A Vacation Of Fun – Part 1

The bus rolled on from Agra to Jaipur along the smooth highway. It was a wonderful journey that far. Over an hour had passed since we hopped onto the bus after having our lunch. We had been site seeing in Agra all morning and took a 2 p.m. bus to Jaipur. It was well past 3 p.m. by then.

The sun was peering down with its full force in the September afternoon. The bus took a pit-stop for refueling. Everyone on the bus disembarked and so did we. The ticket collector screamed out loud that the bus would halt there for 30 minutes and would leave after that.

If anyone doesn’t come back by that time, it would leave without them. Next to the fuelling station was a food joint and restrooms for travelers. Everyone made their way for the inn while Britney, I, and Linda sprinted towards the restrooms. We had been up and roaming around Agra since 8 a.m.

We had not taken a piss all day and now, the 3 of us couldn’t hold it in any longer. The ladies’ room was full. It was the first time we had seen people lined up outside a toilet and waiting for their turn.

“What do we do now?” said Britney desperately. “I can’t hold it any longer.”

“Neither can I,” joined Linda.

“We should ask the ladies here to cut us some slack and let us in next,” I suggested, barely keeping it together.

“What would we say we are here for, fighting terrorists?” Linda said sarcastically.

“Katlyn, what now?” Britney squealed.

“We should stand in the queue,” I answered casually.

“I can’t wait that long,” Britney cried.

“Let’s go outside,” Linda suggested. “We can relieve ourselves in another place. But we might have to walk a bit for it.”

“Great, I might leak on the way,” Britney murmured.

We took off and followed Linda. Sprinting across the parking lot, ignoring the staring eyes of men, walking under the elevated highway, and onto the other side. We now stood staring at never-ending empty fields and an under-construction fuel station.

It was half-built, with a rough-looking roof and broken floor. It appeared as if the workers had given up on work mid-way. The loud honking of the cars was audible as they zoomed along the elevated highway now behind us.

“What are we doing here?” inquired Britney.

“We can pee here,” Linda replied.

“In the open! What if someone comes?” said Britney.

“It’s an abandoned construction site and barren fields. And with this roof covering half of the site, no one will come here,” Linda yelled. “Now, take those shorts off and pee.”

“How did you know about this place?” I asked immediately.

“Saw it from the window of the bus as it passed over it,” Linda answered immediately. “Let’s go over to the edge of the site and get it over with.”

We walked to the end of the site where the pavement met with the dry sands of the hard and lifeless fields. There was no sign of any living creature nearby, apart from the 3 of us. I put my bag down, lifted my skirt, pulled my panty down, and sat down to pee.

Linda and Britney also pulled their shorts and panties down and sat down next to me with their bags next to mine. I stared at our shadows while the fluid gushed out of my pussy. After holding it in for so long, it was finally a relief. As the mud got wet, our shadows started to grow big.

Bigger and Bigger they got as though something was about to block the sun out. I had not even finished peeing; I felt a hand on my pussy and it began rubbing my clit. I gasped in shock. But before I could understand, I heard Linda and Britney gasp as well.

The hand continued to rub my clit as the pee splashed all around like water out of a fountain. “Next time you ladies want to pee in the open, make sure you don’t scream about it,” said a heavy manly voice into my ears. I slowly looked over my shoulder, there were 9 men behind us.

1 sitting behind each of us, rubbing our clits, 5 stood behind the other 3 while the last one had already pulled out his phone and began recording. We, 3 ladies, tried to stand up. But the men put their other hands on our shoulders and pushed us down, fixing us in the same seated position we were in earlier.

Scared and more so, shocked, we couldn’t muster a single word. The man with the camera came around and stood before us, recording as his companions continued to caress our clits.

“Wow, those are some juicy pussies,” he remarked joyfully.

“Hey, Karan, record their boobs as well,” said a guy from behind.

“Rahul, Ashish, Mehul, come forward and release the prisoners from their jails,” said the guy rubbing my pussy.

The 3 men from behind came to the front. They were tall, muscular, and looked quite young (maybe in the early 20s). One of them came up close to me while the other 3 continued with their work of rubbing our clits. Whatever their plan was, it had started to work.

I was now getting slowly aroused and hardly mounted any resistance when the straps of my dress were pulled down. My breaths were heavy and slow and my head had leaned back slightly. The guy behind me used his other hand to unhook my bra.

He took it off and threw it away, making my big 36DD boobs now hang freely. He pulled me back and laid me down on the dusty floor all the while rubbing my clit. Rahul took my panty off completely and threw it away somewhere and spread open my legs and took over from the other guy.

He slid his finger inside me and started pushing it in and out. I looked to my left to see Linda and Britney with slight moans coming out of my mouth. Linda was down on her all four, completely naked with nothing but socks and shoes on her body. Her big 34DD boobs hanging like a fruit from a tree.

One guy was licking her pussy from behind while Ashish had his dick in her mouth. He had grabbed her hair tightly and had pushed his cock down her throat. Britney was standing with her legs stretched wide. A bald guy was licking her pussy while Mehul was sucking on her 36DD boobs.

Karan, on the other hand, was busy capturing everything on his phone. As the dark clouds covered the sky, our moans got a little louder and the 3 of us were now fully aroused.

“Looks like they are now ready for the real action now,” said the guy who was rubbing my clit earlier. “Let’s give them a taste of Indian hospitality.”

All the men got undressed one by one. Rahul sat between my legs and smacked his dick on my pussy. He rubbed it along my pussy lips to tease me a little more and then, in a single go, pushed it right in. Even though his fingering was gentle earlier on, he was in no mood of being gentle this time around. He was humping me hard like a stuffed turkey.

