Sexy Fun With Hot Neighbor Aunty

Hello everyone, Ashish here. I hope everyone’s sexual paradise is going well. I’m 23 years old, currently working for an MNC in Chennai. I’m 6’2 tall, lean athletic body, sportsperson with a 7 inch tool. My life was evergreen because of my good sexual life.

I am staying in Zolo where all the other families also used to stay. This encounter is with a North Indian lady, 31 years old staying in the adjacent flat. Usually, families interact very rarely with bachelors, the same applies here.

This is a real story and the goddess of the story is Reena (name changed) with stats 34-30-36. She is a homemaker and lives with her hubby. Every day she used to be alone at home. She is milky white in color with awesome facial beauty and structure. Her dressing sense is also mind-blowing.

Though we were neighbors we had never spoken to each other. Only glances were there every time when we pass each other. It developed into formal smiles. We used to meet in the lifts, supermarkets, and other public places. Her hubby is also reserved. They weren’t interactive with any of the other neighbors.

But she is super beautiful and I developed an interest in her slowly. There was frequent eye contact. One day I took a day off. I was on a call with my best friend, and due to the network problem, I came to the corridor. I totally forgot that I was wearing just boxers and was shirtless.

After some time she came out and as usual, we had eye contact. But this time she was looking deep into my body and was a bit shy. Then I just realized my attire and went inside soon.  Three days later, there was a situation where my stove lighter wasn’t working. So I knocked on her flat’s door to get the lighter.

She opened the door and I was literally awestruck. She was in her shorts. Her complete structure was visible. I was looking at her body and forgot about what I came. I was embarrassed. She started laughing, then she helped me with the lighter.  After using it, I went to give it back.

I thought she would have changed her outfit. But to my utter surprise, she was still in the same outfit. I formally thanked her, she asked about the dishes I made bla bla. We had formal introductions. She asked to come inside and have a cup of coffee. I went in without thinking a second.

We were quite comfortable with each other and came to know about her and her family. She told me that she used to work out inside her flat once her hubby leaves for the office. Nothing happened that day.

Weeks passed by, we became quite friendly and had an eye on each other. I had work from home option, so I was utilizing it. On one such day, I was working and I heard her shouting in fear. I rushed to her flat. This is where everything changed. She was in her same outfit and was crying.

I didn’t know what to do and how to react. I gave her water and made her relax and asked why was she crying. She told me that a lizard fell into her t-shirt while she was working out. Lucky lizard.  I burst into laughter. She felt very shy and embarrassed.

By mistake, I played an audio message, sent to me in WhatsApp by my friend. It was women moaning audio message. I was totally shocked and my reflexes weren’t working. It took more than a minute to put my mobile in silent mode. More embarrassment on my side now.

I held my head down and started leaving her flat without looking at her face. Suddenly she came shouting and running towards me and hugged me tightly. It was the same lizard again somewhere near the wall. Her boobs crushed my back. I turned back and held her by her shoulder.

She was crying in fear at the same time hugging me tightly. Her boob press turned me on, I was getting a hardon and it had its impression on her pussy area. She felt it but still, we were standing in the same position. She stopped crying and moved a step back and looked at my hard-on.

Even more embarrassment on me. I asked her sorry and was about to leave the flat, but she was having a serious look at my hardon. That turned her on too. Her breathing got heavier. With some courage, I went near her and touched her shoulder asking if she is okay. She hugged me tight again, now in lust.

After a minute she went a step back sensing it is wrong. But now my feelings took over me. I hugged her and started kissing in her neck and ear. She resisted a little but soon submitted herself. We had a long kissing session everywhere in her neck, ears, face, and lips. I gently pressed her ass, she let out a small moan.

I started squeezing it harder. I removed her t-shirt and there was a view of my life. Those awesome tits in a push-up bra. Straightaway I buried my face there and started squeezing it harder. She pressed my face even more and was moaning relentlessly.

I removed my t-shirt and she was having a naughty look going back towards her bedroom. I followed her inside and tore her bra. She covered her boobs with her hands. I started playing with her navel and removed her shorts and panty in one go. She didn’t expect that. She was shy and didn’t know which to hide now.

I pushed her into the bed and started ducking her boobs. Her moaning brought the animal outside me. I started chewing her nipples and gave love bites. I went down and buried my face into her pussy which was already dripping. She came soon when I started tongue fucking her.

She made me nude and started sucking my dick and balls. I came inside her mouth which she drank. She guided my dick towards her pussy, but I wanted to tease her more. She was in no mood to wait. She herself guided my dick inside her pussy which was tight. I fucked her hard and was about to cum.

She asked to cum inside and she had her orgasm. Tears were flowing from her eyes. She hugged me and kissed me all over. We slept hugging each other and woke up after some time to have multiple sessions. I drilled her ass and fucked her boobs too. It was time for her hubby to come.

So I left the apartment. We further had multiple sessions in my flat and some naughty stuff in the lift. Later her hubby got transferred to their home state so they relocated. I missed her a lot, so I too relocated to another flat.

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