A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 31 (A Game Of Shocks)

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Both Mahima and Ayesha looked a little disturbed. Kalyani asked them what happened. Ayesha told her that Ravi tried to reach Kalyani by phone for about 2 hours, and he couldn’t reach her. Kalyani looked over her phone and found that she had accidentally switched on the flight mode.

She cursed herself and switched the flight mode off. Then Mahima told her that Ravi called her grandmother’s mobile, got Mahima’s number, and then called her to check on Kalyani. Kalyani thought she was so careless and then immediately called her husband.

He picked it up and told her that all flights were canceled for the next three days in the city where he was. Kalyani was very disappointed by this, and her face drowned. Ravi then told her that he would come by train. It will at least take about 40 hours to reach home.

Kalyani then hung up, saying good night. Ayesha looked at poor Kalyani, and she understood her feelings. Ayesha told Mahima to go to her flat that she will take care of Kalyani. Before Mahima left, she took a look at the sexy revealing attire of Kalyani and wondered about her beauty.

After Mahima left, Kalyani buried her face under her hands and felt sad. Ayesha touched her hands and held them, and said, “Relax honey, he’ll be back soon.” Kalyani looked at Ayesha with a puppy face. Ayesha hugged her and said, “I know how it feels, honey.”

Kalyani liked her hug as it gave her warmth, and her breasts pressing against Kalyani’s was so soft. Then Ayesha told her to make her feel good they’ll have a sleepover in Kalyani’s house. Kalyani liked the idea, and her face lit up as soon as she said it.

Ayesha then called Devi, Mahima, Deepika, Radha, and Kamala. She told them it would be a sleepover in Kalyani’s house. Kamala said that she is out of town for some market business so she can’t attend it. Mahima also told her that she has internal exams the next day and excused herself.

The rest of the sorority accepted the invitation. It was about 8:30 pm, Devi, Radha, and Deepika assembled in Kalyani’s house. Kalyani changed her dress to a long nighty. Radha brought a case of non-alcoholic drinks. They all were wearing long nighty.

They watched some tv shows together and were having fun. They shared drinks and were laughing. Suddenly Deepika said, “Let’s have more fun.” She went to her flat and brought a DVD player and some CDs. She plugged it into Kalyani’s TV, and the others were anxiously waiting to see what she was going to do.

She asked Kalyani to tell her favorite number between 1 to 10. Kalyani picked 6. Then Deepika picked a cd in the sixth count, and she inserted it into the drive and played it. The girls were eager to see what is in it. The movie started, and it was an English movie.

The movie started with people playing on the beach, volleyball, and surfing. The opening credits rolled. They suddenly saw a woman sunbath with her lace bikini bottom without a top. But she covered her breasts with hands and wore shades.

The exact moment the girls realized it was an erotic movie. They all looked at Deepika at the same time. She asked them, “What? You don’t like it?” None replied, but their eyes went back to the screen. Now the girl removed her hands from her breasts and exposed her pinkish nipples and perfectly round boobs.

Kalyani was aroused at seeing them. She bit her lips and tried to control herself. Then the movie started with a story where a group of girls is residing in a beach house. Without their knowledge, someone is watching them through spy cams rigged inside the house. It was a softcore sex movie.

Kalyani wasn’t much aroused by the sex scenes between woman and man in the movie. But she was attracted by the movie’s main actress. She had a slim body with tight boobs and ass. Her hair was bob cut and blonde. There was a scene where she undresses and takes a bath.

Kalyani’s pussy became wet, and the rest of the women were transfixed to the screen. Kalyani loved the actress and would do anything to fuck a girl like her. While there was a lesbian scene in the movie. Deepika said, “Let’s fast forward it.”

But Radha told her not to and told her it would ruin the movie if they skip the scenes. Ayesha and Kalyani knew that Radha always liked lesbian sex. So did Kalyani. She got mesmerized by the scene where two girls have sex in a pool. While the movie crossed 1 hour, suddenly the power went down.

The girls all, at the same time, gave a big sigh of disappointment. Kalyani asked them to wait for a minute as she’ll go and get the candle. It was completely dark, and Kalyani had to use her hands to move around. She extended her hands to feel the walls.

