My Fantasies Of Fucking Geeta Aunty Came True

Hello guys, this is Jasspreet from Ludhiana. I’m a daily reader of this fantastic website and so I decided to share my own story which happened between me and my aunty Geeta. My age is 23, and am an average-looking, tall boy.

Geeta aunty was around 35-40 years of age. Very good looking, rather I would say she was a very hot woman that I had ever seen in my life. She was 5′ 5” feet tall and her figure was 36-30-36. She had two very big melons and her ass.

I swear you can’t control yourself not to look at that fat and sexy ass. When she walks and her bums jiggle, she looks even hotter from behind.

From the very first day I saw her, what I thought was just how to fuck her for at least one time. And my dreams came true after a long time when I found her that she too was so hungry for sex.

Geeta aunty had started to live in a rented house that was just a little away from my house. We used to play cricket just behind her house and that’s when I first saw her.

When we played cricket, whenever I got any chance to watch her, I would always take that chance. Sometimes I was paying more attention to her balcony than to the cricket! I felt that she noticed that I was watching but never reacted.

One month passed in that way without any serious interaction. Whenever our neighbour aunty came to the balcony, I would watch her and when she came down to her main door for any reason, then also I could watch her, and that were the only two ways I could see her.

In the 2nd month, she started to give a little more reaction, like she would come to her balcony a little more and spend more time there letting me have a better look at her.

But I was not the only one who watched her. We were 16-20 players who would daily come to that ground to play cricket. So, everyone there got attracted to her beauty and she knew that.

So one day, I came to the ground a little earlier than I normally did and found that there was no one there. I waited for our players to come, but for almost 10 minutes no one came, so I thought why not say hello to aunty. I thought let’s talk to her till my friends come.

Geeta aunty was not on her balcony so I decided to knock at her door instead. I knocked on her door. She opened the door and looked at me in surprise. I said to her,

“Oh, hi.. hello aunty. I’m Jasspreet, but everyone calls me Jassi. I play cricket here every day.”

“Yeah, I saw you many times on the ground. Come on in, why are you standing at the gate?”

Me: Yeah, okay aunty thanks, actually today I came a bit earlier, and that’s why no one has arrived till now. So I thought I would say hello to you.

Aunty: Yeah that’s good, actually I’m new here, I don’t know too many people out there.
Me: Oh, I see.

Aunty: Yeah, so where is your house by the way?
Me: Just a 10 minute walk from here on the north side. My father’s name is Radheshyam.

Aunty: Oh, near the market right?
Me: Yes, exactly.

Aunty: Okay, what would you like to take? Tea or coffee?
Me: No aunty, thanks. Just a glass of water.

Aunty: Don’t be shy beta, you have come to my house so tell me without any hesitation.
Me: Okay, then I would like to have a cup of tea.

Aunty: That’s good, so wait a minute. I’ll make some tea for you.

After some time.

Aunty: Here you take this, have it.
Me: Thanks aunty, you are so frank and so beautiful.

Aunty: Oh thanks beta, thanks for your compliment.
Me: Yeah, I swear aunty your behavior is as good as you look.

Aunty: Really? Are you by the way flirting with me?
Me: No! Not at all, aunty. I just told the truth.

Aunty: What’s that? What’s the truth?
Me: Well, the truth is you are so beautiful and..

Aunty: And what?
Me: And hot too. I’m sorry aunty, but your…

Aunty: Do you know my age? I’m a 38 years old housewife and this is not the age of a beautiful looking woman. I’m the mother of an 8-year-old child. By the way thanks, you made me laugh.

Me: I’m not joking aunty, I’m serious. Your beauty, I mean the figure you have kept till now is much better than many younger girls, in fact, I have so many friends, but I never saw any girls having beauty like you. I can bet on this.

Aunty: Okay.. okay, stop it now, what are you saying? And why are saying this to me? You just met me a few minutes ago!

Me: I’m sorry aunty but I feel I should tell you that’s why..
Aunty: Okay.. okay, now leave that.

Me: Aunty the tea is so good.
Aunty: Thanks, looks like the way you can flirt with a lady, you must have many girlfriends right?

Me: Hehe, no aunty I have no girlfriend!
Aunty: Don’t try to lie to me. I can sense it. By the way, I noticed many times that you looked at me during your game. Am I right?

