Meeting Your Past – Part 2 (Sex In The Car)

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Suraj led the way. His mind raced through a lot of things, things that he wanted to do to her, including sex in the car with her. His nerves were twitching his fingers as he walked inches away from her. He wanted to explore every inch of her body, feel her wetness at her pussy and get inside her.

He tried his best to stop his urge from pinning her to the wall. He shouldn’t rush with things. This girl was a pro, and he needed to act like one. He needed to take time with her and slowly break her down. One wrong move, and he would be at her mercy again.

The tables had to be turned this time, and he was ready to do everything in his power to do that. His mind brewed up a strategy and a smile came across his face. He walked towards his car.

Paru’s mind was no different. She still had his taste lingering on her lips, and it felt delicious. The walk to the car felt like a lifetime for her. Nothing sexual had happened in the past few minutes, no movement from him, nor did she make one. It added to her frustration.

They were interrupted by a couple when she was at the height of her desire. She did not like it at all. Suraj took the lead and led her to his car. She knew where this was going, and she wanted it. But she was getting impatient. Her pussy was tingling beneath her panties, and it craved some kind of relief.

The pent-up sexual frustration was showing on her face. There was no choice. She had to go with him. He started walking fast. His long legs took bigger strides than her, and she fought to keep up with it. It took a while for her to finally catch up with him.

By the time she did, he was getting into his car. This was a test for him to check if she could be dominated by him. that he too. She walked quicker than normal to keep up with him. She was craving to be fucked, and he confirmed it. He can use that against her and dominate her.

She sat in the front seat with a feeling that she was in control. That was about to go away. He started the car and zoomed past the building. It was a thirty-minute drive to his apartment, and he had to make use of this time. Her breathing subsided by then.

She looked out the window, her mind at play, showing her a movie of how he would pounce against her body when they reached his place. She would strip before him, and he would kiss her feet and worship her like a Goddess. He would not be able to control himself and go straight for her pussy.

She would push him down onto the bed, and he would be lying down with a hard bulge in his pants. Her hands would take off his pants and then slowly sit on his hard cock. He would moan, looking at her in the eye as her pussy devours his cock slowly into it.

She would grip his chest and start moving her hips up and down. He would moan out her name aloud, and she would ride him to heaven. She was in her fantasy when a sudden shiver hit her body. She looked towards him, and his eyes were fixated on the road.

But there was only one hand on the steering. Her eyes fell towards her thigh. His hand was gripping it tightly, but it was comfortable. His fingers were curved towards her pussy as they rubbed her inner thigh. Paru’s mind stopped midway in her thoughts, and so did her breathing.

His hands were stroking her silky smooth legs and slowly making their way into her one piece. She started her breathing again. But it was not in a natural place. It became erratic as he inched closer to her crotch. She gasps as his fingers get hold of her panties, and he pulls it forward.

She doesn’t even make an effort to lift her hip for her, but they’re already out of her body. She bites her lips as she recalls what just happened. He just took off her panties in one go, and they are in his hands. A smile enters his face, and he smells them.

Usually, she would find this action gross, but in this situation, it turned her on. She was dripping wet down under. He did that just by taking off her panties. He proceeded with placing her panties on his gear rod and used it as a cover. She was silent all throughout, mesmerized at his bold actions and itching for more.

He could see that in her eyes. He didn’t want to make her furious. His eyes were still on the road though he was scanning her from the side. His fingers went back to her legs, and he took her one piece and rolled it back to her hips. Her hands took the door handle in one and grabbed her seat with the other.

His fingers circled around her pussy, running through her pubic hair. They inched closer to her lips but never touched them. She dripped as he teased her. She bit her lip, and she felt an urge similar to want to pee. Legs were stiff, and her chest heaved up and down as she bit her lip fucking hard, closing her eyes.

He smiled at her state, and using his nail, he flicked her wet juices that were dangling out of her pussy.  She let out a heavy moan, and he continued tracing her inner thighs. His fingertips touched her inner thigh, and like pressing a button, she spread her legs apart.

She had given him more access to her, and it was a mistake. His fingers moved up and landed just above her clit. He was not touching it, but he pulled the skin back, lifting her clit along with it. “Mmmmm,” she screamed. This was not a moan but a warning for him that the teasing was too much.

He brought his fingertip over her clit and pressed on it. Her mouth came wide open as he started rubbing it with comfortable pressure. Enough for her to open her mouth wide open and arch her back. He rubs her clit, making it wet with her juices that he scooped up with his finger. He was going faster but was gentle.

