Erotic Pleasure In Paradise With Pushpa

Hello guys! My name is Raj, and I would like to share my experience of erotic pleasure with you.

This happened many years back. I was a lecturer in a small college in my native place near Mangalore. I had to take a taxi from the interior of my town to get to BC road – around 12 km and then take a bus from there to the college. The same routine on the way back.

During the evenings, there would normally be a waiting period. The driver had to get enough people in the taxi (around 3 in the front and 4-5 in the back of an ambassador car). More often than not, the crowd would be almost the same every day.

There was one aunty, her name was Pushpa – name changed. She was working in an office in BC Road and used to take the taxi in the evening. She was around 28-30 years old, married (had mangalsutra around her neck). Most of the time, she would be the first one sitting in the back seat.

Some times, I got the chance to sit beside her, depending on my time of arrival. For a few days, there was hardly any talk. We were like typical strangers as we waited for others. Soon (in a couple of months), smiles were exchanged, followed by the minimum talk. It used to stop when there were people around and was kept to a minimum.

She was around 5’ 7” (tall by Indian standards), fair and quite nicely built – a well rounded and proportioned body. Soon I came to know the bare minimum details. She lived with her in-laws, husband, and kid. Her husband was employed in a bank and was into a lot of touring.

One incident served as a starter for the fun that I was to have. One evening we were sitting in the car. A bee came from outside and entered the car. She was scared and tried to evade it, even as it was humming and circling around us. Eventually, I swatted it out, and in that process, I touched her head.

I said sorry, and she said for what and told me that she should, in fact, say thanks to me. I got a bit bold and said, “Only thanks? That too, at least?” She said, “What more?” I grabbed her hand and said, “How about a sweet kiss?” She was for a moment, surprised.

She quickly glanced around and withdrew her hand. I smiled and said, “Not here, not now.” I could sense that she was nervous and a bit shy and not making direct eye contact. There was slight perspiration and heavier than normal breathing.

Anyhow, let go of that as people were coming, and the driver was busy getting us homeward. I did not know where she lived as I used to get down almost 1 km before the final stop near the local taxi stand.

During the next 2 weeks, every time we were alone, I used to pull her leg and ask her about that, ‘what more’ while holding her hand. Finally, we decided to go to a movie together in Mangalore. Not wanting to delay, I applied for leave on a working day.

We met in BC Road and headed to a movie in Mangalore for the morning show at 10.30. We went to a not so good movie as I did not want to have a big crowd in the movie hall. Luckily for us as it was a morning show and there were hardly any folks.

We got our tickets and headed straight up and occupied the last 2 seats in the last row. As the movie was going on, I asked her for that kiss, and she obliged. We were kissing like crazy. I also took the chance to hold her hands, squeeze them lightly.

I was moving my hands all over her tummy as I pushed her pallu aside. The feeling of her smooth skin was enough to send excited pulses throughout my body. Making sure every now and then that we were not too loud or attracting attention. It continued till I gently pressed my palms on her chest.

Even in the darkness, I could sense her breathing deep as her chest was rising and falling like the tide. Next, I removed the buttons of her blouse. I gently moved my hand all over her bra, pushing it aside and feeling her soft round boobs. I could feel the slightly moist texture of her boobs.

I could sense the flow of some liquid. I gave it another tight squeeze, and I came to know that she had milk oozing out. I was desperate to put my mouth there, but she resisted. I relented and did not want to upset her. I came to know that her kid was just 6 months old!

We got out before the movie could get over – to avoid the people coming out. My hands were squeezing her buttocks as I was behind her. We had lunch in a nice hotel. I told her that I was very thirsty inside the movie hall. She got the hint, was shy, and smiling at me.

I was now more determined than ever to drink her milk and have fun with her. I had to wait for another month. I suggested that we book a room far away and outside Mangalore (somewhere in Udupi or Manipal). But she dismissed it – not wanting to take even the slightest chance of someone seeing her.

Little did I know that fate had its own way. Not long afterward, while sitting and talking in the car, she mentioned that her in-laws, who were living with her, would be visiting their daughter. For a few days, they would be out of town.

I asked if it would be OK for me to come to her house for breakfast when her in-laws were out of the station. I made plans to visit her as she stayed at home for that special day. It tok me a few minutes to locate her house – a 1-acre plot with some coconut trees around and a nice decent house.

It was around 9.30 am in the morning when I knocked on the door. She welcomed me with a big smile. She was wearing a light blue saree, looking fresh and radiant with the hair pulled back after her bath. As I let myself in, she shut the door and asked me to have a seat.

She told me that the baby was sleeping peacefully. I peeked into the baby’s room to find the little one in its own world fast asleep. Breakfast with coffee followed a couple of nice dosas with jam and chutney.

