Being A Slave On A Trip To Digha – Part 5

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Hi everyone. This is Riya (real name changed) again. I hope you already know that I am from Kolkata (North; Near Dumdum). I am 23 now. I am fair, 5’3” tall. My stats are 34b 28 36. I am in a relationship for the last three years. His name is Jay (real name changed). We both are Bengali.

This is the final part of this series.

2nd day – (Evening to next morning)

I woke up around 8.30 PM. Vikram was already awake. I would say I had a good sleep after good sex. My mind and body were at peace. After everything, the person you love can make you happy in an instance. I hope you know what I’m saying.

I looked at Jay. He was still sleeping. I leaned towards his face and kissed him on his forehead. He opened his eyes, smiled at me, and kissed me back on my lips.

He said, “If you guys want to go somewhere, you can go. I am not feeling well. I have a headache. Oh! And please bring a tablet or something. I want to sleep early, if possible, right after dinner.”

Vikram said, “Okay, bro, don’t you worry. We are not going anywhere. But I will bring your medicine,” and then he left. I asked Jay if he would like to have a cup of tea. He said yes and with ginger and then covered his head to toe with a blanket.

So I called room service and ordered two ginger teas. I washed my face and wore spaghetti and shorts without a bra and panty. Then the doorbell rang. I opened the door and found Ashok with the tray. He entered and put the tray on the table.

He looked at me. Then his eyes moved down and got stuck at my cleavage and pointy nipples poking out through spaghetti, wanting to get out. He gave a naughty smile and said,  “See you tonight, Mam.”

I got startled when I heard Vikram replied, “See you, too, Ashok.” Vikram got back with the medicine. Ashok was gone. I locked the door. I was about to call Jay and gave him the medicine. But Vikram said, “Jay needs to take dinner first and then give him the medicine.”

He was right. So I called Jay and gave him tea. I said, “I will order dinner now. Eat then have the tablets.” Jay nodded positively and took small sips of tea. I went to the balcony with my cup and asked Vikram to light a cigarette for me. He gave me the cigarette and said, “Jay needs to have a good and tight sleep after dinner.” I nodded.

I finished my tea and cigarette. Jay was finished too. So I ordered his dinner and some snacks for us and then gave him a head massage. After 20 minutes, the bell rang. Vikram opened the door.

Raju brought dinner and snacks, and he also had a bottle of rum with him. He put the tray on the bed as I instructed and then gave the bottle to Vikram. Raju said, “We will be here around 12.30 AM. Is that okay, sir?” Vikram said, “It is fine. Just bring your glasses too.”

Then Jay finished his dinner. Vikram and I ate the snacks with beer. Then I gave the tablets to Jay. He took those and slept, covering himself with a blanket. We sat on the balcony and finished our beer. There was a full moon in the sky.

Vikram came near me and moved his hand inside my spaghetti. His hand stopped as it found my nipples. He started to play with those. He whispered in my ear, “I want you to wear a transparent top with a mini skirt and no inner-wears.”

I smiled at him. He then squeezed both my boobs with both hands and started biting my earlobe. After a while, we got inside and found it was already 11 PM. So we also ordered our food and a few more beer. Jay was asleep. I covered his head with the blanket and moved him to the corner of the bed.

I changed my dress and wore what Vikram asked. I can assure you I was looking like a complete fucking slut. My nipples were as visible as half of my ass. If I bent down, my pussy could be seen too.

Around 11.20 PM, Ashok brought our food. He had 3 more glasses with him. He was astonished by looking at me. He put the trays on the bed and went out. We both were a little hungry, so we finished our food as fast as we can. Then Vikram and I both had a cigarette. We went to the balcony.

Vikram removed his pants and put my hand on his dick. I started rubbing and stroking. As I finished smoking, I got down and started sucking until the doorbell rang. Vikram winked at me and told me to open the door. I knew he had something like this in mind.

I opened the door. There were 3 of them – Raju, Ashok, and Atul. They had some snacks with them. All of their eyes were stuck at my boobs. Atul sat on a chair. Vikram also. But as there were no more chairs, Vikram told them to sit on the bed.

