Consoling A Divorced Neighbor

Hello Friends, I am Johnny, from Bangalore. Normal guy with a normal physique.  I love the stories around the site it is great. I love and appreciate all the feedback I am getting for all my stories. This story of mine about my professor and took place two years ago.

Her name is Reshmi. She was my neighbor. She was a professor in a nearby college with a great smile. She was my greatest crush. I had moved to Bangalore from my native for my PG course. Coming to my story. I had rented an apartment near my college and started living there alone.

Guys, I am a tall and yet normal physique guy. But I had moved to Bangalore to start to enjoy my life even a little more. In a city like Bangalore, it was so much more fun to the party. After around a few months in Bangalore of boring lectures, one fine morning I was standing below my society building.

I saw a pretty hot woman in her early thirties. I was completely stunned when I saw her. She was wearing yoga pants and a loose t-shirt. She had a great curvy body with an apt figure. She maintained it through yoga (random guess). One thing I was sure about is that her fairness.

Her cute smile attracted many men into her friend’s circle. I am not bragging when I would say any guy would take a look twice at face and body. She usually wears churidar or sarees to college. She was so sexy. I guess she was going, yoga class. Her boobs were big, the ass was juicy and perfectly toned.

I loved the sight of her body swaying in those yoga pants. I enquired with watchman bhaiya who she was and he was my great friend. He told me about her. Her name was Reshmi and she was a history professor in a nearby college. He also told me that she was living alone after her divorce last year.

She was the target of many men in the flat. But by then my mind had wandered off to enjoy her beauty and I had fixated my mind on her. I made sure to get a glimpse of her beauty every day, that made my day. She seemed more and more sexier each day.

The way she walked, the way she smiled all struck into my heart. As days went by she kept on ignoring me from her sight. She didn’t even look at me as she passed by. This went on for some days as I was masturbating thinking of her on the bed in wildly fucking her. But I couldn’t get close to her.

I then got a golden opportunity when I was invited to a get together in a residential area. Everyone there would be there for dinner. I ran my head through the plan several times to come out and talk to her. In the evening, she looked great in her yellow saree.

The plan was simple, I was a PG student, one of my elective was in historical developments and wanted to ask her to teach me. I greeted her at the party. And we started to chat. She instantly was very cheerful and open. I felt like it was my time. I asked about my request, she gladly accepted.

I made sure she had a good image of me in her head. We talked a little more about the subject and the timing. We parted with a smile as I dropped her at her flat. The next day, the tuition was fixed at 7 pm. I didn’t have the whole thing planned but, I hoped it to go well.

I rang the doorbell. She opened the door, in a black kurta and salwar. Kurta barely locked her boobs in the the the the the the the the the side. We greeted each other. We had a fun session of studying, but nothing sensual happened even though I wanted. But then again we needed patience.

This went on for weeks, during which became a little close. I used to help her with some households and getting groceries. We used to take walks in the evening. I was a regular student and a great listener. It all helped us bond at a different level. Then I had my mid sem and I had just aced in it.

I had asked Reshmi to come and celebrate it with me. She was a little hesitant at first but I was relentless, she agreed. I welcomed her to my flat and she happily had got dressed and came to my flat. I had set everything in my apartment. I gifted a pair of earing as a gift. She happily took them and thanked me for it.

I was happy she took it. I then told her we could order in dinner mam, she asked me to drop the formality and call her Reshmi. I did the same. I ordered dinner. I knew if I could make my right moves, I could have her. Then I had baked a chocolate cake for the occasion.

We then cut the cake and gave each other pieces, little playfulness and a great hug from her. I loved as it pressed my chest against her soft boobs. I felt the heat from my body sucked into hers. The current that gave me a tent in my trousers.

During our talks at her flat, I had got to know she drinks. So I offered her a glass. She happily accepted. We sat down at my dinner table and started having some shots of vodka. After having a few shots, we both started to have a fun conversation, talked about many things.

I shared about my family, college life while she did the same, even talked about her divorce. I already had a tent in my pants, which was visible, but yet she didn’t mind. The chat about divorce kinda made her feel down. I went to her side and took her hand rubbed it along.

I consoled her that she was a great woman. She had still heights to go. Then after a few more pegs, we both were high. Topics changed more erotic, once when moved to sensual topics. The first kiss both had, and she didn’t mind being open with me.

I asked her whether she used to feel lonely. She then tilted her head down sometimes. I was still close to her. I hugged her and consoled her by rubbing her back and told her it’s gonna be okay. I then don’t just felt like going for it, as I planted a kiss on her lips.