Once I was done, she went with my plate to the kitchen. I followed her like a lamb slowly, not making any sound. Embraced her waist from behind and started kissing her back and neck. She dropped what she was holding on to and turned around, taking charge and kissing me all over.

Our tongues were in and out of each other’s mouths, and she was panting and aroused. Both of us were lost in our own world, making cute sounds while kissing and touching each other. Her bangles were adding to the music as we frantically hugged and kissed for a long time.

I was excited and getting hard by the minute. I was insanely kissing her all over her face and neck. In one sudden moment, I removed her pallu and was blown away by what I saw. I did not realize in the movie hall how big her breasts were.

Here I was staring at her magnificent breasts that were heaving, full, all-natural, rounded, and cone-shaped. In a flash, I just managed to rip off her blouse and bra, and those juicy milk tankers were inviting. Her fair skin and dark red nipples that were hard and big were inviting me to have fun.

With no second thought, I started sucking and drinking her milk. What I could not do at the movie hall, I was doing it all, even while playing and kneading them to my content. Drank her milk till I emptied her and moved down to her tummy to kiss it while trying to lift her saree.

That is when she said, “Not here.” Taking the hint, I lifted her (in typical film style) and carried her to her bedroom. I threw her on the bed, even as the kid slept in another room. I put the lights on, and she pleaded with me to put it off.

Not wanting to listen, with the intent of seeing her fully naked in all her glory under lights, I joined her. It drove me crazy to see this beautiful sex goddess, fully nude.  I spread her legs. She was shy while I looked at her clean and shining cunt – long slit with a tiny tight hole.

The next 2 hours were pure bliss. We ate each other without inhibition. I kissed and licked her pussy to my heart’s content, using my tongue to travel and explore her hidden secrets. My nose was smelling her zone. The bed was getting in the way of fun.

So we hit the floor and rolled over and over while having a lot of fun with passion. I did a 69 position with her. She gave me a great blowjob and got me ready. I spread her legs again and enjoyed the view of her cunt open and spread out. I ate her pussy, teasing her all along, and finally fucked nicely.

I discharged my cum into her with full force, knowing that she was clean. I did not have to worry even a little. Some rest followed, and then I turned her over and started exploring her buttocks. Lovely shaped globes that were tight, inviting me to play dirty. Those soft round globes were making me hard again.

I licked her butt crack and started fingering her asshole. She was hesitant at first. But knowing how relentless I was, I soon had a finger and then 2 in her asshole. I was kissing and smelling her anus. She was all excited and requesting me to be gentle.

I was getting more excited. Those soft buttocks made me do crazy stuff – like kissing those mounds loudly, massaging them and kneading them. I was tasting her shit hole, with a finger or two constantly drilling her anal orifice. I was in the mood to fuck her anally and whispered in her ear.

She was nervous, telling me she never had the experience. Sweet talking her and cajoling her, I had her in doggie pose – what a sight! I spread her nether cheeks. I knew that there would not be any second chances. I ran to the kitchen and told her I was going to drink water.

I cleaned my fingers and came back. I did not mention that I got a couple of drops of coconut oil. I licked her asshole nicely – it was smelling after my digital exploration and applied that oil. I took a deep breath and worked myself to getting ready and being hard.

I gently pushed my dick in, and she winced. I knew that it was now or never (before she could say no), I tried again. Then the third time, I pushed it in with full force, and she let out a howl. She was saying, “Please be gentle.” I was slowly but surely pounding her.

I picked up the pace and started banging her while squeezing her breasts to pulp from behind. There was milk dripping all over the place, even as I was banging her in power mode. She was sweating profusely. I finally came in spurts inside her ass. I removed my penis, and it was smeared in her brown shit.

I got up and cleaned it in the bathroom and joined her on the floor. She was panting and sweating. She was telling me that she didn’t know that anal sex would be so hard yet some different kind of pleasure. But she did not want to try it again.

We spent the next hour playing with each other, she inserted her fingers into my ass and did all she wanted tasting every part of my body. I emptied her twin breasts fully one more time – nothing like drinking warm milk from those natural and shapely breasts.

So much time had passed that she reminded me that it was time to attend to her kid. Both of us got dressed and got fresh. She took a pill to not get pregnant. I gave her one big long passionate kiss. Then before getting out of the house, lifted her saree one last time and kissed her pussy, and even drank her milk.

She could not believe that I was enjoying myself so much. I played this game with her another time when I took her to a hotel in Udupi. She agreed after a lot of persuasions.

I fucked the living daylights out of her, even as she refused to partake in anal sex. I had fun with her for almost 6 months, drinking her milk a few times before I moved to Bangalore after finding a new job.

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