Hot Senior Girl Fucked By Her Junior On Bus

Hello readers, This is Kiran. I am 21-year-old guy with good looks and 6 ft height. I have been visiting and reading (living in the roles) stories in since 2018 and decided that this is my time to write one.

I am an engineering student studying in Hyderabad. I am a simple guy in need of deep sexual pleasures. This is my first story here, so I request you forgive me for any errors.

Moving on to the story, my college declared holidays due to COVID-19 and I decided to leave for my hometown as early as possible and booked tickets in a semi-sleeper bus.

I was waiting for the bus to arrive. It was already 30 minutes past the actual boarding time, so I called the bus operator and was enquiring when the bus will arrive and I hung up. Standing beside me was an angel named Shruthi who was 22 years old.

Shruthi was 5’8″ tall angel with a pony hairstyle. Her figure must be 34-29-36. She had medium-size boobs with a curvy hip. She looked athletic, her lemons were dropping and it was jaw-dropping. She was wearing tight black leggings with a red t-shirt on top and a black jacket over it.

Shruthi: Excuse me? Were you enquiring about the Bangalore bus?
Me: Yes.

Shruthi: When will the bus arrive?
Me: The operator said it should be here in 10 minutes.

Shruthi: Oh! Ok, Thanks.
Me: Bangalore?

Shruthi: Yeah! Silk Board. You?
Me: Electronic city.

Shruthi: I feel like I have seen you before.
Me: Is it? Are you a working woman? Because I have been looking for internships in many companies personally.

Shruthi: No, I’m a final year civil engineering student at Sun Beam college.
Me: That sums it up! I’m a 3rd year CSE student there. But I have never seen you there or maybe I don’t remember.

Shruthi: Seriously? You have never seen me?
Me: Yeah! sorry, I missed a beauty all this time.

Shruthi (giggles): Well, at least you know me now.

Then the bus arrived, we boarded the bus and sat in our respective seats. I sat in the last 2nd row and she was sitting somewhere in the middle.

I started watching a movie as I felt like my chance of scoring with this beautiful college girl was over. Then, after reaching the outskirts of the city, the bus operator said that we should shift to the other bus, as the passenger count was very low due to COVID-19. I was a bit frustrated but he upgraded us to a sleeper coach bus, so I was happy.

The seats in the sleeper coach bus were pretty much filled and I took an upper berth. As all other seats were filled, my senior girl Shruthi was forced to take a seat beside me. The conductor asked whether she would like to take the seat beside me and without any hesitation, she said, “YES.”

I was already pumped up and had a hard-on after the thought of hot senior girl Shruthi sleeping beside me. I helper her with her luggage and she was all comfortable.

I resumed my movie and she was watching the movie played by the bus operator. After some time, she asked if she could watch the movie together as the movie played on the bus was boring. I gave one of my buds to her and we continued watching. She said that the movie I was watching was boring.

So, I gave my mobile to her to pick a movie. She said, “You have a nice female-dominated porn collection.” The moment she said that I was embarrassed and apologized to her for not warning.

She kept the phone aside and started a conversation with me about the college and my studies. I continued the conversation about her life.

Shruthi: Do you have a girlfriend?
Me: No, I am a pretty simple guy. What about you?

Shruthi: I have one, but he is dumb. I guess you watch a lot of porn, junior?
Me: Yeah(embarrassed)! I’m sorry for not warning you previously.

Shruthi: It’s fine, even I watch porn, mostly female domination.

We both gave an awkward smile to each other and decided to sleep as it was already late. During a sharp curve, the senior girl rolled near to me and her boobs were touching my back. I had a hard-on instantly. I was holding my cock in nervousness.

She approached me again, her boobs were pressing to my back. I couldn’t control my urges, so I turned to face her and rubbed my cock on her pussy. Later, I placed my hands on her boobs and slowly pressed them. She woke up suddenly.

Shruthi: What the fuck are you doing?!
Me: I’m sorry, please forgive me.

Shruthi: I shall call the bus operator.
Me: Sorry, please forgive me. Don’t call the bus operator.

(Silence for a few seconds.)

Shruthi (laughing): I was messing with you!!
Me (relaxed): I was scared to death.

(Laughing for a few seconds.)

Shruthi: I want to see your cock!
Me: Seriously?

Shruthi: Yeah!

