love would vanish. She got up, brought my phone, and asked me to turn on the camera. She then asked me to record her video. In the video, she started saying that she let me record her naked as proof of her trust and love for me.

She is stating on record that she will never say no to any of my wishes as long as I love her. I stopped the recording and pulled her to me. I took a sip of alcohol and then asked her to open her mouth. I spat the alcohol in her mouth and asked her to drink it.

She obliged and immediately opened her mouth for a second time. I did it again. I understood that she was in deep love with me now. My dick was already tight. I told her to sleep in the prone position, and I was going to fuck her ass. Her eyes got bigger. She was astonished.

I pulled her, made her sleep prone, and asked her to relax. Put my mobile on recording and rubbed my dick with her pussy juice. I spat on her ass and slowly fingered it with 1 finger, then 2, and kept asking her to relax. After some minutes, I could feel the tension gone from her asshole.

I inserted my dick in it. It was extremely painful for her. I could see her cry and noise muffed in the pillow in the mirror. I kept asking her to relax and made slow strokes. After a few minutes, I increased my pace. She started enjoying the pain. I started fucking very fast and hard.

Finally, I cum inside her. Then lay at her side. She didn’t move for 15 minutes, then slowly pulled me towards her. I hugged her like a toy, and we slept in that position. In the morning, I woke up to tea beside my bed. My sister is in my mom’s maxi without inners.

With a happy smile and face, she told me, “Good morning, sir.” I raised my eyebrows. She told me that I own her now, and she would call me sir and be submissive to me. She has one condition: I must never stop fucking her, even if I am married. I said fine.

I asked her to take medicine. She smiled and did as I said. I wanted her to feel loved and a mix of strictness to set that I am her boss. After doing my bathing, I came and found her in the kitchen. I went to her and hugged her from the back, completely naked. She was making my tea.

She picked her mobile called her mom, and they were on speaker. She told them that there was no need for an x-ray. But she has got medical leave for 7 days, and she will do office from here till she is perfectly fine. Her office is paying a 50% risk bonus for covid times.

All our parents were happy. It was a matter of 14 days of more lockdown. But no one had any idea that it would keep extending. We had months of passionate and fetish-filled sex. I will write another story of cousins making love during the lockdown.

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