At first, they hesitated, but Vikram insisted on sitting on the bed. Ashok and Raju sat on either side of me on the bed. They started drinking and talking about different kinds of stuff mostly related to this hotel. I saw Ashok looking at my nipples which were visible through the top.

Raju was brushing his hands on my thighs and back. Vikram and Atul were making drinks. Vikram was sitting a little far from me. Whenever I was taking a glass from him, I had to lift my ass and stretched my hand towards Vikram to take the glass from him.

During this, my crop top lifted a little and exposed my boobs. My skirt lifted, making my ass completely visible. As I was not wearing panty, my pussy and asshole were also visible. I knew Ashok and Raju noticed it many times. They were looking at each other and smirking.

Ashok asked Vikram to turn off the lights as Jay was sleeping. Vikram did it. I saw Raju and Ashok got a little closer to me. I did it again. I lifted my ass and stretched my body to take another glass from Vikram. When I was getting back to my position, Raju put his hand under my ass, and I sat on it.

I looked at Raju. Raju smiled. Then I lifted my ass a little so that Raju pull out his hand. But Raju didn’t pull his hand. Instead, he put his finger up, and unknowingly I sat on it, and his finger slid in my pussy. Vikram and Atul didn’t notice that, I am sure.

But Ashok saw that. And he got the courage and put his hands on my ass and started mauling my ass softly and gently. They were busy drinking and chatting while I was moving my hips slowly. Raju was moving his finger inside my pussy. I did it again and took my glass.

This time Raju put 2 fingers in my pussy, and I moaned. Atul noticed it this time. This went on for few more minutes. Vikram then went to the toilet. As soon as he locked the door from inside, Raju held my neck, pulled my face towards him, and kissed me.

As my face been pulled, my ass lifted. Then Raju pulled his fingers out and slapped my ass hard. Ashok put his mouth on my ass licked my pussy and asshole.

Vikram flushed the toilet, and they stopped. Vikram came back. But he noticed that my skirt was up and my ass was visible. He understood. He then told Atul to make him a drink and bring that to the balcony. Atul made a drink. He went to the balcony with it. I heard Vikram and Atul started talking.

As soon as they went to the balcony, Ashok pulled me and started kissing. Raju put his fingers in my pussy and started pinching my nipple. Raju and Ashok then started sucking my boobs over the top.

After few minutes, Raju removed my top and started sucking boobs. Ashok removed my skirt and started licking my pussy. Atul came back from the balcony and found us like this. I was fully naked, getting attention from all three of them.

Vikram entered the room, turned the lights on, and said, “I guess the party is getting started.” All of them removed their clothes and got naked. Atul was a bit shy, so he kept his underwear. Raju had an 8 inch long but not so thick dick. Ashok had 7 inches, a pretty thick and dark-skinned dick.

Raju put his dick in my mouth and started to fuck my mouth. Ashok still concentrated on my nipples, and Atul was eating my pussy. They switched positions after few minutes. Raju lay down on the bed. I rode on top of him and slid his dick in my pussy.

He held my waist and started fucking me from below. Atul sat by my side and was sucking my nipples. Ashok stood up on the bed and put his dick in my mouth. Raju was fucking me hard.

After few minutes, Atul also stood up and removed his underwear. His dick was average-sized 6 inches. I took both their dicks in hand and started sucking each of them alternatively. Then Vikram removed his shorts and got behind my back. He spat on my ass and pushed his dick inside.

He clutched my hair and made me suck Atul and Ashok while fucking my ass. Raju and Vikram were fucking me in a rhythm. One dick goes in, and the other goes out. Atul and Ashok then sat down, and each took one boob and started chewing.

I was in cloud 9. In minutes I came to an orgasm, and my body started shivering. Then both of them pulled out and laid me down on the bed. Ashok was waiting for his moment. As soon as there was an opening, he got on top of me and pushed his dick inside my pussy.

