Journey from gym to bed

Hello friends, you can call me Dr. Bang. Presently I am 22 years of age and pursuing my medical degree in Bhopal. So I will share one of my experiences about a thrilling experience with my gym partner. The names have been changed for privacy issues.

The story belongs to one month back. I returned to Bhopal after lockdown as my colleges were supposed to reopen. But it didn’t happen. Then to cure our boredom we 3 friends decided to join a gym. There many boys and girls used to come.

Suddenly one day, my eye strikes one girl. Her figure was normal but attractive. But still, somehow, I ignored her and continued my workout.

Some days passed. As we had common workout timings, a small chat started between us. But it was only limited to workouts. I started to pass smiles towards her but didn’t get any positive response. Her name was Payal, and on observing her with cunning eyes, I got to know her figure was 34-32-34.

Slowly our chats started to increase, and we became good friends. One day we made a plan to explore Bhopal, and we went for some sightseeing. Her age was 26. But while looking at her, anybody would find her not more than 19-20.

While exploring Bhopal while crossing the road, I held her hand and slowly started to rub my thumb behind her palm. I did this many times. She was preparing for some competition in Bhopal. My logical reasoning was good, so I offered to help her.

Me – Payal, if you don’t mind, you can come to my place to study. I might be helpful to you.

Payal – No, I will tackle it my way. You don’t need to face it.

Me – You just have to visit. Anyways I don’t have any burden for now from my academics.

Then she agreed. The next day at 1 pm, we made a plan to meet at my flat. I was excited because deep inside, I was sure that something would happen. The next day she arrived with her books and gosh!

The way she was looking, loose hairs, specs on, baby pink color t-shirt, and skin-tight black jeans. It seems like every part of her body was dying to come out. Despite all, her perfume appeared like a garnish on a Bengali sweet.

I just stared at her for some good 10-15 seconds, and she taunted me.

Payal – If your eyes have got satisfied, shall we move in.

Then we moved in, we started studying for around an hour then as a distraction, my eyes fell on her boobs covered by her t-shirt. Although she was wearing a round neck, my penis started to erect on its own. While looking at her, I calmly removed her specs.

Payal – Why did you remove my specs?

Me – You look better without them.

Payal – (with a cunning smile) So you called me here to stare at me?

Me – If both things can occur simultaneously, then what’s the dilemma for not doing.

Friends, it’s human nature that if any person wishes to know our internal feeling, we can know them. In the same way, I got to know from her smile, she also wanted the same.

So while staring at her, I grabbed her hand and slowly started to rub my thumb. Believe me, it’s the best door that connects the world of friendship to the heaven of sex if both are indeed to do it.

Now she started getting a bit uncomfortable. It was a good sign for me, and she started to melt by getting the touch from my hands. Now I started moving towards her. I kept my lips on her cheeks. She moved her face in a positive response like she was also waiting for this movement.

Then I went ahead and hugged her. For the next 15 minutes, we kept smooching passionately while rubbing my hands on her back. She had enclosed me in her hands. Right in between this, I kept shifting to her neck, ear lobes, and face and started giving slight pecks on her neck.

I was able to feel her bra on her back, and I kept rubbing. Now my hands started moving towards her waist. Slowly, I started to lift her t-shirt. When my hands touched her bare skin, it felt like a current passed through her body.

A man gets more excited when he sees his lady getting horny, so was I. And to make her more excited, I kept rubbing her waist very lightly with my right hand. My left hand started to rub her thighs, and during all this, my lips were stuck on her neck.

Now I made a move and placed her hips to rest on my lap. Both her legs were crossing my left thigh and laying on my left. My right hand was enclosing her body from her back, feeling her waist.

My left hand was busy rubbing both her thighs. She was supporting me by placing both hands on my shoulder, enclosing me. Slowly I started to lift her t-shirt and started to rub her abdomen and started teasing her navel.

Now I placed her on my bachelor bed. In this act, also she didn’t remove her hands from my shoulder, and our smooch continued. I started removing her t-shirt and removed it completely. She supported by slightly getting upward.

Friends, believe it or not, every girl is beautiful. The need is to look at her in the right direction and clothes. Payal was already the beauty that one desires for. She was sleeping in her black jeans and purple bra, and I could not move while looking at her like that.

Payal – For how long are you going to stare at me like this?

Me – I thought now you are going to remove my t-shirt.

She got up and slowly removed my t-shirt and was astonished looking at my gym-toned body of abs and muscles. She started to rub her soft hands on my body and began kissing on my chest. I removed her jeans and was happy to know that she was wearing the matching purple panty.

She was heating up in her purple bra and panty. I started pressing both boobs from my hands. Kissing around her navel, giving bites and perks on my abdomen, continuing my journey downwards. Her breathing started to become high, and I reached her panty line and found a wet patch there.

I was happy to feel the fragrance of her pussy, my god! What a feeling was that. I removed her panty with my mouth, and her heavy breathing was audible to me. Now comes my most favorite part, ‘licking a pussy and tasting the honey.’

I sucked, licked, and fucked her pussy with my tongue to that extreme that she could not control her moans. It got increasing and squirted all her fluid on my mouth. I also got undressed and made her completely nude.

We had one session of 69 position in which she got her second orgasm, and mine was first. It was the time for the main action for which I was getting a signal from her in eye response. So I placed her straight on the bed, widened her legs.

I wore a condom and placed my rod on her love hole, and started teasing her. I waited until she again becomes high, and finally, I entered. I started fucking her at a medium pace.

We took our session to that level where her breathing and moaning were together audible to me. After a session, we drained together. On that day, we had three more rounds, and our sexual journey continued.

So this was from my side to share. If any female in Bhopal wants her pussy to be licked, you can mail me. Your privacy will be my top priority. Till then, let me know about your response to [email protected] You can read my other story here.

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