One Night Stand Sex With A Married Lady

Hello Friends, this one happened before I fucked Kalpana on the rainy day. This married woman in Chennai approached me for a one night stand sex after seeing my ad in Locanto. I don’t even remember her name. She is a working professional and married, having two kids.

Let’s call her S. It was Sunday night around 11.00 p.m. I was preparing my bed to sleep. I received a call from my secret number, which I used only for online dating purposes. I answered the call, and below is the conversation I had with her,

S – Hello, am I speaking to Rahul?

Me – Yes, who’s this?

S – I am S. I saw your ad in Locanto and am interested in meeting you now.

Me – Now? How is it possible it is already 11 o’clock?

S – I saw your location in your ad as X*****y, and I am staying in Pu*******m, which is nearby.

I was not aware of the location, she said. I told her to share her place on WhatsApp with my number so I can think about it.

Me – Send your location on WhatsApp so I can check.

She said okay and disconnected the call. I quickly searched for the place and distance. It showed just 3 km from my place, and I was overjoyed. But I was also scared because it might also be scammers. After all, we cannot trust everyone who contacts us online.

While I was thinking about this, I received a message on WhatsApp. It was her location. I saw her DP, and she was looking genuine. I immediately called her,

Me – It is just 3 km for me, and I will be there in 10 minutes and tell me you are real and not any fake one.

S – I am not fake. Why are you asking like that?

Me – I just wanted to be sure.

S – You can trust me.

I trusted her and quickly started my bike and rode to the location. I called her and asked her for a clear pic since her DP was not that clear. But she insisted on me coming directly. I was very nervous.

I reached the location and called her. The street was empty. She called me from behind, standing outside her house. She was a lean woman wearing a nighty, asking me to come quickly and park my bike in her open space.

We quickly went inside her house before anyone could see. She was good-looking, very short for me since I am 6’4 tall, with body stats 32-26-30.

It was around 11.40 when I reached her place as google maps couldn’t find it precisely. Her house was an old building with an open terrace. We went inside her only room. She told her husband went to some nearby place for his work purpose. Her kids are at her parent’s place since she is also working.

She told me she was searching for a job in Locanto and found my ad unknowingly. Since it was near for her and no one at her place, she thought, why not give it a try. I asked her about her sex life. She told her husband is a drunkard and doesn’t satisfy her in bed.

She was feeling very low while talking to me. I took my hand place it on her shoulders, consoling her. I asked her shall we start? She nodded. I placed her in the bed and planted a kiss on her lips. She closed her eyes, and I started to kiss all her face and neck.

She let out a soft moan. Then I started to kiss her lips a bit hard, and she opened her eyes and mouth. We were kissing passionately. I lifted her up and removed her nighty, and guess what? To my surprise, she didn’t have any clothes inside. She was sitting nude in front of me.

I pushed her and started to suck her boobs and nipples. They were small but cute. I started to lick all over her body, and she closed her eyes and was moaning. I went to her pussy, and it was also a small pussy. I spread her pussy lips and let my index finger inside.

It was very tight for my finger to enter. Somehow I managed to enter and finger fucked her, all the while licking and sucking her body and nipples. She was wet now, came up and kissed me, and pushed me to the bed. I removed my top and came on top of me kissing.

She removed my bottoms took my cock in her hand. She saw it with wide-opened eyes and didn’t speak a word straight away took it in her mouth. She was not that good at sucking but was doing a decent job. While sucking, she told me that it definitely will not fit inside her.

I was thinking how a mother of two kids would say like that, and why won’t I? I pulled her near me and started kissing and laid her in the bed, went to her pussy. I started to lick it. I did that for 15 minutes, and I can see some liquids flowing from her pussy. I started to rub that against her pussy.

She said she wanted to sit on my cock, and that’s how it is easy for her to enter. I laid down, and she came upon me and rubbed my cock on her pussy and slowly inserted my cock inside her pussy. You guys won’t believe me. Her pussy was like a virgin.

I have a cut cock. My tip entering her pussy was a big job. She was feeling the pain. She was sitting on my cock and slowly making some motions. Finally, after 10-15 minutes, I was half inside her. I was wondering why she is so tight, and then I saw the C-cut in her stomach.

She started fucking my cock with her pussy till I was 3/4 inside her. I was pleased with a tight pussy and was enjoying so did she all the time moaning. She came and kissed me on my lips while fucking my cock. My cock was fully inside now.

She stopped for a while and was shivering, and I could feel her cum in my cock, drenching her. It was so lubricated, and I took her. My arms lifted her (she was just 45-50 Kgs) and stood near the bed and fucked her standing position. I kissed her on the lips and fucked her hard.

She started to shout, and she was squirting like she was peeing. I came out while I was standing and fucking her. I dropped her on the bed and came on top on top of her. I inserted my cock inside her pussy and started to fuck her faster. We fucked for around an hour.

I told her that I am about to cum and where does she want it. She was in no mood to answer, and now I have to take the decision. I fucked her till my cum sensation and took my dick out and sprayed on her boobs and stomach. I was exhausted and laid near her in the bed.

She took a towel and cleaned my cum over her body. She then told me, “You could have cum inside me since I have done birth control.” But she was lost when I asked her the question where to cum. I told her, “Maybe Next time.”

She laughed and hugged me and kissed me on my lips. I started to suck her nipples. We have some soft foreplay for 15 minutes. I cleaned myself and left her place since her husband would be back early.

We met the next day in a mall, and we went to a movie where we had a soft sex session inside the theatre. We skipped the second half and went to a nearby park to the dark side, and she sucked my cock. We searched for a place to catch her outdoor, but we couldn’t find a place to our bad luck.

Then we both kissed and left to our places. I didn’t meet her after that since she started to feel guilty. I respected that and didn’t disturb her.

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