I slowly unzipped my pant and took the cock out. Her reaction after seeing my cock was heavenly. She touched it with her finger and put her other hand inside her leggings. I was already in heaven at that moment. She masturbated in front of me and her pussy was all wet. She was leaking through her leggings.

Me: I want something in return.
Shruthi: Do you want to fuck me? (She whispered in my ears.)

Me: Is that even a question. I want you now very badly.
Shruthi: I always fantasized about female domination, I order and you perform. Do you understand junior?

Me: Yes, m’am!

She asked to remove her clothes with my hand. I removed her leggings very slowly while looking into her eyes. I smelled those wet leggings, then removed my college senior girl’s panties and rubbed the wet panties on my cock. She asked me to eat her shaved pussy, I put her on the headrest, spread her legs and lied down.

I started from the bottom and licked her pussy round and round with my tongue all over her clit. I put my tongue inside a bit and she started to moan. Those sounds gave me chills and I was licking her pussy vigorously, I found her G-spot and licked her pussy as she was moaning heavily. I was licking every drop from her pussy.

She ordered me for face-sitting and she sat on my face. I was licking her pussy and pressing her boobs inside her t-shirt. She was totally aroused and screaming in a low voice, “Lick me like a bitch, this feels really amazing.” Then she gave me a handjob while I was fingering her.

After some time, I said that I was going to cum. The senior girl took my cock and spilled it all over her pussy and thighs. I rubbed the cum all over her pussy and thighs.

“Now is the time, insert it” (she whispered in my ears). I made her lay flat and tried to insert my dick in her pussy. Her pussy was so tight that when I tried hard, she screamed in a very sexy voice.

I put my dick in the senior girl’s mouth and asked her to lick it. Then I again inserted in her very slowly. Screaming in pain, she hugged me very tightly. A few moments later, I completely inserted inside her (the best feeling a man could ever experience).

I slowly started to give a movement. She couldn’t control it so that she started kissing me deeply. I took my cock out for a moment and put it deep inside again while she was moaning badly. It was time, I said, “I am going to cum”. She asked me to cum inside her and said she will take pills.

I came inside the senior girl, the best moment till date, the hot fluid inside her body gave her a lot of pleasure.

She said, “I want you to abuse me, spank me and slap me and treat me like a slut”. I took her to one side of the compartment and sat on her. I held her neck with one hand and slapped her cheeks with the other. They turned pink very soon and I licked all over her face.

I sat on the bed and made the college girl lie over my lap and spanked her ass very hard until they turned pink. I made her sit in front of me, tore her t-shirt and pulled her bra from her. Her lemons were so good that I instantly started licking them.

Her nipples were erect and I pinched them and squeezed the boobs very hard. Then I fucked her boobs and cummed all over her boobs and navel.

I said, “Now it’s my time, I’m the boss”. I asked her for a blowjob and she started to suck my cock. I was so aroused that, I treated her like a slut. I held her hair and made her suck my cock deep, I went deep inside the throat and came deep inside her. I held her face to my cock until she choked.

My cum was dripping from her mouth which was sexy as hell. I took her to the wall, held her hands, and started kissing her deeply. I also inserted my dick in her pussy and enjoying it all again.

After some time, we hugged each other and slept like a newly-wed couple. My dick was inside the sexy senior girl’s pussy for a long time. Sometime later, I put my head between her boobs and slept peacefully.

We woke up a few hours before our bus stops. I was licking her neck, boobs and started to eat her pussy again. We fucked again for 20 minutes. She asked for a deepthroat again, which I could never resist. This time, I held her with my legs and filled her stomach.

I said, “I want you to cover your whole body with my cum”, to which she said, “What are you waiting for? Drench me with your semen”.

She gave a blowjob and hanjob until I covered her all over with my cum. We both started to lick it, she licked her boobs and I licked her everywhere else.

We cleaned ourselves with towels and I helped her pick a t-shirt from her bag. We both dressed up and she sat on my lap. I kissed her, slid one hand and pressed her boobs, fingered her pussy with the other hand.

When her stop neared, I gave her a deep long kiss on her lips (I didn’t want her to go). I said, “I love you, Thanks for this”, she kissed my head and said, “Love you too, I didn’t want the journey to end this soon. Let’s meet again sometime”. I waved her goodbye.


Thanks for reading all along. I hope everyone enjoyed this story. I would love to hear feedback from every one of you. Drop a mail to [email protected] (It’s a real email id of course). Any girls want to have a sex chat? I’m all yours. Mail me. Thank you again.

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