And That’s How I Turned Gay! – Part 2

This is Shrey, 22, bisexual bottom guy and this is the sequel to my previous story.

If you have not checked that out, first read it and then come here.

Previous Part: And That’s How I Turned Gay! – Part 1

The last scene was, I was on the stranger’s lap, his cock in my ass, cum flowing from my ass down to his thighs and staining the floor while the janitor standing in front of us staring at us furiously.

We immediately stood up and wore our trousers.

Janitor: What the fuck is going on here?!
Stranger: Hey please, don’t get mad, listen to us first.

Janitor: Why should I listen to you fuckers? I’ll complain about you to higher authorities.

“Wait, wait-” said stranger blocking his way.

“Please listen; what would you get by complaining?”

Janitor thought for a while.

Stranger: Nothing. But I have an offer for you. You can fuck him, right now, as you want, release all your lust over him.

Janitor: Do you think I’m gay, like you?

Stranger: I know you are not, and I am also not, but this man’s ass is a satisfying fuck. You’ll surely enjoy fucking him.

Janitor checked me out from top to bottom then said, “My wife’s been ill for a month, haven’t fucked since then. And she stopped giving me ass a long time ago, so ok, but I’ll fuck him as I want.”

Stranger: Yeah sure.

The stranger came to me, “Hey man, you’ll have to get fucked by him.”

Me: How could you make that deal on my behalf??! I’ll not fuck a janitor!

Stranger: Hey man, we have no choice. We had to please him or else we are gone. Please understand. And to fuck him, just channelize your inner lust. I’ve seen it, it makes you quite horny.

I looked at the janitor and said, “Ok, come.”

Janitor: Not here. Here it’s too risky. Follow me.

We followed him out of the washroom to a room outside of which was written, ‘Janitor’s Room’. We went inside. It was not a big room. Various brooms, mops, and buckets were kept there.

I asked, “We’ll fuck here?”
Janitor: No, come here.

There was a door inside the Janitor’s room, he opened it. It was a small broom closet, the size of an elevator. He took out the two brooms kept there, we walked in, he closed the door.

Janitor: Take off everything.

And he also began to strip himself. Now I will tell you about his features. He seemed about a 50s guy, a little dark in complexion, with belly protruding out, with a 7-inch cock which was even darker, with pubic hair growing unevenly around it.

After stripping naked, the janitor gestured to me to suck him. I got down and started sucking him. I licked his cock with my tongue, from bottom to top. I rolled my tongue all over it and then pressed his cock with my lips. Slowly, the janitor’s cock began growing in my mouth and soon became hard.

I spat over it, rubbed it over his cock with my hands, and again sucked it. Slowly, I took it completely inside. My nose touched his pubic bush. Some of his hair was going in my mouth, but by then, I was overcome by my lust, which had made me dirtier.

He started to moan soon, “Aaah, oh yeah, suck it bitch.”

I deepthroated it. The janitor began to give thrusts in my mouth and mouth-fucked me.

Then he took it out and gestured me to get in doggy style. I did and offered my ass to him. The janitor came down and licked my ass crack. This pleasured me. He began to lick my asshole, which was stained with stranger’s cum. But he didn’t care and licked that cum too. My ass lubricated with his saliva now was ready to get fucked.

The janitor stood up and rubbed his cock in my ass crack a few times. Then he kept it at my hole. He pushed inside and half of it went inside and “Aaaaaah” escaped from my mouth. He gave another thrust and whole went inside.

The janitor began fucking by going in and out. Initially, it pained a little then the pleasure overcame. We both were moaning together.

“Oh yeah, fuck me,” I said.

“Take that cock you fucker,” he said.

Seeing all this, the stranger’s cock also became hard. He came in front of me and kept it at my mouth. I took it inside and sucked him while taking one cock in my ass.

The janitor said to change positions. He laid down, and I sat on his cock, in a reverse cowgirl position and started jumping over his cock. The stranger came over me for sucking his tool. Again, I sucked and simultaneously I rubbed my cock.

It reached its peak, and we all cummed together. The janitor came in my ass which came out flew on his belly and thighs. The stranger came in my mouth. Some of it I drank, some spat out. My cum fell on the floor and janitor’s legs.

After the cum session, we stood up.

Janitor: Now wear your clothes and get the fuck out.

We did and went to the theatre.

Stranger: Hey man, you want to sit with me on the Platinum seat? I have empty seats beside me.
Me: Sure.

I sat beside him. We were in the middle and there were only 3 more couples besides us on the Platinum row.

Soon a hot scene started in the movie and the things in the theatre also heated up. The couples beside us started their own. In one, the boy was pressing the girl’s boobs and his hand was down her pants. While in the other, they were frantically kissing.

The people in front also were enjoying. We couldn’t see much because of the darkness but we could at least see heads turned towards the sides instead of to the front.

Stranger: Hey, you want one last fuck?

Seeing the events around, I also got hot.

Me: Sure.

The stranger took out his cock which had already become hard.

Stranger: Lower your trousers only to reveal your ass, not more, and sit on my cock.

I lowered till I exposed my ass, and stood up and sat on his lap over his cock. It went inside, stretching my insides. He began giving small thrusts so that it was not much evident. We didn’t make any sound.

Beside us was a couple. The girl’s head was at the boy’s lap. There was another couple where the boy was on the ground, his head was between the girl’s thighs.

Soon our lust overcame and the stranger slid down the button of the seat which converted it into a horizontal sofa position. And instead of sitting on it, he lay over it. I came over him in reverse cowgirl position and we began fucking.

The other couples saw us, but instead of complaining, they got the courage and the boy made the girl stand in front of him and began fucking her from behind.

After few minutes, I orgasmed. My ass contracted over his cock, squeezing it, which helped his cock to ejaculate. He came inside me and my cum went on the floor and backside of the seat in front of ours.

I came down.

Stranger: It was really hot fucking you.

We exchanged numbers for the next time. I was thinking about how many places we stained with our cum. And that’s how I turned gay!

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