Brother’s Wife IS Half My Wife

Hi Everyone, this is Shekhar Kumar with my next story. I am going to narrate a real incident which happened a few months ago with my brother’s wife. About myself, I am 27 years old, unmarried, and doing my engineering in Bangalore.

Let me tell you something about my background. After doing my 12th standard, I was very interested in agriculture, so I left my studies and started practicing agriculture.

During the time, my elder brother, Harish, married a conservative woman from a nearby village and left her in our house. He was working in Bangalore as a cab driver.

About my Bhabhi. Her name is Alamelu, 23 years old (at that time), completed her BSC. She is a very conservative woman who always wears a saree without any skin exposure. Within four months of the marriage, she got pregnant and delivered a boy. After her delivery, my brother planned to take her with him.

Time passed, and we were not getting enough profit from agriculture. My parents pleaded with me to continue my education. So I was trying for entrance exams for engineering as there were no good colleges in my village. I wrote the COMED-K engineering entrance exam to get a college in Bangalore.

To my luck, I got a good rank and got placed in a good college in Bangalore. At the age of 25, I started my Engineering and was the older student in my class.

Without a doubt, I have to stay at my brother’s house in Bangalore. My brother and my Bhabhi welcomed me with a huge smile. My brother’s son was 5 years old.

My brother was accepting travels out of station for a good business. He used to come home only on weekends and that too only sometimes. I used to daily go to college and reach home by 4 PM in the evening. The college will be off on Saturday and Sunday.

As I am basically from a village, girls use to be very conservative. But this is not the case in Bangalore. Girls wear dresses with revealing their parts which created a kind of temptation for me towards girls. I started to concentrate more on the exposed part and used to feel the sensation in my cock.

Once when I was sitting on the sofa and watching my bhabhi working in the kitchen. I started scanning bhabhi from head to toe. I had recognized a kind of change in my bhabhi’s dressing compared to when she was in my native place.

As usual, she is in a saree, but I can see the saree in her waist lowered more when compared to before. I was waiting for my luck to see her navel. Within a minute, I saw her navel for the first time. It’s so deep and round. I can’t believe that she started wearing low waist sarees after coming to Bangalore.

Then I went to her ass, it’s so hot. I tried seeing her boobs, but they are covered inside her saree. Immediately in the name changing my dress, I went inside my brother-bhabhi bedroom and closed the door.

I have started searching for my bhabhi’s bra and found one. I checked for the size and was shocked to see it 34D. My 5.5-inch cock immediately raised its head.

I started searching on google on having an affair with bhabhi. I read the answers and got encouraged to move further. My semester exams were over, and I have 2 months of holiday.

But, I decided not to go to my native and wait for an opportunity to taste my bhabhi. My bhabhi is 34D-32-36, short, wears a saree mostly. She always has a bindi on her forehead and with mangalsutra on her neck.

Once my brother informed us that he is going for two weeks trip to North India. He told us to go to natives as the trip may be extended also. I said that I have some work in my college. Once it’s done, I will go to native along with my bhabhi. My brother left the next day itself.

The next morning, Bhabhi, as usual, was working in the kitchen and wore a saree. I decided to take my chances. I went next to her and held her from the back. Inserted my left hand to her waist and found her navel, started making rounds in her belly button.

I started kissing her neck from the back. I turned her, pushed her against the wall, went down, moved her saree, and started kissing her navel. She just closed her eyes and started enjoying it as if she was expecting my action. Without wasting any more time, I took her to the bedroom.

I took the pallu of her saree and removed it completely. I tore her blouse and removed her bra completely. I pulled the knots of the petticoat and, in no time, her panty on the floor. Now she is totally nude in front of me except for bindi on her forehead, mangalsutra tied on her neck, and a toe ring.

I removed my clothes, became nude in no time, and jumped on her. I started kissing her lips with my hands on her boobs, squeezing them. Her boobs are so spongy and big to hold. I can’t believe how she has packed in her saree.

I went down to her navel and started kissing it, with both hands still on her boobs, squeezing it. I started making rounds with my tongue on her belly button. She started moaning for the first time. My cock is at its maximum height. I inserted my cock in her pussy for the first time with force.

She let out a loud moan. I asked her, “When did you have sex with my brother last time?” She replied to me saying that it’s been 1 week. After hearing that, I started drilling her pussy with my cock. She just closed her eyes and enjoying my action.

I squeezed her boobs with my cock doing its drilling work inside her pussy. I started asking her some sexual questions

Me: When did you attain your physical maturity?

Alamelu: 13 years (with moaning)

Me: When did you start wearing low waist sarees?

Alamelu: After watching serials where women use to wear below navel sarees

Me: Are you ovulating?

Alamelu: Yes.

Me: Do you mind if I cum inside your pussy?

Alamelu: But I will get pregnant with your child.

Me: Can I cum inside your pussy?

Alamelu: Hmmm…

I started drilling her fast. She let out a loud moan and started cumming, which created a warm environment for my cock. I started drilling at high speed. Within a minute, I started shooting my sperms inside her pussy.

Her pussy absorbed all my sperms in it. I slept on her with still my cock inside her pussy. After half an hour, my cock started growing inside her pussy, and I started drilling her again. After 20 minutes, I once again started cumming inside her pussy.

Our sex session continued for days daily at least 4-5 times. My brother’s wife was getting my attantion as well as cum. Within a month, She told me that she missed her periods and got pregnant with my child.

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