Train Journey With My Friend’s Girlfriend

Vacations can be boring. Especially if you’re a single person accompanying a couple on a trip – the third wheel of sorts. This vacation was unlike any of that. We had planned this trip month in advance. And by we, I mean myself, my friend Srinjay and my friend’s girlfriend, Tisha.

While Srinjay was my childhood friend, Tisha and I were more than just friends. For two years, we’ve shared a physical relationship in complete secrecy.

I met Tisha when Srinjay started dating her in college. And when they had their first major fight, I was there for both of them. However, I may have dedicated a lot more time and resources to Tisha. No regrets, though. It was the start of a wonderful relationship for us.

Every year, we met on a couple of occasions. We had decided not to see each other in Srinjay’s absence to maintain some level of privacy.

So this vacation was extremely exciting. It was our first vacation together. While I had many things planned out, I also wanted to ensure that everything went smoothly and Srinjay wouldn’t find out anything.

We had planned a four-day trip to Hampi and had made reservations at a campsite for two separate tents. The train journey to Hampi was overnight. We had booked tickets for the first class. And luckily for me, there was no other occupant in my cabin. I knew this was a golden opportunity.

After dinner, everyone settled down to sleep. Around 12 am, I texted Tisha, “Hey, babe. All alone in my cabin. Feel free to join.” She was probably waiting for the invitation.

Ten seconds after my message, there was a knock on the cabin door. I hurriedly let her in and locked the door. “Is Srinjay asleep?”

Affirmative. Good.

“I haven’t touched you in so long,” I said as I grabbed her ass while kissing her. She was wearing a loose top and palazzo pants. Subconsciously, my hands made their way inside her pant as we kissed.

“Listen, Raghav, I don’t want Srinjay to wake up and see that I’m missing. I’m all yours for the next 45 minutes. After that, I have to get back to our cabin.”

I was saddened. We would not reach our destination for another 10 hours. I reluctantly agreed.

I took her and lay her down on my seat. As she lay flat, I got on top, and we started kissing. She had soft, pink lips, which I always admired, particularly when she sucked my dick with it.

She did not want to undress completely. So I just pulled her boobs from inside her bra and started sucking on them. Thankfully, her top was loose and gave me unrestricted access to her breasts.

I circled her areola with my tongue. My hand, in the meanwhile, was inside her pants now, slowly rubbing her clit on top of her panty. And as always, she was dripping wet. I licked my fingers as I proceeded to enter the depths of her wet glory hole with my fingers.

I lightly rubbed her insides. I pinched her pussy and squeezed her thighs. My tongue ran along the length of her ear while I fingered her. I squeezed her thighs and slightly pinched her nipples. Holding her by her hair, I tightly held her body together with mine.

The constant movement and jerks added to the experience. I took my dick out. Tisha got down on the floor, gently stroking it. She spat on it as her tongue circled my tip. Her warm saliva made my erection harder.

I let her work her way around my balls. As she cradled them and sucked on them, I was momentarily transported to a state of ecstasy.

She began sucking and slurping. Everything she did in bed, she made sure she excelled at it. I just closed my eyes as she softly held my balls and sucked my dick. She then stroked it softly and held it close to her face.

As much as I wanted to continue, it was getting late for Tisha. She constantly checked the time.

“Babe, don’t worry. We have 25 minutes. Now come here, lie down and spread your legs for me.” And she did, like an obedient hoe. Layers of beautiful pink skin on her vagina made me thirsty, and I went down on her. My tongue lapped up her wetness.

The seat had limited space. But she had an extremely flexible body. And as she bent her legs to the extreme, I pushed my dick deep inside her. She was a bit taken aback as she wasn’t expecting that. Nevertheless, she did not complain.

If anything, she was glad that she got my dick after a long gap. Likewise, for me, I was just happy that I got to be with her.

As the train moved, we rocked to and fro. Sometimes I held up. Other times I increased my pace and rammed her. I could see her pussy juice oozing out and running along the side of her thighs. I bent over to lick it up.

We swapped places, and now, she was on top. Her beautiful heavy breasts wiggled as I fucked her. I held her ass cheeks apart with my hand even as I fucked her. A finger followed my dick inside her wet pussy.

She put her breasts together and held them close to my mouth. And as I fucked her tight, my mouth was busy with her nipples.

We hadn’t seen each other in a very long time. Add to that the fact that we were having super secretive sex, I climaxed soon. We embraced each other tightly. I kissed her. Then, in an instant, I dropped every bit of my load inside her. I kissed her again. Then I bit her nipple. She moaned.

And as she got up to leave, I spanked her ass and told her, “You barely spent an hour with me. Tomorrow, I’ll make you mine for the entire night, and we’ll make love inside a tent, under the stars.” We kissed each other and said goodbye as she went back to her cabin.

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