Encounter With A Couple In A Bangalore Pub

Hi friends. I am back with another story of mine. A small background about me. This is Raj 34 from Bangalore 5’11”. This incident happened recently between me and an unknown couple in Chennai. This is a real incident happened to me recently. It will be slow but I am sure you guys will like it.

I am basically from the southern part of Tamilnadu and working in Bangalore. As part of my job, I need to travel across South India. This incident happened around 6 months ago when I was at Chennai for official work. I generally stay in one of the prominent hotels and they have a very prominent pub.

It will be fully busy during weekends and they allow only when guys are with girls. No stags are allowed, especially during weekends. I regularly stay there and knows most of the staff there. Most of the time I used to stay there during weekdays. I didn’t have an opportunity to visit their pub on weekends.

A few months before for some business exigencies, I happened to stay on Saturday and Sunday. After finishing my work I reached the hotel at around 9 pm. There was a huge rush at the entrance of this pub. I have seen many pubs in Bangalore and never expected that the Chennai pub will have that much rush. The way girls dressed up was very much shocking for me.

I went to my room and took a shower. I called the manager whom I have a good relationship with and asked him if he can help me to get an entry to the pub. He came to my room and took me to the pub and spoke to the people there. He got me entry.

There were a lot of girls, mostly pros waiting outside. The solo guys probably waiting for their girls to come or take these pros girls for an entry. As I was the only stag person in the pub and the manager himself got the entry, I was taken care well by people there. They have given me a nice place on the first floor.

I am not very much fond of drinking but yes, I love wines. Hence, I ordered wine and something to eat. After two glasses of wine, I started looking around. There were many guys and girls. Most of them were young IT crowd and a few small-time actors.

It was almost 11 in the night and most of the girls were fully high and didn’t bother about their dresses. Almost their boobs were exposed, few were dancing like as if they are only in braziers. I am not a party person, so I just simply sat and sipping my wine.

I saw a couple they are in their late 30’s who seems to be unfit to this crowd and seeing the entire dance and fun with shocking eyes. The girl came wearing a salwar and the guy was in jeans and a t-shirt. In the entire crowd, she was the only one with a salwar.

By their look, I could sense that this is their first time into pub kind of culture. They look like they are from an upper-class family by their dresses and other ornaments. As I was alone, I tried to engage in some eye contact with the guy. So that I can have some company with them.

After some time, I went out to smoke and he also came to smoke. I am not a regular smoker, just to set with the party atmosphere I thought of smoke. He requested a matchbox from me. We started our conversation and I found that they are from Coimbatore.

They came here to just spend over the weekend and have some fun. By his facial reactions, I could sense he doesn’t want to share any information. After finishing our smokes, we went together. I told them, if they don’t mind they can join me.

Initially, she little hesitated, but that guy told her he also, like us, just came here for the first time. Then she said fine to join with me. They introduced themselves as Lavanya and Karthick. I ordered some wine for both of them. After some 3 glasses, Lavanya was fully high and she wanted to go to the room.

It was almost 1 am and we decided to go to the room. Karthick requested me if I can join him for a drink in their room. He can’t drink much at his place and the very purpose of this visit is to booze as much as he can. I came to know that Lavanya likes to drink.

But due to a joint family and all, she can’t even imagine drinking at their place. Moreover, kids are there at home. So, it’s a kind of trip just to drink for them. Karthick was holding her and we went to the lift. Lavanya was about to fall and then she balanced somehow.

Karthick requested me to hold her from the other side as he was also high with drinks. I just covered her by keeping my one hand around her waist and another hand on her arms. Let me tell about her, she is one typical south family girl. Her height was 5’11 and nice stature, boobs must be 34 and butt also of 36.

As I was holding her waist, I could feel there is no extra fat. It was very smooth. Since she was not able to know what is happening, I was just scrolled my hand around her waist. We reached the floor and went to the room. It was a suite room with a big bathtub and a very spacious room.

As we entered, I just put Lavanya on the bed. We both decided to sit in the balcony for a few more drinks. As we didn’t eat any food, Karthick ordered some food from room service. He ordered for both of us and for Lavanya. As we were in the balcony and started drinks with smoke.

After half an hour, Lavanya also came. She changed into a short boxer kind of shorts and a tight t-shirt. I never imagined, she will wear these kinds of dresses. The moment I saw her, I commented that if you came like this to the pub, the entire boys’ crowd must be around you.

Then I realized Karthick and said sorry. He laughed and said why are you saying sorry, it’s a fact. My wife is a beauty queen. Lavanya was blushing after hearing that and said thanks to me for my compliments. As she took some rest, she is normal and doesn’t want to drink anymore.

