Hook Up With Sexy Ex-Colleague In Dehradun

I have been an avid reader to the site for a while and enjoyed being part of the reader’s community. Today, I am sharing one of my real experiences that happened 3 years ago.

I am a mariner and businessman from Dehradun, living happily in my hometown.

It was one fine September evening; I was swiping my Facebook profile and suddenly, I saw a girl named Sneha in my friends’ suggestions. I knew her before as she works in one of my previous offices. I sent her an add request and to my surprise, she accepted it within 5 minutes.

We started a normal chat. To my surprise, she said she had never seen me in the office where she has been working. After chatting for 2 days, we decided to meet up.

I had to pick her up a little far from her office. Spending some time together, we were comfortable with each other and decided to ride a little far. I took her to a place upon a cliff to have some quality time. It was about to dawn and the weather was a little chilly due to the wind blowing over the region.

After about an hour of chatting, we were so caught up with the moment that the light started to fade. We decided to get back and before that, we hugged a few times, and then came our first smooch! Neither she was expecting that nor have I planned anything. It just happened.

While getting back, my ex-colleague hugged me from behind playfully. As I was feeling hungry, I stopped at a small hut restaurant to have some snacks. We acquired a place to our compatibility. Due to the dark, there was no crowd. Even when we stepped into the place, it was only the owner who greeted us.

As he was preparing the pasta I ordered, we had complete privacy and we used it well by kissing wildly and hugging. I even left some hickeys on Sneha’s neck and fondled her boobs.

(By the way, I forgot to mention – Sneha is 30-28-30, 5’4” height, slim and fair, a personality every guy craves for.)

We continued meeting in the restaurants. We also took some bike rides.

One fine day, she invited me to her flat. I was so overjoyed hearing that.

I prepared myself for the evening after her office hours were over. I picked her up and headed to her flat. I took some scotch along to spice up the evening.

Sneha freshened herself and changed to a loose t-shirt and pajama and asked me to be comfortable. After having 2 shots, there arrived the moment I was waiting for. We were in each other’s arms kissing passionately, fondling our tongues, swapping saliva, and biting lips. That long kiss of ours lasted for around 25 minutes!

While we were kissing, I slipped my hand in Sneha’s tee and unhooked her bra in one go. It was the first time I was cupping her naked breasts. My previous colleague had got a handful pair of the softest boobs I ever held, with light brown nipples.

Slipping down to her neck, I sucked her neck leaving some hickeys, and pinched her nipples hard. Sneha moaned loudly. She was going crazy with my hands and tongue movements. She scratched my back in the flow.

Then we parted. I removed her top and bra quickly. Sneha was wearing black cotton lingerie. Dying to get those nipples, I pulled and lifted her in my arms to have that little cherry in my mouth. I sucked it too hard that it turned dark red immediately. Sneha punched me for hurting her nipple like that.

This continued for some time until Sneha pushed me on the bed as she was super horny. She wanted my cock really bad. She rubbed it from over the top of my jeans. She then began to undress me.

She removed my jeans and pushed her hand inside my underwear holding my stiff dick and giving me chills! My ex co-worker removed my underwear too.

Looking at the girth of my dick, Sneha began stroking my 6.5″ tool. Her fingers got wet with the precum which my dick was oozing. Unable to resist, I pulled her up on me, slid my hand into her panties, and moved my fingers on her wet pussy. Her panty was super wet because of all the foreplay.

Making Sneha completely naked, I asked her to come in 69 positions. I wanted to eat her wet pussy at that time. To my surprise, it was god gifted that she hadn’t had a single hair on her pussy.

Without giving a second thought, I slipped my tongue into her pussy and was eating it like the last meal on the planet. I sucked it dry, bit her clitoris, and started finger fucking along. On the other side, Sneha sucked my dick so passionately, giving me chills and sending shock waves with her tongue movements on my dick head.

I was feeling like I was going to burst at any moment. Sneha soon came in mouth and I loved the aroma and sweetness her pussy had.

After the amazing session of foreplay, we made another drink to relax our nerves, but she was in no mood to compromise. She sipped her drink and smooched me, making me drink all she had in her mouth. This went for a little over 5 minutes. She held my dick, dragging me to the bed. She made the head wet so she can enjoy.

I laid her down, licked her pussy to make it wet, and later kept my dick on her entrance. I was teasing her and making her beg for it. I kept rubbing my dick on her clitoris, entered her a little and pulled back. Sneha became so infuriated with the thing that she dug her nails almost on my thigh and asked me to fuck her.

I obeyed and slowly entered into the glory hole. With every centimeter sliding in, Sneha was moaning and enjoying. Man, that pussy was really tight. I was feeling like she was crushing my dick intentionally.

Slowly, I increased the pace and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. We started in missionary, then changed to spooning as the drink was showing its effects. We kept fucking like this for some time.

As my dick started to pain because of the tightness of Sneha’s pussy, I wanted to release my load. So I switched to doggy. This was a little uncomfortable for her as my dick was directly hitting her abdomen causing her pain. So I reduced my pace a little and kept fucking her while holding her boobs and biting on her earlobes.

Soon, the pressure started to build up and I needed to cum. So I asked her where she wanted me to cum? She told me I can cum anywhere except inside her pussy. After hearing this and her moans, I gave her some hard jerks to finally unload my semen on her back and ass crack.

We were sweating like pigs. Later on, she cleaned her back and came to me to rejoice our hour-plus long session by hugging me. We stayed there naked for half an hour and later parted ways, as I had to get back to my home.

Later we kept meeting at her place to fulfill our fantasies and tried maximum positions – anal, rimming, and lot more.

I will describe another erotic adventure in my next story. Till then, adieu!

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