While she was moving, she felt someone standing in front of her. She accidentally touched the person’s breasts. She felt the breasts for a second, and she pulled her hands away. Then she moved further across the person. But the person grabbed her hands.

She pulled Kalyani towards herself and held her by her waist. Kalyani was shocked, and she couldn’t find who it was, nor did she resist the person. Her boobs were pressing against the person. The person dragged her to the kitchen and then kissed her on her cheek.

Kalyani didn’t speak a word or resist the kiss. Then the person came closer to her ear and whispered in a low husky tone, “I saw it in your eyes while watching the movie.” Kalyani asked, “What?” The person replied, “The lesbian fire.”

Kalyani didn’t answer, and she stood speechless. Then the person lip-locked with Kalyani. Kalyani responded and felt those tender lips. Kalyani is now sure it was Radha. She thought that it was the right time she revealed her lesbian thirst. It was still pitch black.

The person made Kalyani sit on the ledge of the kitchen table. She raised Kalyani’s nighty up to her waist and removed the panty. Then the person started licking her pussy. Kalyani closed her mouth with her hand and tried not to moan louder. The tongue was a pro. Kalyani had never experienced more pleasure.

Then the person inserted the finger inside her vagina and stroked it harder. Kalyani can barely control her moans. The others wondered what’s taking her so long. The Girls couldn’t find their mobile phones. As it was pitch black and they didn’t find their mobile phone from where they placed it.

The person sucking Kalyani must have intentionally misplaced their phones. Kalyani didn’t answer their call as they called her name to hurry up. She said, “Yeah, just a minute.” Then she told the person in the dark to finish it faster. The person increased the pace, and pussy licked her faster.

Kalyani was squealing like a rat. The girls thought it was some real rat, and they ran outside the flat to the corridor. Kalyani was on cloud nine and finally climaxed. Her fluids were all over the kitchen floor. She told the person to wash her face before the others could find it.

The woman in the dark didn’t speak, and she used the washbasin to clean her face. She then left the kitchen. Kalyani was very satisfied, and she took a kitchen cloth to wipe her cum off the floor. She finally found the candles and lit them. She called in the girls and said that she misplaced the candles in the dark.

The sound wasn’t a rat and was just the tiles on the floor. They each lit a candle and felt the room was a little warm, so they planned to go to the terrace. Each had candles in their hand and climbed up the stairs. Kalyani couldn’t find Radha with them.

She thought that Radha is taking her time to dry her face after a pussy lick. The four sat around and lit a candle in the middle. Ayesha told them, “Let’s play truth or dare.” The girls accepted. Ayesha told her that she’d spin a bottle. If it points towards someone, that person should do a dare or tell the truth.

But the rules are slightly different this time that everyone other than the chosen one has a chance to ask truth or dare. Kalyani was given the bottle, and she spun the bottle. It rotated and stood pointing Devi. Kalyani asked her truth or dare. Devi replied truth. Kalyani asked her, “Were you a virgin before marriage?”

The other girls laughed out loud, and Devi herself smiled and said, “Yes.” Then Deepika asked her, “Truth or dare?” Devi replied truth. Deepika asked her, “Do you fuck Kevin in front of your husband in a video call?” The girls burst out laughing.

Devi said, “I’ll rather choose dare.” Deepika then said, “Then remove your nighty and sit with your underwear for 10 minutes.” She had no choice but to remove it. Devi stood and removed her nighty, and she was left with just a white bra and red panty.

She sat down on the floor. Her bare thighs could feel the chillness of the terrace floor. Then Ayesha asked her truth or dare. Devi looked at herself, and she thought if she chooses dare, she might end up naked. So she chose truth. Ayesha asked her, “Have you ever been groped by a stranger?”

Devi paused for a second and replied, “Yes.” Deepika laughed and asked her, “Who is the lucky guy?” Devi replied, “Your turn is over, idiot. Now spin it again.” Them Deepika spun the bottle, and it stopped pointing at Ayesha. Then Deepika asked her truth or dare.

Ayesha replied, “truth.” “How many men have you ever fucked in until now.” Deepika laughed at this question and asked her to say it. Ayesha, without hesitation, closed her eyes and then remembered it and replied, “Around 15.” Kalyani was shocked to hear her answer.

