A Customer’s Satisfaction

Hey guys, I am Adam, 22 years old  Bangalorean. I would like you, readers, to enjoy one of my wild experiences from a few months ago.

As a back story, I started to work as a part-timer in a retail outlet for interior designing, kitchen equipment, and appliances, owned by my distant uncle. He wanted some extra people as Christmas was coming about. He offered to pay a hefty daily wage to hire. I took the job.

After a few days in godown work, my uncle assigned me to interior designing. I was just resting on the sofa that day. The business was kinda dull that day and some salesmen were having lunch. I was simply surfing the web since I didn’t have much to do.

I looked through Instagram and then minutes later, I found myself reading a sex story. As usual, I was kinda turned on a smidgen. Also, I was wearing thin skin jeans. The curse of scarcest of erection being noticeable, fell upon me. But I controlled it in and didn’t finish the story.

I left my phone on the sofa and tried to think of something else, so my erection goes away. Out of nowhere, a client strolled in. It was a couple in their mid 30’s. Since all other salesmen were busy I was given the chance to consult them. Even though my erection was visible, I could not let it ruin my good wager.

Be that as it may, I thought to myself screw it and went to them in any case. The spouse was a decent guy. I would say a firm body posture, bit egoistic, around 5.10 ft, headstrong with a very admirable attitude from his conversation. The missus (wife) was marginally shorter and a chubby (attractively, however) and curvy. She had a bit medium complexion, with a round face and lipstick on.

I proceeded to them and greeted them  The husband started talking to me. The wife promptly saw my jeans and the lump in it because of the erection. She gave me a snarky grin. For a second, as I saw her grin there I felt humiliated, became a little nervous.

I couldn’t have cared less. These people were strangers and my customers, and I had a job. I looked at her at each moment her wicked grin kept giving me chills.
They were looking for some curtains and sofa, I showed them around the place. On the way down they looked at a few appliances.

The wife forced the husband into funding for a refrigerator. As per her request, I happily showed them some models and got them to buy one. They requested the delivery of the furniture at their house and gave the address. As they were leaving, the husband asked me if I am a permanent staff there.

I told I was just a part-timer. He gave me a good tip, I handed over the business card to them, while wife gave me naughty smirk and left. Later, I delivered the goods. I reached the house the next day, Saturday, at noon.  I rang the bell and the wife opened the door. She looked at me and gave me a wicked smirk again.

I told her about the drop. She happily obliged. I helped the other two that were with me to drop off the fridge in the kitchen and sofa. She kept changing the spot for the sofa as she couldn’t decide where to put it. I helped her make up the mind. She brought us a few drinks and we parted ways.

The next day we got a call that the fridge was not working. My uncle sent me along with one of the repair guys to check the problem. I rang the bell and the wife opened the door in a red lace nighty. I smiled at her. She gave me a smirk and asked, “Do you do this to all your customers?”

Me:- I am very sorry, ma’am. Well, the problem will be fixed, or we’ll get you a replacement right away.

The repair guy Sathish started checking. He told me that he can fix it but needs a few things. I rushed out to buy things and came back. We fixed it up and the refrigerator turned on.

She:- Here keep this. (she handed over us the fees and money I had paid for stuff and more).

Me:- It’s okay, ma’am. We shouldn’t have left it just like that yesterday.

She:- Yes. And I should have been forthcoming about the things at my home.

I hesitantly took the money from her. Then after a few days, I again saw her at the supermarket. We smiled at each other and said hello.

Me:- Ma’am, are you a regular here?

She:- Can you stop with this ma’am call? Call me Shreya.

We both smiled. As we got out, I saw her waiting for an auto. I offered to drop her.

She:- Really, Thank you.

Me:- Ma’am, so is the fridge working perfectly.

Then she gave me a light smack to the head.

She:- Shreya.

Me:- Sorry, Shreya. Is the fridge working perfectly?

She:- For now. Where do you stay?

And the conversation went on till I reached their home. Throughout the bike ride, her one hand was on my shoulder and the other dropped down my waist to my pelvis. Each time we hit a speed breaker, she came close and kept on rubbing her soft breasts on my back constantly.

She happily got down from the bike and walked to the gate. I then called her and asked for her number. She then gave me a naughty smirk and asked, “Do you take the number of every customer?”

Me:- Just pretty ones. (as I smiled back at her.)

Then she handed her phone over and told me to give her my number. She told that she ‘ll call if she wants something fixed. I, for reasons unknown, was anticipating a call or message from her to take it forward. She did seem a bit into me. However, I didn’t get anything in the following days.

After a few days, after work when I was unwinding at my home I got a WhatsApp message from an unknown number. I thought it was my friend playing tricks on me. So I opened it and there she was, her profile pic was obvious to me. I replied with a ‘hello’.

I didn’t want to sound rude or shallow so I continued with, “Let me guess you broke something again?”

She:- Why do you say that?

Me:- well, you were pretty clear that day, you would ping me if only you wanted something fixed.

She:- Why otherwise you don’t like to chat? I remember you were the one asking for my number.

Me:- No, no nothing like that. So how are you doing?

We chatted for a while. She needed to tell me she would be stopping alone tomorrow. I said sure no issue. At that point, she said that her better half needed to get to Dubai for a month. He wouldn’t have the option to assist her with picking a few items.  So she required assistance with it.

I gladly accepted it. She asked me to help her out with some interior design. I inquired as to whether I could drop by at her home tomorrow. For a few minutes, I could sense she hesitated and said she isn’t sure. In any case, promptly she asked if I can come today around evening time.

