Thrilling Sexperience With Gym Partner

My sex life is very much inspired by reading iss. I just thought of posting my own experience here. Coming to the point without wasting much time

I’m Zaee, 29 from Mangalore. I joined Gold’s Gym in August and was regular in the beginning. I used to go early in the morning and most of them were girls and milfs. During the workout, my trainer used to flirt around with milfs and asked me to try any girl.

I was a reserved type who can’t easily talk to a girl. Frankly speaking, I had a fear of rejection. I used to exchange just a smile with few. One day it happened a girl who used to smile at me on a regular basis was looking very upset. So I took courage and spoke to her. “Is there any problem? You look so dull.”

She just told, “Nothing,” and moved on. I didn’t bother to disturb her again. But after half an hour, she came back to me and asked pardon for being rude. I said that’s fine. She introduced herself as Shahin, a medical student from Coorg, staying nearby in a paying guest.

She was fair enough with a dimple in the right cheek with a dashing figure. I introduced myself to her. Later she asked if I’m free in the evening for a coffee. I was ready on my toes. Still, I told her I have to see my schedule and will let you know. Then we exchanged our numbers and from here, the story begins.

That noon I called her and informed that I’ll pick her around 6 in the evening. I was there right before the time and picked her up. We drove to the Thannirbavi beach. The beach is the place where every soul opens up and speaks. It was getting dark by the time and we were having a regular conversation.

I asked about why she was sad. She started to narrate her whole story about her ex and how he ditched her. She became very sentimental and started crying. I just gave her a hug and convinced her not to cry. She was hugging me even more tight and tough I didn’t have the intention to misuse the situation.

My junior started to gain hard by the soft touch of her boobs. I placed a small kiss on her forehead. She looked at me with tears in eyes. I kissed her eyes one after the other and told her not to waste tears for such people. Now I had to change the topic and make her smile to change the mood.

I just laid down in sand stretched my right hand and asked her to sleep on it. It was quite dark and the sky was glittering with stars. I took a topic of star and all her innocence came out. She started talking about all her ancestors who passed away have become a star and all.

Without realizing she was totally a different person in a few minutes. She thanked me for making that night beautiful and just kissed me on my lips. I was shocked and asked that’s it? I told her that wasn’t even a kiss. For which she told she smooched me.

To be frank, she was very innocent that she didn’t know how to smooch. I started teasing her. She got angry. Then the topic changed to smooch and I had to teach her. I lip locked her. But she wasn’t responding. Again I teased her. She got on her nerves she got up and sat on my lap.

She held my hair from behind pulled close to her and smooched for about 5 minutes. I was scared if anyone will see us in this action. But she didn’t even bother. After breaking a long smooch she looked into my eyes and asked, “Do I know how to smooch?” I was dumbstruck.

“Fuck, you are crazy,” was the words came out. Now I’m calm and she became kinky. She was again lip-locked. My one hand was moving on her back and another on her shoulder. What if anyone sees? Now my dick is getting harder. I started fondling her boobs. She broke the kiss and started moaning.

There I stopped and asked her to move to my car. Now both were horny as fuck. I took the car and drove to the next beach where there are no people. I parked the car. The moment I stopped she pounced on me and started to unbutton my shirt. She was kissing all over the face.

I was responding in a gentle way keeping in mind if anyone appears. It was risky getting caught in such a position but it was thrilling like hell. Now I started to kiss her neck. I kissed all over her face and licked her ears. It was ticklish. Once I succeed licking her ear she just surrendered herself to me.

I was fondling her boobs while kissing. She was doing hissing sounds which made even more horny. I lifted her t-shirt and easy access to boobs over the bra. She is also a regular to the gym. So her figure was perfect 34-28-34. Perfect humps in the right places.

I was overexcited at that moment and forgot about the world. I started to suck her all over. Removed her t-shirt and bra then unhooked it. Soft and fair two in pair with brownish small nipples. Omg, just grabbed it and sucked them like there is no tomorrow. She started to moan louder.