But as I was frightened once I realized her reaction and my actions. But she was not hesitant, she then started to kiss me back. We just jumped on each other, kissing deeply and very passionately. She then reciprocated and started to open her mouth as our tongue rolled.

Her hands from my shoulders went to my back. We then kissed for 10 minutes, as we rubbed over each other’s body. I bit her lips several times. I then started to kiss her on her eyes, her ears. I was licking her earlobes, her cheeks and lowered myself to the chin. Then to the neck, as kissed her down to her cleavage.

She was gasping and I could feel her quiet moans. She held me by my back to hold over her body. She then removed my shirt and as I kissed her again. I then slowly rubbed my hands over the navel, raising her kurta to her shoulder then removing it. Her boobs well fell out in her bra, they were caged.

I then licked her around her neck to her shoulders. While kissing her collar bone. I raised my hands to bra through her navel. Then to her bra hooks, as I tubbed her back, I removed it off. And threw it into the floor. Her boobs were round, soft and big. I loved her body. I told the same.

Then she told me to show that appreciation. I then carried her and made her place on the dining table. I then started to kiss her, while my hands moved to fondle her boobs, they felt like cotton and heaven. I kept on fondling her boobs, while tongue rolled down to cleavage then to her boobs calmly.

I then kissed her boobs one by one. Then my tongue rolled over her nipples later sucking her boobs dry bit by bit. I then gave a deep kiss over to her nipples, to which she gasped. She was slowly pleasuring, while my hands worked their way around her pants and removed them completely.

I slowly moved down on her, while my hands went to play with boobs. I pulled her nipples and pinched and played with her boobs. Pressing and fondling them like there was, not tomorrow. Then I went to her navel, kissed her there and then pressed her navel while I removed her shorts.

I kissed her from toes to her thighs. Once I reached inner thigh, I started to lick and bite all over the skin of thighs, I gave her red marks, making her moan and smile in passion. I bit her skin and made her moan wildly, while she was having a hard grip on the table.

I then went to her pussy and gave a deep kiss on her panties. I brought my hands down and rubbed my hands on her pussy while raising myself to kiss her. I kept my one hand on boobs fondling them. I made sure, I had made her really wet before removing the doors to heaven.

I fingered pussy through her panties, pincher clitoris and played with her pussy lips. I then slowly removed her panty as I kissed along the skin. The panty started to expose and then smelled it and threw it on the floor. It was already wet. I bit her skin and made her moan wildly.

I then squeezed her clitoris and her pussy lips and slowly moved into her pussy. It made her wild and moan loud. I then took her boobs started to suck those nipples. I entered my fingers into her pussy. It was warm and soft, yet too tight inside. I told her it was tight, as she gave me a naughty smile.

I slowly went down on her, started to suck her pussy. My fingers stretched those walls enough to make her moan. It took a minute but came by her pleasure to switch her spot. I made it go inside out with pleasure. I rubbed her hand and started to suck and bite her nipples.

She bit her lips and her grip on my back turned wild. She scratched my back as she immersed herself in pleasure. Soon due to my fingering, she came on my dining table. With a loud, enough moan and hard enough grip leave marks on my back. Then Reshmi undressed me within seconds.

She told me she was waiting for a great cock inside her. But never got one. I told her I will pleasure her like a queen. She was amazed at my thickness, told lame she loved it. It was quite thick as much as 5 inches in thickness and 6’5 inches long.

We then again resumed kissing, me fondling her boobs. My dick rubbed against her pussy lips again, I felt her shiver as she felt my hot rod on her pussy lips. I then slowly inserted my cock into her pussy. She and I moaned, caressing each other’s body. I felt her pussy stretched and her tight walls crushing my cock.

I kept on pushing it more and more till I hit her deep. I then slowly pumped her up as she raised herself on to me. I carried her and lean against the wall. Our both hips synchronized with movement as we both moved up and down. She held on to my back with her nails. Her pussy squeezed my cock.

I kissed her, while hands and less focussed on her nipples and boobs, fondling them, sucking and biting them. She kept on moaning and we both were in cloud nine. As the speed increased her boobs bounced, I kept on fondling and sucking on her boobs.

We fucked like rabbits till she had an orgasm and squirted on my dick. I then kept on fucking her with more thrust till. She moaned and moaned as I was about to cum. She told me wanted to drink it. I then placed her down and she knelt as she stroked on my dick to drink it.

I felt a great orgasm as I filled her mouth with my hot cum. As she made a slutty face with her satisfaction. We then again fucked about 5-6 times on that night. Till we were completely exhausted.

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