My First Dallas Experience With Priya

I am Raj living in Dallas. One weekend, I was hanging out with my friends and another friend joined us with her cousin. Her cousin’s name was Priya and in the first meet, all I was hoping for her to be single! 😉

We were talking about several things and came to know Priya came to our place looking for jobs. Lucky for me, she was in the same field that I am working.

A few days later, I got a message from her saying that she took my number from her cousin. She was checking if I can train her and then we started texting regularly. The topic of discussion was not about jobs anymore. It was about our personal life. I told her about my ex-gfs and she told me about her ex-bf.

I started noticing her interests towards me as the messages started getting more personal.

Later we planned to meet out for dinner. One day, we went to a movie and got the best seats in the theatre. It was my first date night. I was waiting for the right time to make a move. Priya made it easy for me by holding my hands which hardened my dick instantly!

I was waiting for this moment for a few weeks. I turned towards her and started kissing her lips passionately. We were kissing for 5 minutes now. No one was seated close to us. Slowly, I moved my hands, caressing Priya’s huge boobs. Then I put my hand inside her dress and unhooked her bra, feeling and pressing those boobs hard.

Priya started moaning and I had to kiss her again to avoid getting attention from others. The foreplay inside the movie theatre went for 20 minutes.

Both of us couldn’t control our feelings. We left the movie and reached her apartment. I closed the door and pushed her towards the door, kissing her lips deep. We were having some good tounge action.

The atmosphere in the room was getting hotter. Our passionate kissing was becoming wild. Then I held her tight to my body and she wrapped her arms around my back. Priya could feel my hard cock against her stomach while I kissing the life out of her.

She couldn’t resist fondling my cock to feel its hardness. She moved her hand inside my jeans and started playing with cock.

I removed my jeans and her stroking through the boxers increased. The heat in our bodies were rising and we were enjoying the pace of the luxurious open-mouth kissing with my tongue licking in and out of her mouth.

Then I lifted her, pressing her ass hard and took her to the bedroom. She started teasing my dick. She pulled my boxer and enjoyed the view of hard cock. Stroking me firmly, she bent down and took the tip of my penis in her mouth. She was licking and sucking just the tip of it.

Slowly, Priya took the entire dick into her mouth increased her pace. I was holding her hair tight, moving up and down. I pulled out when about to cum.

I made Priya sleep on her back. After sucking her nipples and making a few marks there, I moved to her pussy and started kissing and licking there. Her body was shivering in pleasure felt on fire but my soft but firm movements cooled as she lay back enjoying being in receipt of such attention.

My tongue steered its way through her opening before gently sucking and flicking the clit. The heavenly feeling built up again and she had to cum and is released from such ecstasy. I tasted her cum which was great making her fee waves pump through her.

She started yelling to fuck her that she couldn’t take it any more. I loved that feeling making her wait for the next action. I moved up kssing her boobs and lips adjusting myself to take my dick into her pussy. Her wet channel made the thrusting of my cock feel amazing. I needed another passionate kissing session and we were just getting started.

I sucked on her lower lip caught the nape of her neck with the hand and pulled her in for a deeper kiss. I started stroking her, increasing the pace and went on for some time.

I came hard inside her and I was not stopping for a second. I was grabbing her breasts and sucking her nipples. We both were filled with sweat and cum-aroma of the room is making me mad.

We changed the position. I came to cowgirl position with her riding on my cock. She was so wet, it was easy to go inside her. She gave a naughty smile moving up and down while I was pressing her boobs hard and spanking her ass in between. We both came at the same time. I pulled her closer to me kissing her lips one more time.

As a late night tradition here, I ordered pizza as we were hungry. She told me that she had to take shower before going to sleep. A few minutes later, my body was rebooted and went to knock the door.

To my surprise, she didn’t close the door hoping I will follow her (which she told me later).

I entered into the shower and went behind her kissing her neck (tried to repeat fifty shades of grey :D).

She turned towards me kissing me deeply. I went down again, sucking her clit which made her almost fell out of sensations she felt in her body.

I entered my fingers and moved it fastly in and out pressing her boobs with my other hand. After ten minutes, she came again and it was beautiful feeling to taste her cum with water flowing on her body. We finished our shower, late night food and hit the bed naked. We cuddled slept for a few hours and continued our action one more round early in the morning.

We had intercourse couple of times whenever we had chance to meet. She moved to different location now that left me horny and wild to get back into action again. Any girls looking for fun nights and keeping it fwb message me [email protected]

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