She was serving us food and drinks. When she bends, I could see the bulge of her boobs. Her thighs were very smooth and white in color. In jeans, both of us felt uncomfortable. So I told them that, let me go to my room after dinner. Karthick was not in a mood to leave me.

He said, “Why do you want to go? We will drink this whole night and have fun. This whole night you are my guest, I and Lavanya are your host. I have some brand new boxers, please use those. If you want even without boxer also you can.” I got shocked and looked into Lavanya.

She was embarrassed and said “He is drinking after a long time. Please don’t mind.” Then, I went inside and changed to his boxers. I removed my innerwear also and didn’t have anything to wear on top. Lavanya was like, no problem be comfortable.

I again went out and saw that Karthick was out of his control and sleeping on the couch itself. I saw Lavanya sitting on another couch. We decided to put him on the bed. I lifted him and put him on the bed. She removed his pants and left him only with his innerwear and told me that, he always sleeps like that.

Then, we two sat outside and talking random stuff and it was around 3 am. The outside climate was so chilled. We were standing next to each other, our hands were scratching each other. I just thought of trying my luck by holding her hand. There was no reply from her and it gave me more courage to go further.

I just lifted her right hand with my left hand kissed. She smiled and gently released her hand from me. I went behind her and folded her with both hands and kissed her shoulder and ear. She was like moaning and turned towards me.

That’s was an amazing sight, her beautiful face was closer to my face and my hands are on her butt. I started getting closer to her and she prepared for a mouth kiss. We were on long lip lock and exchanged our salvias. We were kissing like there is no next day. I was pressing on her butt inside her boxer.

She didn’t wear any panties. So I could straight go to her ass hole and got the sense of her smooth pussy. Then as we are kissing, I went inside her t-shirt and got hold of her smooth waist. She was completely into my control and was whispering into my ear, “Let’s go inside.”

Karthick was completely unconscious but his cock for fully erect. We could see as he was in his innerwear. We sat on the sofa inside the room and again started our kisses. She gave kisses all across my face and started licking. Meantime, I pulled her t-shirt and could get the view of her beautiful milky white boobs.

Her nipples were brownish-black and fully erected. I started caressing both the boobs and pinching on her nipples simultaneously. She was moaning very loudly. If someone passed by our room, they could have very much heard her. Then I started sucking her right boobs and still playing with her other boobs.

Simultaneously I put my hands into her boxer and trying to reach her pussy. She was holding my head tightly to suck her nipple harder. I made her stand and pulled her boxer down. Wow, it was a cleanly shaved pussy with a lot of juices. I started tasting the other boobs and caressing her pussy.

She kept on moaning and kept my head towards her. I then made her lay on the sofa and went to the floor. I made her spread her legs and went in between and started kissing her pinky pussy. Still, I kept on playing with her nipples while I started licking her pussy.

I played well with my tongue and almost my tongue went inside her pussy. She started secreting her juices and I didn’t waste even a drop and tasted every drop of it. Then she made me stand and pulled my boxer down. My monster was fully erected and popping out to see the beautiful girl who made him free.

She grabbed my cock and pulled me closer to her. She kissed my cock in all the directions and my balls too. Now, this is my turn to moan, she knew how to make a guy moan well. After some 10 minutes of play, finally, she took my cock into her mouth.

First, she licked the precum on the tip and took the entire cock into her mouth. She gave me one of the best blowjobs of my life. While sucking my cock hard, she was playing with my ball from behind and that adds tickling feel more. I lifted her from the sofa and took her to bed.

Though Karthick was in deep sleep his cock was towards the roof. I made her lie next to him. I lifted her legs to penetrate her pussy with my cock. I started slowly and raised my speed. Whenever I felt like cumming, I stopped and played with her boobs and kissed her by keeping my cock inside her pussy.

Then, again I started. We decided to change the position after some 15 minutes and she wants to come on top. She is a good rider too. As she was riding on me, she pulled Karthick’s innerwear down and started stroking his cock. It was an amazing feeling to fuck a homely girl when her husband was in the room.

Then again we changed our positions to the doggy style. That was a perfect position for her to suck his husband’s cock and giving her pussy to a stranger that’s me. After some 10 minutes of hard fuck, I released my load on her asshole. Both of us had a feeling of satisfaction.

By that time Karthick also released and she drank every drop of his semen.

I will share with you the remaining story of how the threesome between us happened the next day.  Please share your feedback at [email protected]

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