I said yes the second she replied. I freshened up and moved over to her house. I rang her doorbell. She opened the entryway. She was wearing a nighty that was kind of straightforward. In any case, I needed to act casual. So I said, “Hello there” and she brought me into the kitchen.

When I asked her about her husband, she told me it was regular for him to do this. She spends most of her time writing or painting. She showed me around the house. I appreciated some of her good handiwork. She showed a few spots and asked me what would fit in much there.

She just wanted to see her options and wanted a second opinion. I took 15 minutes to show how she could redo the entire spot, with a few things at shop and with rearrangement of things. She was happy and asked if  I could help in rearranging. I was happy to do it.

She was happy to pay more to get it going. Then she asked me about my studies and what else do I do in my free time. I told her I am a part-time photographer and about my studies. She asked to see my photos on my phone, some of which she liked. We were bonding in a few hours.

I had a few prior engagements so I had to leave. I told her I would help her finish the job day after tomorrow. Then, after that, I went to her house at lunchtime and had a wonderful appetizing lunch. I appreciated her cooking skills and got a bit to work with a few things from the shop.

The arrangements and design went on for hours. She asked me if I could stay for dinner. I knew the fun part would begin, so I agreed. After some of the work was done and a bit of TV time, she prepared dinner for me. She called me in and served me supper. I was so grateful to her for such a wonderful meal.

At that point, she inquired if something had occurred before they came into the store the first time, as she saw something peculiar. I promptly realized she was discussing my erection from that day. I was embarrassed and smiled awkwardly.

I said, “It was nothing, what you saw occurred all of a sudden.” She inquired as to whether it had anything to do with her. I realized this was my opportunity, where I might score. So I lied and said, “It was kinda because of you. I saw you in that sexy saree. You looked elegant.”

She said she loved my looks and how I talk. Now, I needed to push it forward. So I worryingly inquired as to how much did she like me? I know it was a stupid question, but things were heating up inside me. I was not anticipating that she will reply.

She:- That may be because you are as cute as my husband.

ME:- I never had a pretty woman say that.

She:- I hope you don’t have his ego and sadism.

Me:- No. Just a good appreciation for beauty.

She:- Too much flirty lines, cute boy.

Me:- Sorry, I was a bit out of line. Truth is I can’t resist you. I just wish I could make you mine.

She:- What’s stopping you?

Also, I was taken back for a moment there. I inquired as to whether she was genuine and she answered by saying yes. She told me that she has been going through a rough patch and wanted to blow off some steam. She doesn’t mind it, as long as it stays between us.

I started eating food as her legs started to rub on my knees. She told me to finish dinner quickly. I ate fast and washed my hands. As she was keeping the plates in the sink, I went and hugged her from behind. She got startled as I turned her around in a blink of an eye. I started to kiss her.

I made sure the kiss with passion and lust. Kiss and heat made us both succumb to the lust within us. I felt her body up as I kissed her. Up to brim of her shoulder. I raised her onto the kitchen counter. I then broke the kiss and started to kiss near her ears.

My hands dead dropped to her navel and gave tight presses. I moved down my tongue and lips to her neck. Her slow and light whimpers reflected over her body. I started to lick her neck. I then moved to lick her neck all around to her shoulders, kissing her collar bone as my lips drew back.

I raised her nighty up to the brim of her hips. She helped me through as she removed her hands up and I removed my t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, I saw her dark nipples hanging on her big boobs, which was lovely. As I stared, she was embarrassed she hugged me tightly.

I started to fondle them as her whimpers slowly rose to gasps. I then kissed her cleavage and moved down. I sucked her nipples one by one. I drove my tongue over those nipples, slowly squeezing them and twisting them. I then went to rub her pussy over her tight panties.

I started to lick her legs from toes up to her inner things. I bit her inner thigh skin and drove my tongue on both legs. I made her moan wildly, while she was having a hard grip on counter. My hands fondled her boobs. I then moved onto sucking on her boobs.

My hands slowly moved into her panties. My hands did their work by making her feel the ecstasy. A dam of pleasure is gonna break down between her legs. I then moved into her pussy and removed her panties. I squeezed her pussy lips and her clitoris. I squeezed them.

Then I used my tongue on clit in every way possible making her whimper and groan like no other girl. I kept it on for some time, as I kept on rubbing her clit and play with my tongue. Then I entered her married pussy. It was so warming and soft as wells it was tight.

I sucked her pussy and clit and biting her pussy lips. My hands up there made sure that they fondled her big boobs and made her pussy stretch. As I rubbed her pussy insides, she moaned. With my tongue on her clit, it didn’t take me long to find her g-spot. I made sure to rub it rough every way.

She was biting her lips and groaning. I defiled her g spot. As I played with her clit, she went wild and scratched on my back. As the foreplay continued she started to shiver and jump on to orgasm. I raised myself to kiss her even more while my fingers achieved their goal.

We moved to the bed. I spread her pussy lips and made her into a doggy style. I slowly directed the dick into her pussy. I cute sense her pussy squeezing my cock with tightness as I squeezed her clit. Our bodies intertwined by lust. I kept on pumping her with hard thrusts.

I wrapped my right hand around her to play more with clit. I spanked her on ass cheeks with the left hand. I kept it on as I pumped deeper. She groaned and whimpered. I then slowly fingered her asshole with my thumb from the left hand. She moaned wildly. She was ecstatic.

I knew from her moans and gasps of air, I was hitting deep. We continued to ride for 15-20 minutes until we both came together. She was so happy, she gave me a long kiss. We had a second round on that sofa again. Then I went on to some erotic places to do them.

I ‘ll continue the story about her. Thank you for listening. I welcome all comments from my fellow lads and all readers to my account at [email protected] Stay home and stay safe.

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