“Aahh,” I moaned as the rain came down heavy.

“As if the 3 beauties were not enough, God has also made the weather more exciting,” exclaimed Karan, standing under the roof and filming everything.

“Oh, yes,” moaned Linda loudly.

The rain continued to get heavier every minute, making us all wet from head to toe. Rahul was kissing all over my face and his hands were grabbing my oscillating boobs tight. The floor was uneven and full of pot-holes. The rain filled up the one that was underneath me.

The cold water tickled my ass, making my pussy squeeze on its own, giving Rahul a slightly tighter one to fuck.

“Do it more. Do it more,” I screamed in pleasure.

“Ah, I am cumming,” Rahul shouted.

“No. No,” I pleaded.

But it was too late. He had ejaculated inside me. His load dripped out of my pussy as he pulled his stick out.

“Oh, no,” I cried, attempting to push his cum out of my pussy.

“Why did you get so cringy suddenly?” asked Rahul.

“I am not on birth control and you came inside me,” I yelled.

“That’s great,” said Mehul, laughing, humping Britney. “Foreigners usually take things from India as a reminder of their trip. You will have a child as your gift from this trip. Prashant, take her.”

Rahul got up and walked away. He stood under the roof, picked up a can of energy drink, opened it. He took a sip while Prashant (the man who rubbed my pussy initially) laid next to me. He pulled me over him and asked me to sit on his dick. I placed my hands against his knees and began hopping up and down.

My boobs bounced in a circular pattern which made him even more exciting and he picked up the pace. By this time, I had reached my limit.

“Ah, I am cumming,” I screamed in excitement.

I arched my back. His dick slipped out and water gushed out of my pussy like a jet stream. He pulled me down again and continued stuffing me up. “Yes,” I said out loud and again I arched. The water gushed out all over his face. He pulled me back down again and banged me even harder.

Within no time, he exploded inside me, giving me a second dose of cum. He put his hands on my hips (his thumbs on either side of my pussy) and lifted me in a seated position with my legs stretched wide. His dick slid out and a bit of the cum dripped onto it. His strength made me hornier.

“Wow, what a sight,” he admired my cum oozing pussy.

“Wow, you are strong,” I said appreciatively.

The scenario continued until all 9 of them had fucked the 3 of us at least once. After they were done, Linda, I, and Britney laid there in the open for a while. We were completely drained of our energy and tired as hell. The rain splattered against our faces as we looked at each other and giggled with joy.

It had been more than 2 months since the 3 of us were fucked at all. Once we had regained our strengths, we got up to get dressed. My blue dress was lying on a dry patch under the roof. But I was unable to find my bra and panty. When Rahul took them off me, he had thrown it in the field.

It was now turned into a giant pool of mud due to heavy rain, making it impossible for anyone to locate my bra and panty. I put my dress on and picked my bag up. Linda had also put her shorts and T-shirt on. But her panty was soaking wet and her bra was torn from places because of which she had to throw them away.

Britney had knotted her shirt from the front since the buttons had flown off it when they ripped it open earlier. Even her bra and panty were missing just like mine. Her shirt was only able to cover half of her big boobs. She had tucked her torn shirt under her boobs to hold it in place making the full shape of her breasts noticeable.

With our bags hanging by our sides, the 3 of us kissed the boys to bid them farewell. We made our way back to the inn on the other side of the elevated highway (after the rain had stopped) to board our bus. Once we reached there, we were in utter shock. Our bus was nowhere to be seen.

We enquired from the guard, who informed us that the bus had left over an hour ago. We were so engraved in the sex that we had lost all track of time. We sat in a corner in the parking lot. With our heads hanging down, stressed and tense, thinking of what to do next when a familiar voice spoke.

“What’s the problem?”

We looked up. Those boys were standing before us once again.

“Our bus left without us,” I said disappointingly.

“Along with our luggage,” added Britney, depressed.

“What was in your luggage?” quizzed Ashish.

“Our clothes and footwear,” Linda answered.

“Anything valuable?” asked Karan.

“No, all our money, important documents, phones, and other important stuff is here,” I replied, patting on my handbag, “just our clothes and footwear were in the luggage.”

“Then it’s not that a big concern. You can buy new clothes and footwear,” Rahul replied.

“But, how are we going to get to our destination now?” Linda argued.

“Where are you ladies heading?” inquired Karan.

“Jaipur,” Britney answered softly.

“We’ll take you there,” Karan offered.

“Are you going to Jaipur as well?” asked Britney.

“No, but we can take you there,” he replied.

“But you are already 9. How can we fit with you all?” I pointed out.

“Don’t worry. We have 3 cars. We all can easily fit in,” said Prashant.

“Thank you. That’s very kind of you,” I said gratefully.

“Oh, please. There is nothing to thank us for. It will be fun having the 3 of you along with us,” Prashant winked.

“But first, let’s have something to eat. I am starving,” said Mehul, rubbing his belly.

“Come ladies. Let’s eat something other than your pussy for a change,” Karan joked and they all laughed.

We got to our feet and followed the boys into the restaurant. Even we were starving by that time. It wasn’t just them who were exhausted after all. We introduced ourselves to the boys on our way to the restaurant. They had been fucking us for more than an hour but none of us even bothered to ask each other’s’ names.

After having our meal, we got into the cars. They insisted upon just 1 woman per car. We obliged and the cars drove away from the joint, marking the beginning of eventful few days ahead.

This is it for this part guys. I shall continue with more in future parts. I will leave my email below in case you want to contact me and give me your feedback. Mind you, I don’t know Hindi, so English is what we have to stick to.

Until then, this is Katlyn Sharma signing off. Bye.

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