My first sexual affair with a married woman

It all started with a ‘hi’ on social media app. Initial messages were exchanged. We had normal conversations about family, friends, work and hobbies. We talked about likes and dislikes, actors and actresses. We both liked a TV series named ‘Supernatural’ we had a common liking of the character Dean Winchester.

We kind of clicked really well and used to chat almost all day. The only time we didn’t talk was when her man was home.

One day we decided to meet at McDonald’s. As it was her first meet with an online friend, we started chit-chatting sitting on our table. We talked for hours and then we parted ways after a hug.

These meetings outside kind of continued for a month and during that time, our chats moved heavily to sex fantasies and kinks. We had fallen for each other. She invited me to lunch at her place during that time. But nothing happened. We just hugged each other and talked.

Then came the D-day for us. I invited her to my place. I was all alone that day and was waiting for her eagerly.

She gave me a call after her work to pick her up from the said location. I did the same and we arrived at my place. We went to my room and I locked it from inside. We sat on the bed at the extreme ends just staring at each and smiling awkwardly.

Then I broke the ice and asked, “How was your day?” to which she replied, “It was good and now hoping it to be better, but I am a little nervous.”

I then slowly moved towards her on all fours like a tiger slowly moving and ready to pounce on the prey. I was gentle. We kissed slowly only on the lips and slowly, we parted each other’s lips and continued it for some time. Slowly, we moved and got hold of each other.

I slipped inside of her t-shirt from her waist-line and was exploring her naked body. She was shivering, feeling my cold hands.

We then removed our t-shirts and started kissing like animals. We undressed ourselves and then she pushed me back and went down on me. I was given the best blowjob ever. She was so good and I couldn’t control it for long. I came and emptied my balls in her mouth.

She was a blowjob queen. She licked and sucked me till I was all empty. We didn’t have intercourse that day as it was getting late and she had to be home before her man.

We started from my place and that short ride was just amazing. She sat hugging me from behind and kept her head on my shoulders.

We did chat a lot since that evening. I once told her that I wanted to fuck her in saree. The next day, our meet and time were decided. I was all ready and was waiting for her at the spot. We decided I’ll be picking her up. And there she was, walking towards me with that red saree and the jaw-dropping walk and attitude.

She was a head-turner that day. A sexy siren just meeting her young lover who will be fucking her brains out and make her feel young and happy. She came we smiled at each other, I just said, “You look beautiful.”

She just tapped my shoulders and said, “Let’s go.” I drove her back to my place and went to my room. As all my roomies were out that day, I had all day till evening 5 to have. Also, we had this thing to count for the 6th day of her periods so that I get to fuck her without condoms. And that day was the sixth day.

In our room, I just kept my keys and saw her. She was moving towards the window. She started staring outside, I went near her touch her back which was open and kissed her shoulders. I slipped my hands from the open part of the saree to the navel and licked her earlobes. I could listen to the moan she made.

I slowly turned her towards me and started kissing her. I dropped her pallu from the shoulders. It was a slow undressing of her saree with kisses. She removed my t-shirt feeling my chest and shoulder, holding my head in her hands and kissing.

She was in her inner bright red lingerie now – a lovely sight to see. She just pushed me to the edge of the bed and unbuckled my jeans and started caressing my dick over my underwear and biting it.

In no time, my dick was out in her soft hands and her lips were kissing the tip. Her tongue was exploring my head. It was heaven there seeing her plus the eye contact in between was just making it hotter.

Her expertise at dick-handling and the ball-playing abilities were just out of this world! Plus, the work her tongue did, starting from the bottom to the tip of my dick was heaven.

When she understood I was about to cum, she stopped and seductively stood up. She removed her lingerie, turned around and spanked her ass, and said, “Fuck me hard and make me cum or you won’t get a blowjob from now on.”

I just got up immediately, slapped her ass hard, and adjusted her on the edge of the bed. She was all dripping wet and here I was with my standing dick slapping her ass and pussy, teasing her rubbing her clits with my dick. I was slowly inserting it in and the thrusting increased. Her moans got louder with every thrust and slap on her ass.

Soon, the room was filled with her moans. The passion and lust were in the air. She just wanted me fuck her like there was no tomorrow. We changed position and we used each and every corner of my room. The whole day, I fucked her like an animal.

We had 3 sessions, long and hard. We were laying down, sweating. Her butt cheeks were red and her inner thighs were red too. I did bite her on her inner thighs as a marking of my territory which she liked.

Then we got dressed and I dropped her back to her place. We had one of the best days. I fucked her like a raw and rugged animal. I had nail marks on my back. When in missionary, we both came together and she just dug in her nails.

The next morning, I got a text from her with the pic of her pussy. She wrote,

“My pussy is swollen and your bite marks are on my thighs. Thank you, I had the best day ever. (hearts and kiss emojis).”

The chats and meets never stopped from then. We just made love with each other inside out. It was her place at times, my place at times, or somewhere out in the open.

The fucking sessions, the blowjobs, and there were hardly any positions left which we did not try. We had a spark between us, we just loved being together.

She had a man in her life and I had a girlfriend at that time. I had a string of affairs during that period of 8 years but this one with the married southern siren was an ultimate one and is still going strong even though we weren’t able to meet when she left Pune and shifted to the US.

It’s been 3 years and counting, hope I’ll be able to meet her soon. We are still in touch on chat and our chats are crazier and kinkier than ever.

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