Deepika laughed out and said, “I knew how many, but I wanted to hear it from you. It was fun.” Ayesha looked at the shocking face of Kalyani and winked at her, and said, “You only live once, honey.”

Then Devi asked her, “Truth or dare.” Ayesha replied, “Truth.” Devi asked her, “How many men did you fuck after your marriage?” Ayesha replied, “Naughty girl Devi, I’ve fucked about 7 after my marriage.” Her answer shattered Kalyani’s heart. Even Devi was shocked by her reply.

Then Kalyani asked her, “Truth or dare.” Ayesha replied, “Truth.” Kalyani asked her, “Why are you cheating on your husband?”

Ayesha came closer to her and said, “Sweetheart, I’ve seen many men in my life. They are all the same, waiting for an opportunity to cheat. I always knew my husband has been cheating on me.” Kalyani was shocked by her bold answer.

Before Ayesha could spin the bottle, Radha came back. She saw Devi in her underwear, and she joined the game. Then Ayesha spun the bottle, and the bottle stopped towards Radha. Ayesha asked, “Truth or dare.” She replied, “Truth.”

Ayesha asked her, “With how many men did you have sex.” Radha chuckled and replied, “Only one.” Then Deepika asked her, “Truth or dare.” She replied, “Dare.” Deepika said, “Remove your panty and throw it down on the street.”

Radha chuckled. She brought her hands under her nighty and removed her panty. She went near the ledge and threw it on the street. She turned around and asked Deepika, “Happy now?” Then it was Devi’s turn, and Radha replied, “Truth.”

Devi asked her, “What’s your sexuality.” Radha replied with a smile, “I’m bisexual.” Deepika was shocked by her reply and laughed at it. Then it was Kalyani’s turn. Radha chose truth. Then Kalyani asked her, “How many women have you slept with?”

Now all the girls awaited her answer curiously. She replied, “Nearly 35.” Devi laughed at it and asked her, “What is the rank of your sister-in-law?” Radha blushed and slapped Devi in her bare thigh.

Devi said, “Ouch, stop touching me, lesbian,” and laughed at her. Radha took it for fun and laughed it off. Then the bottle was spun again. It then pointed again at Devi. Devi chose dare from Radha. Radha asked her to remove her bra and throw it off in the streets.

Devi hesitantly removed it. With her hands, she covered her boobs. She went near the ledge and looked out to see if anyone was near. And she threw it off the ledge. She then returned and sat in her place with just her panty and her hands covering her breasts. Then Devi chose truth for Deepika.

Deepika asked her how many men did she have sex with. Devi replied, “That was easy, one, my husband.” Then Deepika asked her, “What about Kevin? Is he not your current fuck buddy?” and laughed at her. Devi blushed and said, “It was just a doll, you idiot, and he doesn’t count.”

Then Devi chose dare for Ayesha. Ayesha asked her to extend her to stay without nighty for 10 more minutes. Then Devi chose truth for Kalyani. Kalyani asked her, “How many men have molested or groped you so far?” She replied hesitantly and said, “5.”

Kalyani could see Devi felt so sad on even thinking of getting groped by a stranger. Then the bottle was spun again. Now it pointed towards Deepika. Deepika chose truth for Radha. Radha asked her how many men had she ever slept with. She replied “3” and blushed.

Then she chose truth for Devi. When Devi was about to ask her, Ayesha asked Devi to pass the chance to her. She also asked Kalyani to do the same. Now Ayesha had three questions to ask. Deepika was so afraid of what she was going to ask.

Ayesha gave a devilish grin and asked her, “Have you ever had a male-female-male threesome?” Deepika was stunned and was speechless. Ayesha asked her to reply. Deepika replied, “Yes.” The rest of the girls were shocked by her answer.

Radha even asked her how it felt. Deepika blushed, and she turned her face down. Then Ayesha asked her the next question,” Where did you experience your threesome?” Deepika replied that she experienced it in America. Devi was so shocked at the same she couldn’t believe her saying it.

When Ayesha was about to ask the final question, Deepika told her to change the truth to dare. Then Ayesha smiled and asked her to tell her the whole story of the threesome. Deepika gave a big sigh and cursed Ayesha. “Finally, you’ve had your revenge, you witch.”

Ayesha was laughing at her and asked her to start the story.

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