Indian Guy’s Hot Sex Incidents In USA

Hi everyone! This is Surya. I live in Dallas. My height is 5 ft 11 inches. My body type is fit. I like to workout whenever possible and I have grown up reading Indian sex stories and never thought that I would be writing one too.

I want to share my sex journey with readers and try my luck to see if any people are looking for casual relationships near me.

Coming to the story, I was brought up in Hyderabad and came to us for doing masters. There were sex encounters in masters as well which I will tell you another time.

When I started working, my friend named Rakesh used to study in Kansas. He knew that I had a breakup and that was the reason also why I flew to us to divert and move on myself in life.

He used to tell about me to his friends like how I was in India and how I had changed now. I came to know from his friends when he was not around me that he talks about me.

So, there was this girl who came to us to pursue her masters and her name was Shruthi. She started developing a crush on me.

I used to work in Iowa City, Iowa, and travel to Kansas to meet my friends during the weekend. At that time, she was trying to get close to me. She started telling me about herself and even I started liking her. This happened during the Christmas holidays in 2014 where I went to Kansas to meet them.

We went to a sports bar and we were playing pool. Shruthi liked my techniques that I was using to play few shots on the board. She was wearing a deep cleavage shirt and when she was bending to play the shots, I accidentally happened to see her nipple! My dick was getting bigger thinking about the feeling of sucking her nipple.

I was trying to control my feelings by diverting my thoughts and we were there playing for about 3 hours. During the game, I had few rubs with her ass on my crotch which raised my heartbeat plenty of times. I was not showing on the face as there were other friends around me.

When it was night, we had dinner by grabbing food from McDonald’s and were getting back to the room. My friend had a girlfriend and Shruthi used to live with her. As there was no one except these two people in their two-bedroom apartment, we were invited to sleep in their apartment.

Shruthi happened to talk more about me and told me in the car that she was feeling that she started liking me more. It felt nice when she told so.

I was like ok but you know how boys think sometimes when they are turned on? Something should happen but shouldn’t get caught. Lol. So I was also thinking the same.

The two girls used to sleep in one room. They had asked us to sleep in the same room itself. They had put the bed for both of us.

We went into the room and my friend took his girlfriend and slept on one side. This made me and Shruthi to sleep on the other side of the room. So, I slept and Shruthi also slept and asked me if I was ok to share her comforter. I was like, it is happening!

I said thanks and the light was turned off and we were talking in dark. The room had one window which was towards the forest. So, it was dark in the room. It was like you can see anyone only if the light was turned on.

The room was getting silent. I guess my friend was busy with his girlfriend kissing as I was hearing lip sounds and they were doing it silently not to make any noise.

There were other Indians who used to live on the top floor who were partying I guess which was making a lot of noise due to their jumping. Shruthi was scared a little and asked me to hold her hand. I was like, how?

Shruthi was sleeping on her back so she put her hand on her top of her sideways with my left hand. So I was holding her hand and was sleeping sideways.

Shruthi was sleeping on her back and I was not sure when she turned facing towards me. I was able to feel her breathe. I wasn’t sure so I just extended my lips and I happened to kiss her lips! They were dry and I was not sure what was happening. I guess when I tried to kiss her real good, I touched her nose and she moved away.

My dick was rocking super hard and I was becoming super high. When she broke the kiss, I was like “sorry” and I turned to the other side. She was like, no no Surya, please hold me.

Shruthi pulled me to turn towards her. So, I had to turn toward her. I rested my hand on her tummy. I realized that I was touching her skin partly and also my hand was mostly on the shirt. I wasn’t moving my hand.

Shruthi took a long breath and I lifted my hand and put my hand on her naked tummy.

I moved toward her a little and she tilted her head sideways towards me. I started kissing her and I was playing with my hands on her tummy area.

We were kissing slowly and I was enjoying the kiss. Then I started moving my hands towards her boobs but Shruthi stopped me. So I moved my hands towards her hip and squeezed a little. She moaned a little and opened her mouth. I literally closed her lips with my lips.

I was moving my hands towards Shruthi’s pussy but she didn’t let me. She broke the kiss and told me that she hadn’t shaved and will allow me tomorrow to touch her princess.

I said ok and we agreed to do oral satisfaction that day. So, I got up and I started kissing her navel and kiss her stomach area. She was moaning and I came up and told her not to moan as it would wake my friends.

We started kissing more now and were exploring each other bodies with our hands. I asked her to remove her pajamas. I removed mine by then and put it aside.

We were kissing now and rubbing each other’s legs. I took her hand and put it on my dick and she let out a “hissssssssssssshhhhhhhhh” sound. I kissed her and said, “Slowly.”

Shruthi was stroking me and we were kissing still.

Then I slowly went down and she lost the grip on my dick. I raised her nightshirt and lifted Shruthi’s bra. I started kissing her boobs and sucking them. She pulled me towards her more. She asked me do I want to release today?

Shruthi then went down slowly and pulled my undies down and started blowing my dick slowly. I was on cloud 9.

I lifted her and made her sleep on her back and got on her top. I raised her shirt till her neck and her undies were on still.

I placed my dick on top of her pussy over the panty and slept over her. I was making stroking movements while kissing her. At one point, I realized my dick was trying to get into Shruthi’s pussy. But, I was not able to due to her panty. While I was kissing, I moved the panty aside and continued to stroke.

I realized that my 1/4th dick went into her and she dug her nails on my back. I stopped moving my dick further inside her. She begged, “Not today, please. Let’s have sex tomorrow.”

So I left it there and we were kissing again. I loved the feeling of my dick inside her. Thinking of this, I started to get more high and was going to the saturation point where I felt that I would release. I took my dick out and released it on her tummy.

Shruthi had the paper towels on her side and she used them to wipe her tummy clean and gave me a blowjob to clean my dick. Oh my god, that was a hell lot of pleasure.

We cleaned ourselves and wore the bottoms. We were kissing now freely whenever we want.

In the morning when I woke up, her hand was holding my dick and we were inside the comforter so nobody can see what was happening inside.

I gave her a morning kiss and woke up and left with my friend to freshen up in his room. He asked me did I have sex with her last night and I said yes and he told me they had too.

He was a little shy in asking us if we or they can sleep in the other bedroom. I told him not to worry as we will be sleeping outside tomorrow.

In my next story, I will tell you how we had sex and will tell you what all we explored.

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