Matured Doctor And A Young Virgin Student

A male doctor here, 54 workings in a reputed medical college as a professor.  The incidence happened a few days back.  One of my intern female students, Sapna (name changed), of 5 years back batch called me for an internship certificate.

I obliged. I thought I can send a scanned copy by email followed by a post, which I do for most of my students.  After 3-4 days she again called me to confirm if I am attending a conference in Bangalore. She had seen my name as a speaker in the conference brochure.

I was committed to the organizer of my attendance at the conference So I replied to her as yes. Sapna quickly requested me by mentioning that she is also attending that conference. It will be good if I carry the internship certificate and hand it over to her during the conference. I accepted.

I have never remembered Sapna from her face, as several students pass every year.  In Bangalore, on the opening day of the conference, I was approached by a female, introducing as Sapna. I immediately handed over the certificate to her.  We chatted for a while. Sapna asked me if I am alone which I acknowledged.

On that day, the proceedings got over in the afternoon by 4 pm. There was a gap of 4 hours before we all went for a dinner party.  Stay for all participants was arranged in the same hotel.  Sapna approached after the proceedings got over and asked if I am free until dinner.  I had nothing to do, so I was free.

Sapna said that she has something to discuss related to her future academic plan. She asked if she can come to my room for this. I accepted.  We both came to my room. I prepared coffee for both, and we started talking. Sapna described her good experiences during her academic days in my laboratory.

We became nostalgic. During her talks, she used to give me strange constant looks, to which I was feeling different.  She said, I am looking smart in my grey hair, and she always love my personality. She also described how many females used to like to interact with me.

I was best among others in the medical college in terms of teaching and intelligence.  It appeared that she is probably interested in having a good time with me that evening.  Sapna was in her early thirties, smart looking and hot.  As a matured male, my fantasy also started working in my mind.

To test what is going on in her mind, I told Sapna that she is damn beautiful and sexy, to which she smiled.  She also mentioned that I was her favorite and she always was interested to spend some good time with me.  It was a clear green signal for me. I held her hand and caressed her palm with a soft touch.

She did not say anything.  I moved my hand up in her arms. To touch her soft and smooth skin and touched her shoulder, and neck, to reach her ears. And I held her face with both my hands. I brought her face close to mine, and put my face on her neck, to smell her.

It was uncontrollable to her. She grabbed me and hugged me tightly. I could feel her softness in my chest and her aroma was thrilling.  I caressed her back slowly, from neck to hips. Her curves were awesome.  I continued my movement across her back, her thin waist, and broad hips while hugging tightly from the front.

We both were speechless, just enjoying the silence and aroma of each other. Suddenly she loosened her hug and said, “My dream came true.  Kiss me, sir. I am waiting for the moment when you will fully make me yours.” I started kissing her neck, her shoulder, her arms, her back from top to bottom.

Now I removed her tee-shirt. She has a great smell and her skin color and texture were superb gorgeous. I started rubbing my face on her neck, chest, shoulder, arms, back, spines, tummy, ribs and navel. She was slim with 34d size breasts. She was so sensitive in her back, tummy, and navel.

I bit her ear lobes and licked them. She cried in pleasure. I removed her bra. And took complete control over her milky, tight breasts. I rolled my tongue over her pink nipples. They became hard and erect. I used to chew and bite. She used to cry in deep sensual and erotic sensation. I never allow her to dominate.

I continued the foreplay for more than an hour and a half or so. She was in her full ecstasy. Her moans became loud, she started guiding my hands to her vagina. And also started rubbing my cock over my trouser. I understood. She must be completely wet on her pussy. But I was not in any hurry.

I made her suffer. I continued foreplay for another half an hour or so after removing her jeans and panty. Now I started rubbing her soft, clean-shaved pussy. Her cunt was warm, wet and soft. I parted the labia major and put my fingers on her clitoris. She jumped in pleasure. I started slowly fingering her.

I tried to insert the middle finger inside her vagina. Sapna tightened her legs to disallow me. “What happened?” I whispered in her ears. She said, “Sir, please take care, this is my first time.”  I had never expected this. Girls nowadays lose virginity at a very early age. But she was a virgin!

She said, “Sir, it was my fantasy that you will be the first person in my life.” I appreciate my fortune. And started licking her cute cunt. She was in seventh heaven. I almost chewed her clitoris and tried to insert my tongue inside the vagina. Her head was tossing around. Moaning and murmuring.

She opened her legs wide for me and unzipped my jeans. My 8-inch black serpent was roaring to fuck and was bathing with precum. She held my cock and appreciated the hardness, warmth, size, and breadth. She was scared that for sure this might cock cannot enter her tiny vagina. But she was also excited.

Removing her panty, I came on her. Parted her legs further, put both of them on my shoulders. Brought the head of my cock to touch the labia minor.  I started rubbing my cock on the entire vagina from up to down started slowly and gently. But started putting pressure and increased the speed.

She was moaning loudly and screaming, “Sir, please fuck me hard. Do not tease me more. It’s unbearable. I was waiting for the last 6 years for this day. Please do it soon, I cannot bear the ecstasy anymore.”  But I was not listening. I was still rubbing the head of my cock deep in her vaginal area.

She was mesmerized. Eyes closed, screaming and moaning. In the meantime, I had generated an idea of the position of the vaginal orifice. While she was enjoying the rubbing the tip of my cock is positioned in her vaginal orifice. I suddenly entered and gave a hard and forceful push.

I suddenly entered my 8-inch long cock inside her. I cannot describe the loudness of her moan. And tears coming from her eyes. “No. No. Please. No, no.” I stopped until my entire cock was inside. I did not even shake. I stayed for 5 minutes and slowly tried to pull out. She again screamed.  I did not listen.

I drew my cock for 3/4th of its length, and then again gave a hard push inside. Her screaming increased. Again, I drew and pushed back. To make her used to my lustful thrusts. And her pain converted to pleasure. And I started te hard fuck. Deep, hard, and rough, for another 30-40 minutes.

I was intoxicated by her softness, tightness, and gorgeousness of this virgin beauty under my arms. And fucked her like a horse, like a bull. She wanted me to ejaculate inside her. As she was in a safe time. I obliged. After more than 40-50 minutes of hard fuck, I came inside.

I held her tight. I cried in pleasure and ecstasy and finally slept over her. The whole room was perfumed with a mixture of semen and vaginal discharges. Our body aroma mixed to make the room much more erotic. She was satisfied. She held me tight. I kissed her for 5-10 minutes. Then dressed up.

We went for dinner, after complete 3 hours of marathon sexual play.  For the next three nights, we stayed together and enjoyed wild and passionate sex not less than 4 times each night. And slept with tight hugs. It was not only sexual pleasure that will last long and became memories but the affection and love between us.

I love Sapna’s determination to keep herself virgin for me, and her dedication towards a rather older man of my age. In Sapna’s words, “Old is always gold.”

Friends, if you like this real-life incidence which happened only a few days ago, please send me your comments: [email protected]  I will love to interact with you.  Live life as you like.

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