Nice And Slow Foreplay With Damn Hot Neighbor!

Hey guys, this is my first story and I have been reading ISS for quite a long time. So, I thought that I should also share my real story.

So this is Mr. Grey (obviously name changed) and I am a 27-year-old dancer. And the lady here is Riya, 37 and married.

Being a dancer, I have always maintained my stamina to perform in and outside the bed. I haven’t measured exactly but my tool is around 6.5+ inches at least.

One day, I was going for a short drive near my house and I happen to see Riya coming from the gym. I was pretty awestruck seeing her beautiful tight top and nipples poking as she just came out of the gym with jeggings.

I greeted her and asked her whether she wanted a lift. As we live nearby, she readily accepted my offer. While driving, I was stealing glances on her boobs and her sweat drops were through her cleavage. I wished if I can lick it off.

When we reached home, she thanked me and asked me for coffee. As a sweet gesture, I went up and got to know that her husband was out of town for some work.

While preparing coffee, I entered the kitchen and said to her, “Let me pamper you today and make the coffee while you got yourself changed as you are sweating”.

She softly brushed my cheeks and went to change. I started to prepare coffee.

Then we sat down and chatted for a while about many things. Then she asked me randomly about my girlfriend. I said I don’t have a girlfriend as it was not my thing. She was confused and asked, “What you mean not your thing?”

Me – I am not into girlfriends and all, Riya.

Riya – Then, what are you into?

Me – I prefer mature women. They are fun to talk, know what they want and can hold a mature conversation. If it is a married hottie, then even better. I like open relationship. Ap khush raho main khush raho. Main apko khush karu, ap mujhe khush karo. Simple.

Riya – Hahaha.. So mean you are.. Khushi chahiye tumhe.

Me – Na na. Khushi chahiye lekin usse pehle deta bhi hu.

Riya – Acha vo kaise.

Me – See, I like to satisfy my lady. Chahe jo fantasy ho. They demand and mujhe use pura karna acha lagta hai. Iske ilava mere khudke talents, hahaha.

Riya – Acha, kaise talent?

Me – Vo tum khud jaan jaana.

Riya – Oh ok, to meri fantasy bhi puri karoge.

Me – Your fantasy? As in?

Riya – See, I have sex. But I don’t get satisfied. Vo baat nahi hai unme. Woh aag passion, wildness missing hai. I need sex, lekin isse pehle foreplay mein garam to kare koi mje.

Me – Koi?? Ya main? Haha.

Riya – Shut up.

Riya stood up, came closer and said, “Fulfill me and my fantasy then.”

I asked her, “You sure? You don’t seem to be able to take the wildness I will give you.”

Riya – Try me!!

And she kissed me. As soon as she was kissing me, she climbed on me and sat on my lap, holding my face and smooching me. I could sense the hunger in her kisses. She started moving her ass back and forth in excitement. I asked her, “What is your fantasy, Riya?” She said, “I need an orgasmic foreplay like never before”.

And I was like, “your wish is my command”.

So I picked her up, pulled her closer and pushed her on the wall. Now my hands were slowly moving on her waist.

I slid my hands to her hands and pulled them apart. We were so close, even air couldn’t pass through us. She was breathing heavily and her boobs were softly rubbing on my chest.

I looked deep into her eyes and told her how beautiful she was looking and brushed my lips on hers. She softly opened her lips apart and let me slide my tongue in her mouth to explore her mouth.

We both were engrossed in a deep kiss. Our tongues were fighting and fiddling with each other and were sucking each other’s tongue. Then I slowly held her waist and smoothly started massaging her waist while I took my lips from her lips to her neck.

“Ahhhhhmmm”, she gave out a soft moan. I could feel goosebumps on her skin while my lips were exploring her bare neck.

She smelled so erotic and wild. She grabbed my hair and pulled me towards her. She pushed my face on her neck and said, “Ahhhmm babe.. This is what I have been missing since long.. Don’t stop.. Just keep on doinnng.. Ahhhmmm yeahhhh fuckkk..”

My warm breath was brushing her neck and my tongue was licking her neck, sliding till her earlobe and sucking it. “Aaahhhhh fuckkk”, she moaned.

I slowly slid my hand inside her top feeling her bareback and she arched her back to give me proper access to feel her wild side and smooth bareback. Fuck, it was so soft!

While kissing her neck, I slid my tongue to her cleavage. She started breathing heavily and I was running my tongue in her cleavage from bottom to the top.

I stretched her top down to get nice access to her boobs and started licking her cleavage wildly. She couldn’t control the passion and started moaning wilder and wilder.

Riya held my hair tightly and pushed me deeper into her cleavage. I was almost stuck in between her 36C cleavage, they were so soft. It was smelling soo erotic and she even made me choke in between them.

Then I pulled her waist towards me and in that process, I picked her up by her waist and she wrapped her legs around my waist. My dick was quite erect and she could feel it over her pussy from my denim and her jeggings.

Riya slowly started humping her pussy over my dick and felt me while moaning for more, “Ahhhh more…give it to me..ahhh do me babe.. yeahhhhhh uhmmm.. I like it.. I can feel your hard dick over my pussy.. uhmmmm yeahh..”

If you want to know how I really satisfied Riya and want me to tell the full story, do leave a comment on my mail [email protected]

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