I had long hair. She was holding from behind and pressing my face hard towards herself. She could easily feel my boner as she is sitting on my lap in a driver seat. Now she is trying to press my dick from her butt. But I couldn’t. She couldn’t even touch my dick directly. I asked her to shift to the back seat.

I went back. She started pressing my dick and took it out in a few seconds. Her eyes were wide open. It was the first time she saw a mature dick in real. She was kissing it all over. She doesn’t have the exact knowledge of a blowjob. I just teased her and told explore it.

She was holding my balls in one hand other giving jerks and licking the tip of my dick. What a heavenly feeling! I asked her to slow down. She is now not in a mood to listen to me. She was exploring it. I reached almost the climax. I pushed her and started unbuttoning her pants.

Her facial expression was killing me. I just put my hands inside her pant and was rubbing her pussy over that panty. She was trembling in pleasure. She was pleading me to stop it and fuck her right there.

“Not so easy baby. I just love teasing. To be frank, I love foreplay more than the main act of sex. But here in the car, it’s not safe to play long.” I still teased her for a few minutes and then pulled down her panty. Her panty was totally wet with her juices. She was already satisfied once with my teasing skills.

Now I wanted to lick her pussy. She pulled my hair and said no as she felt dirty because it’s wet. She regretted after she came to know the pleasure of sucking pussy in the next session. I was doing circles on her clitoris. She was holding my hands tight and saying, “Enough. Now fuck me, you bastard.”

Shahin never used such words before. I was tempted to even more. Now, I inserted my finger in her wet pussy. Omg, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t even enter one finger. She was that tight. She was shouting in pain and pleasure. I really got a little scared. But she was not in the mood to stop.

I gently started giving jerks in and out. Her pain was reduced now I entered one more finger. Again, it was tight. We changed position to 69 position. She sat on my face and started giving me a blow job. I entered my two fingers in her love hole. Now she is in a peak where she just wants my dick in her pussy right there.

She got up and was about to sit on my dick. I saw a light from far cumin towards my car. Fucked up. Now we are not in a position to wear clothes nor to stop this session. Heart beat raised to its max level. She was convincing me to relax. But I being from a reputed family got all the negative vibes.

The mind was dumb stuck while the light is coming closer. Thank god my car was tinted. The bike people passed through my car. It was a dead end. They took a turn and went back.  Now I’m back in sense. I just hugged her tight and kissed her badly. Now she was teasing me for being that frightened.

My dick was half hard. She took it in her hand and was playing with it till I got the full size. Now I asked her to sit on me. She tried but it was tight and the position was not good. Slowly she sat on my dick and I was half inn. She was closing her eyes in the mixture feeling of pain and pleasure. Now I got some courage.

I told her to sleep on the seat. I got out of the car and pointed my dickhead into her pussy. Actually, this is the time I saw her pussy properly. It was an amazing view. Fair thighs with every little pussy hair above the pussy. And the pussy lips were like rose petals.

I kept my dick on pussy and pushed it in with little jerks gently. She was in heavy pain. I told her will stop it. Because I could see tears rolling her eyes. She held my hand and said, “If I die in this pain right here on your arms. I would be the happiest person in the world who died today.”

I just didn’t have any other words than saying love you. Now I pushed my dick in her and bent over to reach her face and lip locked. Now I was giving jerks and she started responding. I speeded up my jerks. She started moaning in pleasure now.

She was pulling my hair. I was pressing her boobs and giving speed jerks. I was exhausted of course. She was too. I just wanted to end it so speeded my jerks and was doing circles on her clits. She was trying to take off my hand as she is also reaching climax.

Now my balls are hitting her pussy and making ‘pach, pach’ noise. Now I increased my jerk speed. Now I’m reaching climax. Just took it out and spilled it on her flat tummy.  Then I took out the tissue and cleaned her. I myself made her wear all the clothes.

She hugged me tightly and whispered in my ears. “This is the best ever moment of my life- thank you.” And kissed me on my nose. That was cute. I kissed her back on the nose and had a tight hug.

This is how she lost virginity without any regrets. Did you guys like my sexperience? Mail me to encourage me to narrate my other adventures in sex. [email protected]

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