Vikram got down from the bed and shoved his dick in my mouth. Raju started to slap my boobs while Atul played with my navel. Then they switched positions. Atul took his position in my pussy while Raju wanted me to suck his dick. He brought his dick near my face.

I took his dick in my mouth and started sucking while held Vikram and Ashok’s cock and stroked each of them. After 10 minutes, Vikram told me to sit in the doggy position. Raju put his dick in my asshole and slowly pushed it in. His dick got into my ass. Then he increased his speed gradually.

After few minutes, he pulled it out. Ashok took his place, but he shoved his dick in one go. I wanted to scream, but Vikram pushed his dick in my mouth. They all laughed. Ashok fucked my ass roughly for few more minutes. Then Atul lay down and told me to sit on top of him.

I sat on his dick, and his dick slipped into my pussy. Raju put his dick in my ass. They both fucked me together while I sucked Vikram and Ashok’s dick. Raju started to slap my ass from behind while increasing his speed by each minute. I knew he would cum soon.

But after few more minutes, he pulled out but didn’t cum. They switched positions alternatively. These happened for an hour. In that one hour, 4 of them fucked my pussy and ass multiple times. Ashok was first to cum. I was riding on top of him while he was fucking my pussy. Vikram was fucking my ass then.

Ashok suddenly grabbed my boobs firmly and shot his load inside. At that moment, Vikram grabbed my neck and made me stay seated on Ashok. His dick filled my pussy cavity with hot thick fluid. As soon as he was done, his dick slipped out, and his thick cum came out of pussy.

Vikram couldn’t hold any longer. He pulled out of my ass and shot his load in his palm. Then he applied it on my face like some cream. It was disgusting. Watching this, Ashok put his fingers inside my pussy and took out his cum. He also did the same thing, painted my face with his cum.

I guess it was very exciting and kinky that Atul couldn’t bear any more. He stood in front of me and cummed on my face. With his dick, he painted my face like a painter paints with his brush or tool. You know what I mean, right?

After Vikram pulled out of my ass, Raju took his place and shoved his dick in my ass. He was fucking me during the contest of who is the best painter. It made him more and more excited, but he knew how to hold the fort. He remained an undisputed knight.

He kept fucking me in the ass for more than 10 minutes until he unloaded inside. I felt his cock pulsating and shooting every last drop of his cum inside my ass. It took 30 seconds to finish his unloading. Then he pulled out, and his cum came out with bubbles and weird sounds.

He then came near my face. I licked his dick and tasted his cum. I was looking like a dirty slut with my face covered in 3 men’s cum. Then I got down from the bed and lit a cigarette. I went to the balcony naked. Vikram went to the washroom, and the other 3 came to the balcony after turning the light off.

Raju and Ashok started to play with my boobs. Atul was watching us. I finished my cigarette and came inside the room. Vikram was finished. He told them to clean everything. They cleaned the bed, and Vikram went to bed. I went to the washroom and turned the shower on.

I left the door open. I washed my face clean. After cleaning, Atul put on his clothes and went out. Raju closed the door and then entered the washroom. Ashok followed him too. They grabbed me from behind and started kissing my lips, neck, and cheeks.

I felt their dicks touching my back and waist. I held their dicks and started stroking. I was shocked to see that they got hard again this soon. I knew I was getting another fuck from this two. But I also knew it’s not going to last much longer. Raju lifted one of my legs and pushed his dick inside my pussy.

Ashok pushed his dick in asshole. They fucked me like that for 5 minutes and cummed almost together. I told them to clean and go as we have to check out at noon. They were sad, but they were happy to get the reward. They cleaned themselves and me.

We got out of the washroom. They wore their clothes and went out right after sucking my nipples for few minutes. I closed the door and hopped on the bed. I slept between Jay and Vikram.

I woke up around 10.30 AM. I saw Jay and Vikram were almost ready. Raju was also standing there with the bills. He greeted me. I got out of bed, went to the washroom, and freshen myself. I wore a top and Jeans.

Ashok brought some breakfast for me. I ate in a hurry. We checked out, bidding goodbye to everyone. Around 3 PM, we got back home.

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