Her back was straight by now, and her chest was bouncing up and down. She did not open her eyes. The road curved before him, and he took a sharp turn. His concentration was faltered for a bit, and he ended up pressing her clit with a bit more force. Oh, she moaned so hornily!

Unbeknownst to him, he had hit the spot. She screamed out loud, mixing her moans along with it. They were moving forward along with another car by their side. The scream got the attention of a girl who was in the back seat. She was accompanied by an older woman, but she was on her phone.

The girl got alert as she heard the sound and looked into the car. The sight shocked her as she saw a guy with his hands not visible under the door and a girl with her eyes closed, panting as if she had trouble breathing. Suraj saw her and winked at her. She got red and looked away.

She made a face of disgust. But in reality, she was taking a glance whenever it was possible for her. She was enjoying this unknowingly. Suraj wanted to put on a show, and so he did just the same. He took his finger off of Paru, and she took a quick breath.

Her eyes were still closed, but this was due to exhaustion. He pulled a lever, and Paru fell back with a thud. “What the fuck!?” She spoke, opening her eyes just for a second. He pushed two fingers into her pussy and stretched it apart.

Paru grabbed the window with her fingertips and moaned out loud, forgetting that she was in a moving car. Her other hand searched for something to grab and flapped in mid-air when finally she grabbed onto his seat. Suraj entered his fingers into her.

They went deep into her, and he curved them towards her stomach. He checked from the side of his eye if the girl was looking at them, and she was. He went faster. He showed no mercy on the poor Paru, who tried her best not to make a mess in his car. He fingered her deep as he kept his fingers curved.

Paru jumped up and down, moved side to side, and tried to find some comfortable position for her, but she couldn’t find any. He kept fingering in a pace that gave her pleasure but left her craving for more.

“Go faster,” She asked him, not able to handle the tease. He did not speak, nor did he increase his pace. She went for her tits and started caressing them. “Go faster, baby,” She spoke in a moan. But he did not change. He just spread his fingers even more apart.

This was too much for Paru to handle. The pace was not enough for her to cum but also not so slow that she could control the pleasure that came from it. She was not on earth neither in heaven, and that bothered her.

“Please, baby, go faster. Finger me harder. “ She spoke in a very sexy voice, and her free hand grazed his face. Her desperation brought a laugh out of him. But he ended up using his thumb to start rubbing her clit.

The road divided into two, and Suraj took a left. While he went his way, he pushed his fingers deep and pressed on her clit. Paru screamed out like a speaker blasting songs.

“What was that sound?” The girl’s mother asked her.

“Uhh… nothing,” She replied. She could say nothing. She was dumbstruck and very, very wet. She heard the entire pleading and could only see her hands grabbing the window and his cunning smile. Everything else was left to her imagination, and she fucking hated it.

She was dripping wet down under, and that panties were beyond recovery. She imagined what they would be doing now.

Suraj started rubbing her clit and fingering her harder and faster. He moved his steering wheel as he took turns nearing his destination. The car moved its passengers as it was turning in directions. The fingers were also hitting new places in Paru as this happened.

They were hitting new spots, and the screams of the dripping wet girl were muffled by the traffic sounds. Suraj was concentrating more on the road ahead. So he kept pounding against her pussy. He was going faster and harder into her, rubbing her clit. He did not care about speed and technique.

He needed to continue driving safely. He enjoyed the sounds from the back as he looked at her body in the mirror at the top. Paru tried to grab him to control the surge of pleasure in her, but he was out of reach. She bit her hand and lifted her legs onto the dashboard.

He quickened his pace. She let go of all inhibitions and kept moaning, screaming, and whimpering like an animal. The car sped up, and so did her screams. She was getting closer. Her body rose like it was possessed, arching her back, and she squeezed her tits.

It was getting closer. It was only seconds away for her to turn into a gushing fountain. She was about to orgasm. The uneasiness grew in her, and she was about to cum. Her body full of sweat, and her juices dripping down onto the seat below her.

She smiled. It was a smile of satisfaction that would release her from this torture. His fingers were drenched in her juices, and he did not stop for once second to finger her. She was close. She was about to cum, and then, all of a sudden, the car stopped, and the fingers stopped moving.

She opened her eyes with confusion. The world came to a still, and her vision was blurry. Everything looked white. She was at the gates of heaven when she was pulled back. She looked at him, asking for an answer.

“We’re here, ” he said as he opened his door and got out. He bent over the door and placed his hands on the opening of the window. “My apartment’s on the thirteenth floor,” He said to her as he was smiling. The smile was a tease, and he fucking dominated her.

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