Me: What? No. aunty, actually I’m not. I mean yeah, I watched you sometimes during the games, but just a little, not much.
Aunty: I see! You are a naughty boy.

Me: Aunty don’t say like that. I mean yeah, it’s your beauty that is sometimes hard to resist not looking at you”
Aunty: Now stop. It’s getting too much.

Me: I’m sorry, I think everyone has arrived, I must leave now.
Aunty: Yeah okay, wait I’m new here and I know only a few people. Can I take your help if I need something?

Me: Yeah, no problem. Whenever you need anything just call me, I will be there for you always, I promise. Here is my number thanks aunty, see you soon bye.
Aunty: Yeah thanks, bye.

I gave her my contact number and then I left her house. Later that evening she called me.

Me: Hello, who’s there?
Aunty: It’s your aunty beta, Geeta aunty.

Me: Oh..Hi aunty, what’s up? How can I help you?
Aunty: Jassi! Can you arrange a litre of milk from somewhere? I need that.

Me: You need it now?
Aunty: Yeah.

Me: I don’t think at this time you can get any milk, but okay I will try to manage and I get it I will deliver it to you as soon as possible.
Aunty: That’s great, so I will wait for you to come.

Me: Okay aunty, bye.

There was enough milk kept in the fridge at our house, so I take half from that, went to her house, and knocked on the door.

Aunty: Oh Jassi, you managed? Come, come on in.
Me: Yeah I got, but not so much.

Aunty: No it’s okay, actually my boy Kunal, he never goes to sleep until he gets some milk.
Me: Oh, that’s a good habit.

Aunty: Yeah, I know. Kunal beta, come here.

A little boy came from the bedroom,

Aunty: Say hello to bhaiya.

He said, “’Hello bhaiya.”

Then I too said hi to him and he went back to the bedroom.

Geeta Aunty: Thanks Jassi, thanks a lot. Look how stupid I am. You just met me a few hours back but already I gave work to you.
Me: No.. no, aunty. I never felt that way, when you called me I was just watching a movie.

Aunty: Well.. but, okay so how much did it cost?
Me: What? Aunty are you mad? He..he..he, you make me laugh.

Aunty: No really, just tell me how much I have to pay?
Me: No aunty I’ll not take that money, rather I would like to taste your sweet tea if you don’t have any problems?

Aunty: (With a smile). Okay just sit here, I will make a cup of tea for you.
Me: Thanks, aunty.

The time was approximately 7:30 pm. After a while, she came back with two cups of tea and gave one to me. The tea made from her hand was really awesome.

Me: Aunty, if you don’t mind can I ask you a personal question?
Aunty: Yeah ask me.

Me: Where is Kunal’s father? I mean what does he do?
Aunty: He is a trader, and always stays out of town. He comes home twice in a year and sometimes just once on Diwali.

Me: Oh.. I’m sorry to hear that.
Aunty: No, it’s okay.

She got depressed on talking about her husband.

Me: But it’s very tough to manage everything alone!
Aunty: Yeah I know. I told him many times but he never listens to me.
Me: I can understand aunty, but sorry I should not talk to you like this.

Aunty: No, it’s okay, I don’t mind anything. I have got used to such talks.

Me: Ohh.. aunty, but he should look into his family first. I know he has to do his business but at the same time, he must also know how his family’s doing?

Aunty: You’re saying that beta, but I’m sure he didn’t even think about that.

Me: That’s really sad. But looking at your beauty, I would’ve never left a wife like you alone.
Aunty: Hope he too would have thought the same way you are talking.

Me: Yeah aunty, I can understand your problem. I’m very sorry for you.
Aunty: No.. no beta, you don’t have to apologize. It’s my bad luck and nothing else.

After a few seconds of silence, aunty speaks.

Aunty: Beta, it’s been a long time that I’m talking something like this with someone like you. I don’t know why? But I feel relaxed. Can you give me a hug?

She was asking for a hug and I had no idea whether that was a green signal or just a casual hug. But I agreed,

Me: Yeah, sure aunty.

My neighbour aunty was seated on the sofa just a few inches behind. She came a little closer to me and gave me a tight hug with both of us seated. I could feel her warm body and big boobs on my chest and with the feeling her body so close, in no time my dick got erected. I got confused about what to do next.

