From Bus To Hot Sex In Hotel In Navi Mumbai

There is something about travel. Travelling makes me horny. With every journey I take, I crave sex with strangers. Sometimes I get lucky and end up enjoying hot sex in hotel. Sometimes, I just fantasize about the man I’ve had my eyes on while traveling.

Mature men turn me on, and I do go to the extreme sometimes just to taste them. Seducing them, being naughty with them is something I enjoy while on the road.

It was morning already, and we hadn’t slept a minute the whole night. We still had the curtains of our berth closed and kept fooling around with each other. I had made my co-passenger cum thrice already in the night by blowing him. He still wanted more. As did I.

I wanted his cock in my man pussy so bad that I was ready to get fucked in the bus. But he did not do that, which made me hornier for his cock. We planned to get down at Navi Mumbai instead of Bandra and get a hotel room for lovemaking the whole day.

Arun and I were indulged in a wet passionate lip-lock when the bus stopped, and the helper shouted Kalamboli. We quickly broke the kiss and got down from the bus. We went to a hotel nearby. After a long travel and long sucking sessions, while traveling, we both were tired.

We entered the room. I sat on the couch while Arun went to the washroom straightaway. I lit a cigarette, took off my shorts. I was sitting in my laced panty and t-shirt, with my feet resting on the table.

I heard Arun take a shower and he got out wrapped in a towel and bare chest. He had a sexy chest. Little hairy but very manly and toned.

“Oh, someone’s looking hot and sexy!” I said, looking at him and biting my lips. I got up from the couch and went close to him. I gently rubbed his chest and bit his nipple.

“Come to the bed,” he said as he squeezed my ass.

“Let me get clean, too, love,” I said as I grabbed his cock from over his towel. I started to speak to his cock now. “And you! You’ll have to wait for a while, don’t get restless.”

I took my dress from my luggage, my make-up kit and headed straight to the washroom. It took me 15 minutes to get dressed, put on make-up, tie hair, stick nails. In these 15 minutes, Arun had already told me to hurry up at least 10 times. A woman does take time to get ready for her man!

I wore a lace thong, an underwired bra, and a black satin nightdress with shorts to cover my crotch and a long buttoned upper. I tied my hair back, put on dark red lipstick and black nails.

As I went out, Arun was already on the bed, naked and erect. I went near the couch, passing by the bed, took a cigarette, lit it, and went near the bed. I stood there, smoking my cigarette, having a good look at Arun’s cock and body.

“Come here, baby, come to me,” he said while holding his big thick cock in his hand and showing it to me.

“You’re in a hurry, ain’t you?” I asked.

“Ain’t your ass in a hurry for this?” he said while shaking his cock.

“My ass knows how to wait and seduce babe,” I said, putting off the cigarette in the ashtray.

“But my ass does need seduction too, jaan,” I continued as I climbed up on the bed and crawled towards Arun. He, too, came close to me, grabbed me by my neck, smooched me. Our tongues got involved and kept teasing each other’s tongues for some time.

He broke the kiss and said, “You are ne hot slut.”

“Well, I am your slut today,” I said and bit his lower lip wild.

He held me by my waist, turned me around. Within no time, we both were in a missionary position with him over me. His naked cock was poking against my body. And he adjusted himself in a way that it was now poking over my ass. I wrapped my legs around him.

My black nails started caressing and digging his back. We were kissing each other. His naked body was too hot to resist. While kissing, we both exchanged positions, and I was on top of him now. I broke the kiss and sat in a cowgirl position. I started rubbing his chest with my hands.

His hands started probing my lips first. I started licking his middle finger, holding his hand with mine. I kept looking in his eyes while sucking his fingers, rubbing my ass over his cock. He had started to moan. His cock had started to affect me, and I kept feeling his cock more on my ass crack.

I started to lick his whole hand wildly and unbuttoning my upper. I was just in my bra and shorts, now sitting over Arun’s cock. His hands now moved from my mouth to my nipples.

He got up and sat. I was on his lap. He took my bra off with his teeth and started sucking my nipples. I pushed him deep in my chest, holding his hair. Moans started flowing.

“Ummm yeah baby, suck me, suck my titties. Aah, don’t bite this hard, yeah right there, lick me, baby, suck my titties.” He spent some good 10 minutes on my tits as I was moaning continuously and kept begging him for more.

We laid back again, and I was once again in a cowgirl position over him. I bent down and kissed his wild again. I kept coming down. I went to his chest, licked it wild, teased his nipples with my tongue, bit them, and sucked them.

He then pushed me down onto his cock. I went down, took his cock in my hand, and started licking it like an ice cream cone.

“Stop teasing, you bitch, start sucking me already,” he said.

I gave him an angry look and bit his cock.

“Ouch, that hurt,” he said, holding my hair hard.

I went up to his mouth, bit his lips hard, licked them, and said, “You like it, don’t you, the biting?”

“With a sexy slut like you, yes,” he said as he bit my lips harder.

He pushed me back to his cock, and said, “Now be a good girl and suck me deep and long.”

I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking him. He started moaning, “Oh yes, baby, take it more, take it whole in your slutty mouth. This is so good, don’t stop,” and I did not.

I took his cock out of my mouth, spat on it, and sucked it again, this time deeper and longer.

“You are such a good sucker, baby. Yeah, keep doing it,” he said.

Meanwhile, I had taken my shorts and thong off too, and we both were naked.
I stopped sucking for a while and to 69 position.

“Well, my ass needs seducing too,” I said as I went back to sucking him. He immediately started rimming me. His tongue was all over my man-pussy and ass cheeks, and, OMG, he was so good.

He made my pussy wet with his tongue and spitting. I couldn’t control more and went back to the cowgirl position. I adjusted his cock under my ass which was already craving for his rod to enter. He pushed his cock inside my man-pussy, and gosh! What a feeling.

His cock was so good and hard. I started my movement. Bent a little and started giving jerks to his cock. I moved closer to his face and started to moan and speak dirty to him. He started pushing hard.

“Yeah, baby, that’s right, right there, fuck my pussy hard. Yeah, keep going, fuck me.”

He started pushing his cock harder and deeper. I, too, reciprocated his movements.

“Yes, my love, keep fucking me. Yeah, don’t slow, don’t stop, baby.”

The fucking went on for 5-7 minutes.

“I’m gonna cum soon, baby,” he said.

I was also reaching my climax. I asked him to cum in my ass. He started pushing harder. I had climaxed over his waist. With one last deep push, I felt his veins pulsate in my ass. The warmth of his cum filled my man-pussy.

We both were exhausted, and both were smelling of each other’s cum. I got to his side as his cum started flowing out of my hole. I went down and licked his cock clean. Came up and kissed him.

“That was good,” he said.

“We have the room till tom morning,” I said.

He smiled at me, kissed me, “We sure do.”

We lay there exhausted and slept, hugging each other. I kept my head on his chest and slept for some time. As we woke up, both our bodies were ready again. We did it the whole evening and night before leaving for our destinations the next day.

I never got a chance to meet Arun again. But we speak on phone and indulge in some kinky, horny phone sex whenever we get a chance. It was truly an erotic encounter with a bus passenger.

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