Hot Pregnant Aunt Sheeba Fed Me Milk

Hi readers, I am Aju. Girls spread your legs and start to rub your clit and guys get your tool ready and steady. I am about to tell you a cum-oozing story.

I was studying in college second year when this happened. Now, I am 21 years old and have completed college. I had gone to my friend’s apartment on a Saturday, which is a high-class apartment, and that’s where I saw Sheeba aunty. She was a hot D-cup pregnant aunty with a mischievous smile.

I got stunned while I was looking at her while walking the stairs. Yeah, that is why I love stairs more than the lift. I could see her perfectly round ass, shaking up and down in front of my eyes as we climbed the stairs.

My friend Anita, who was walking next to me giggled, as I was staring at those two squishy tempting ass-cheeks. I couldn’t control myself. As we climbed the stairs, I slipped, and yeah, I did touch Sheeba aunty’s ass while falling down. She was so caring and helped me get up.

I had some bruises on my knees. She took me to her house which was on the second floor, the same floor where I had slipped.

My friend went to her house on the fourth floor, knowing my plan. She waved me goodbye with an evil smile and went. She had known for a while that I had a thing for Sheeba aunty, and she is cool with it. That threesome is for another story.

I told Sheeba aunty that she was looking good, even when she was pregnant. She asked me in a subtle yet arousing way, “What do you mean?”

“Aunty, I mean your body appearance,” I said.

She said, “Aju, that is quite a straightforward comment to a stranger, don’t you think?”

Aju: No, aunty, I already feel close to you.

Sheeba: You silly boy (she smiled). You look good too. Wait, let me get some band-aid for you.

Aju: Yeah, sure.

I checked her out, as she walked with her flower-ball boobs dangling in the air. I got super horny after seeing that. Also, I was thirsty. She is a 25-year-old, with whom I had some formal conversations before, but nothing personal.

I thought it was the right chance to move close to those boobs and suck some milk and quench my thirst. I was thirsty, you know!

She went inside her room and came out wearing a nighty. She wore nothing inside, which was very clear with those dangling boobs and tight nighty. She gave me a band-aid and sat on the sofa.

When she sat on the couch, I wanted to keep my hands down there and grab her ass and bite it. Awwwww, I was so damn horny. I could feel my breath getting hot. She kept her hands on my knee. My body felt like current passing through it. I got a boner, she noticed it and laughed. I felt ashamed and tried to hide it.

She told me, “Not to worry, as it is normal at your age. How did you get it when I am around? That is a mystery.”

Without hesitation, I said, “You look hot,” starting at her boobs.

She asked me, “Do you need milk, Aju?” I was in shock.

I asked her, “What?” She asked me, “Do you need milk or coffee?” then she said, “Okay, wait, let me make some coffee for you.”

She went into the kitchen. My heart started to beat faster. I could feel the blood rush in my body. I got the courage and went into the kitchen. I grabbed her boobs from behind, as I pressed my 7-inches dick into her ass. She grabbed my hands and pressed her boobs even harder.

I could see that she is horny, and I got a green signal. She moaned, “Fuck me Aju, fuck me hard, it has been a long time since I had sex. I need it badly.”

I started to squeeze her boobs and began to tell her things that I am doing to her body. “I am making your horny pussy, wetter” as I raised her nighty.

“I am making you feel my hot breath as I slide up from your thighs to your pussy. You can feel my wet tongue rubbing against your pussy lips. My hands are squeezing your nipples as I milk it, you can feel my nose poking your ass.”

Damn, I can feel her soft ass against my face. Aunty rubbed her clit over her nighty. She was extremely horny. I could see that she started to breathe faster. I am teasing her right now with my dick tip rubbing against her wet, pussy lips. She couldn’t control it anymore, she shouted, “Fuck me Aju, fuck me.”

My dick slipped into her pussy, very deep. I started to go in and out with my dick in her pussy. She moaned hard as I squeezed her nipples, while I began to fuck her hard from behind. I could feel her ass rubbing against my thighs. fucking horny I became.

I fucked her even harder. I slowed down and made her feel my dick going deep into her pussy and coming out and then again going deep. I rubbed her clit with my left hand as my right squeezed her boobs. She couldn’t control it anymore. She came hard.

I made her lie down and started to tease her pussy again by breathing hot air on her pussy. She became wet again. She held my head, forcing it towards her perfectly shaved pussy. I gave a single, hard lick that made her feel my wet tongue against her wet pussy lips.

I jumped to her boobs and started to suck one hard, as I squeezed the other one, while I fingered her pussy. With my lips closed over her nipples, my tongue played with her nipples. My wet tongue circled her nipples and licked it wet, completely. I sucked her milk completely. She could feel my tongue rubbing against her milky nipple tip.

I put my dick into her mouth as my tongue rubbed against her wet pussy lips. She became hornier and sucked my dick hard. It felt so damn good. I couldn’t control it and started to fuck her mouth with my dick going in and out.

Considering her belly status, 69 position was difficult to do, yet it was worth every risk. I continued to lick her pussy lips. My tongue slipped into her pussy.

She can feel my wet tongue rolling against her pussy walls. I went crazy with my tongue going round and round inside her pussy.

As I started to go deep into her pussy she moaned hard, we both came. She drank my entire juice as I drank her cum. So tasty cum it was, that I sucked every last bit of it.

We both were lying on the floor with me still sucking her boobs.

This is my first story, hope it made you cum. Send your comments to my Gmail id [email protected], if you want the threesome story, show your support.

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