That hug lasted only for a few seconds but within that time, my dick got fully hard and anyone can easily see that even with the clothes on, so aunty too did. Aunty gave a look at my tool. She was very close to me, her right arm and sideways part of her body were touching mine.

When my neighbour aunty saw my erection, I was looking in her eyes. She first looked at my erected dick and then looked at my face, our eyes got linked up, and then for 3-4 seconds we were looking into each other’s eyes.

Suddenly, we came closer to each other and our lips got engaged. We both started to kiss each other’s lips and with no time our hands started working on each other’s body.

I couldn’t believe, it was like a dream coming true. Fucking Geeta aunty was the wildest dreams, I have ever had and with just simple talking I got what I dreamt of. I started to kiss her vigorously and at the same time, I was pressing her beautiful boobs.

The way she and her whole body was reacting, I can say she was hungry for years to have sex, but she never got any of her fantasies fulfilled. She became just mad and was ready to do anything.

I started to kiss the upper part of her body, on her neck, shoulder, and on her boobs. Then after some time, I made her stand up and then removed her sari but suddenly realized that we were in the common room.

Here there was no privacy and Kunal could come in at any time so I lifted up aunty in my arms and made my way to her bedroom. I threw her on her bed, locked the door, and then got closer to her.

I could read her face. She was A fully unsatisfied woman, looking for a man to satisfy her desires and her fantasies that had been never fulfilled. And not only her, but there’s me too, who had a big crush on a much older lady like Geeta aunty. I was shocked but felt very lucky to get an aunty I dreamt to have at least once.

I made her lie reverse such that her back was facing towards me. I removed her blouse from behind and then unhooked her bra and started to kiss her back. She started to make a little moaning sounds.

Then I started to feel her nice round butt over her petticoat. I was pressing her ass over her clothes. I removed that petticoat with a single jerk and made her lie now only in a panty and an unhooked bra. She was going to get naked in front of a young boy much younger than her age.

Her round ass was looking so great, I wanted to eat them all the way. I was in a hurry to fuck her so hard so I again made her reverse and then removed her unhooked the bra and her panty too. Oh god, I could not believe my eyes.

Those brown coloured pussy lips and nipples, my eyes popped out seeing such beauty. I then parted her legs from each other and entered in between those, and started to press her boobs. Oh god, they were so soft and felt so good. I started licking them hard.

At the same time as I was licking her pussy by opening the cunt lips with one hand, just like I was entering a finger in her pussy. There was a small amount of hair on the upper portion of her pussy but not too much.

Then I kissed on her lips again for a few seconds and then got ready to fuck her. I stood up and removed my clothes, then parted her legs some more and placed my hard dick on her pussy lips.

I had placed my hands on her thigh and looked into her eyes. She was like dying to get a fuck from a man. She just could not resist herself from giving full access of her naked body to a young man. I was hoping that her pussy might be tight as well because that small door was closed for years and no one had entered that.

So without wasting any time I gave a small jerk on her pussy. Ooh, my heavens! Her pussy was tight and could take my dick only half in. Half of my dick had entered and I became shocked because she was a mother of a child of 8 years, but her pussy felt like that of an 18-year-old virgin girl.

I pulled out my dick for a moment and then again gave a greater force to push it into her. This time my full dick had entered, but her pussy started to squeeze me hard. My dick got covered from all the sides and that felt so pleasurable.

Geeta aunty started to scream very slowly and gently, but my speed was increasing and that made me so wild. After a few seconds, I became so rough and started to fuck her madly.

“Ahh..Ahh, Jassi beta dheere karo.. gently, dard ho raha..” (Do slowly, it’s hurting me Jassi).

Me: Oh aunty sorry, your hot body and tight pussy is making me so wild.

Geeta Aunty: It’s okay beta, oh god, ah..ah..ah..

Me: You like it, Geeta aunty? You like my dick?

Geeta Aunty: Yeah beta, yes, ahhh.. ahhhh… Ahhhhhh.. ohhh.. ohhhh god, yes.

Me: Oh aunty you are too good to fuck. I will fuck your pussy hard. Ooh.. my God.

I fucked my horny neighbor aunty in that missionary position for the next 5 minutes and then she cummed before me. After a few seconds, I too cummed. I pulled out my penis and spread all my sperms over her navel and lower portion of her boobs.

My imagination and wildest dream had come true. I was so happy and excited too because that’s the beginning. From that day, my sex life was going to go on a new path.

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