Screwing My Divorced Neighbour Aunty In Bangalore

Hello ISS readers. This is my story and I will tell you how I enjoyed my neighbour aunty in Bangalore.

My name is Sanjay. I stay in Bangalore with parents. And next to my house, there is a beautiful aunty who was divorced. My neighbour aunty’s age is around 36. She has a wonderful body with sexy melons(boobs), perfect jiggling butts and killer eyes.

I work in a private company. One day, we got a call from my native. So my parents had to rush to my native due to an emergency. And they had to stay in the native for a few weeks. So, I would be home alone until they returned. (My neighbour aunty also used to stay alone).

One day when I was getting ready for my work in the morning, I remembered I had to pick my clothes from the terrace.

While I was going to the terrace, I saw my neighbour aunty there. She was in a low-neck nighty. I could see her cleavage and part of her hot boobs. But as it was already late for me, I left for work thinking I would get a chance to see her the next day.

The next day morning, I went to the terrace again. To my luck, she was there again sweeping the floor. I could see her boobs. But suddenly she saw me looking at her and then she went inside the house. I felt embarrassed and I left for work. And I thought to say sorry the next day for looking at her like that.

So, again in the morning, I went to the terrace to say sorry. She came outside and started to sweep. She saw me and gave me a smile. I was confused and I said hello to her. And even she said hello back. And I did not say sorry as she smiled at me. And I spoke for 5 minutes with aunty and left for work.

On that day, I decided to seduce her. That night, I was thinking about her and her boobs. Then I masturbated and I slept.

After I got up in the morning the next day, I went to the terrace and my neighbour aunty was there doing some work. I said hello and she turned towards me.

We started speaking for a few minutes. And I was asking about her past and she said she had divorced her husband as her husband was not a good person. And she said that she had to leave as she had some work. And we departed for the day.

So I knew that my neighbour aunty was alone for so many years and I thought I should give her company. So I had some plans in my mind.

The next day, I took leave from work. I went out and bought some chicken. But I did not know how to prepare it. So I thought to ask aunty for help.

I called her and asked her whether she could help me in preparing chicken curry as I did not know how to prepare. She said yes and asked to bring the chicken to her home as she had all the stuff to prepare.

So, I took it to her house. My neighbour aunty was in a saree. I could see her ass shaking while walking. I was turned on looking at that. I gave her the chicken and she asked me to wait for 5 minutes as she could change her dress and get back. And she came back in her nighty. She was looking so hot.

She started to prepare and I asked her if she needed some help. She said it’s fine and told me to sit on the sofa and watch tv. And when was preparing the dish, she used to bend down occasionally. At that time, I could see the shape of her ass and felt like grabbing it.

I kept quiet. After she finished preparing the dish, she said to take home the dish. And I said as no one was at home, I could eat with her. She felt happy and said yes. And we had lunch together.

After having lunch, we sat on the sofa and aunty sat next to me. We started to speak for some time. And I asked her why she didn’t get married again. She said she wanted to stay alone. Then I said, “You are not alone aunty when I am here”. She gave me a naughty smile.

We became more close. After some time, I said sorry to aunty. She asked me why I said sorry. I said, “For looking at you like that while you were sweeping”. She said it’s fine. And she said she knew I was looking at her and that’s why she came to sweep daily at that time. She said, “I felt happy when you were looking at me like that”.

And I gained some courage at that time and thought to not waste more time.

I said, “No aunty, when you were sweeping, I saw your boobs”. She said she knew that too and gave me a lustful smile. Then I directly asked her to show her boobs as I could not see properly. I knew that even she needed me.

Then aunty said, “If you want to see my boobs, you need to remove my nighty”.

I went near my neighbour aunty, took her face in my hands and started to kiss her passionately. I could see that she was enjoying.

I started to smooch her. She responded to my smooch with the same passion. Then she started to suck my lips.

Our smooch lasted for 10 minutes. Then I started to massage her boobs. She asked me to remove her dress.

I slowly lifted her nighty and removed it. I removed her nighty. Aunty was in her pantie and was not wearing a bra.

I was looking at her for 5 minutes. She pulled me near her and started to undress me. She removed all my clothes. I was in my innerwear. I hugged her and started to kiss her all over her and sucked her boobs. I kept sucking for 5 minutes. She was moaning. At the same time, she kept her hand on my dick and started to massage my dick.

After sucking her boobs, I went near her navel and started to lick her navel. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it. And I went down and pulled her panty down.

I saw her clean shaved pussy. I kissed her pussy and licked there. She started to moan. I kept on licking for some time and finally, she reached her climax. And she took my dick in her hand and started to give strokes. And I told her to take it her mouth.

She took my dick in her mouth and started to give a hot blowjob. I was really in heaven.

My divorced neighbor sucked my dick for some time and took my balls in her mouth. And sucked them too. And again, she took my cock in and gave a deep throat blow job. I was about reach climax so I took out my dick. And she said she wants my dick inside her pussy.

I spread her legs apart. I could see her juicy pussy waiting for my dick to enter it. I placed my dick on her pussy and started to tease her. She couldn’t control and pulled my head and gave a wonderful smooch. And she took my dick in hand and inserted inside pussy.

Her pussy was tight as she did not have sex for a long time. And I pushed my dick slowly inside her pussy. She gave some moans like, “Ahhh aaahhh ssssss” and I started to fuck her.

She was in pleasure, moaning like hell. And I started to fuck a bit harder. She started to moan louder. I locked her lip and started to suck her lip while she was moaning and fucked her for some more time.

We changed so many positions in that session. After some time, I was about to reach climax. I said I am going to cum.

She took my dick out of her pussy and started to give a blow job. Soon, I shot my load in her mouth. She drank my whole load and gave a naughty smile. And we slept naked for 15 minutes.

After some time, she got up and walked towards the restroom naked.

I could see her ass shaking while walking. I got turned on while looking at her ass. So for round 2, I thought to bang my neighbor aunty’s cheeky ass.

In my next story, I will tell you all how I banged her ass. Hope you enjoyed my experience.

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