A New Journey

Sushil and I had begun a new journey as we had been dating for the past few years. Living right next door in this pandemic, we were always hanging out at each other’s houses. Many times, we crashed at the other’s place after a good solid fuck.

These past few years were pretty much on a routine. But I wanted to try something new the last time we had sex. I recently explored my sub-dom fantasies. I must say, Sushil did a great job last night with the world’s new sex trends. So good that I want to write about it now.

Last night, the mood was set with a clean bed and new sheets. I was waiting eagerly for him to come and show me this side of him. He knocked at around 7 pm with a shirt with the top two buttons loose. His chest made me so horny I could feel a throbbing in my pussy.

I let him in. I knew fully that my short, deep-cleavaged one-piece dress would have evoked a similar reaction from him. He didn’t wait for pleasantries. He didn’t ask me how my day was. No, no, Sushil flung me on the bed and removed his shirt, button by button.

He put both my hands above my head and tied it tight with his shirt on the bedframe. I could hardly move in that position. He then proceeded to strip me completely, and if he couldn’t, he made a few rips here and there. He didn’t care about the consequences.

Today, it was all about how wild he could actually get in bed. In no time, I was completely naked on the bed. He was shirtless standing there, taking in my naked body. I already began moaning. I couldn’t resist him. I wanted him to fuck me already.

But I knew there was still a lot of time before we could get there. He took my dress and twisted it into a coil, and covered my eyes with it. I was completely left to my sense of sound and touch, and somehow it got much more exciting. That’s when I felt his breath on my ears.

Oh my god! My ears are my weak point. Why does he keep playing with it all the time? He began licking the tips of my ear, right from the top to the earlobe. I couldn’t stop moaning at all, and my legs were thrashing wildly throughout.

“Shhh,” he whispered. “Don’t move your body. No matter what I do. You can scream all you want, moan to your heart’s content, but no moving.” This was gonna be so hard to follow, but if Señor wanted it, I’d do it in a heartbeat. “As you wish, Señor,” I replied meekly.

He proceeded to lick my other ear at the same snail’s pace he’d used earlier. I was screaming my lungs out. But I thrust my hips towards him in a weak moment, and it touched his crotch area from outside his pants. I instantly knew I made a mistake.

I shouldn’t have moved! Why couldn’t I control myself? Sushil didn’t say a word, though. He calmly lifted my ass and turned me to my side. “You’ll have to be punished, love,” he said in his airy tone and gave me a tight spank on my ass cheek.

Good lord! This was the best part of the sex, being handled roughly for a mistake. I love how much control he had over my body. Perhaps because any moment I felt uncomfortable, I could say the safe word and stop it anytime.

He was in control now, but in truth, I was.  And I loved willingly obliging to Sushil that way. I love his strength and how he uses it to please me.

“You. Will. Do. As. I. Say.” he said in his coldest, most silent voice. “Yes, señor,” I replied meekly. He spanked me once more, and my ass cheek got all red. And once again, I could feel a tingling sensation in my pussy now. Waiting to be manhandled by my guy. And he spanked me again.

I couldn’t take this anymore. I wanted him to fuck me so bad that I started to push my pussy towards him again. “I said no movements,” and he spanked me three more times on my ass. It took all of my strength to stay still and feel the stinging pain.

He placed me back on the bed, my 32F boobs and pussy fully on display and the blindfold still on my eyes. Out of nowhere, I felt his dick push through my mouth. “Show me how sorry you are. I’ll see if you deserve to cum tonight.”

I was so eager to please him. This was my chance to show how good of a slave I was. I took his dick completely in my mouth, deepthroated him, licked him clean of any precum he might have, and licked some more.

My tongue ran all over his cock, and my lips were doing a perfectly good job of sucking and blowing. Alternatively, I felt his hips move to my mouth. Finally! He was pleased enough and was enjoying what I was doing to his member.

I started sucking him harder and moved my tongue faster, not leaving out even an inch unnoticed. He abruptly removed his dick from my mouth. “Fine,” he said curtly. I could sense it took all his effort not to moan and reveal his true emotions. “I’ll fuck you, but in my way.”

This was so much more than I had expected! I was gonna feel his dick inside me. It was really my lucky day. I could feel the tip of his dick on my pussy, and I was waiting to be penetrated.

Out of nowhere, he slapped my left boob. “Answer me,” he called out in a still cold voice. “Is your pleasure more important than mine?”

“No, señor,” I replied, “I’m here for your pleasure.”

“Good,” he said, and with that, he squeezed my nipples hard. He used both his hands and cupped my entire breasts, and pressed them hard. I could feel ripples of pleasure and pain. It was confusing my senses when he randomly penetrated me completely. It went in one swift motion.

After all, I was crazy wet. “No movements,” he said casually and went on to make my boobs see heaven. He sucked them, licked them, squeezed them hard again.

He flicked them from time to time and kept shifting from one to the other. All the while, his perfectly still dick stayed inside me, without a single movement.

“Please, señor, I can’t take this anymore,” I wailed. “Please fuck me hard!” I must have angered him. He instantly removed his penis and turned me to the side again.

He went on to spank me continuously – one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten – alternating from my left ass cheek to right. It turned bright red, but he still didn’t stop and went on to reach twenty.

“You keep disobeying me and telling me what to do. You wanted me to fuck you? Then fuck you, I shall!” he bellowed. He wrapped my thighs around his waist and inserted his entire dick into me.

Oh, sweet heaven! I cannot begin to describe how good that made me feel. He thrust me over and over again, in a rapid successive motion. As I screamed and moaned, I reached my orgasm in no time.

He didn’t stop there. He continued to thrust me, albeit slowly. He had one hand squeezing my nipple while his right hand rubbed my clit at the fastest pace one could imagine. I was moaning, weeping mess. I could feel every touch, every movement of his and mine much more clearly than ever before.

Every thrust was an electric shock to my body. Within the next few minutes, I felt the wave of my second orgasm. I was surprised how Sushil was holding on for so long, and my question was answered. Almost instantly, he removed his dick from inside my pussy, turned around, and thrust it into my mouth.

“Suck it, bitch,” he commanded while he finger fucked me in the 69 position. He started with one finger and moved slowly but firmly while I sucked his cock at a medium pace. Nothing I couldn’t take.

Suddenly, he started thrusting his fingers at a frantic speed. Much faster than any dick that had ridden my pussy. He touched every spot in my pussy that was meant to be touched. My clit, the G Spot, the walls of my pussy, everything. And to add to it, he started fucking me with two fingers now.

I couldn’t take it at all! I began sucking his dick like a baby. I moved my tongue frantically, for that was the only body part I had control over right now. With the demonic attack on my clit and pussy, I cummed for the third time that day.

It was the longest of them all. At the same time, Sushil could feel his orgasm, too. Right before he was about to cum, he removed his dick and shot his load on my tummy. I could feel his warm cum completely on me.

We both needed a few moments to catch our breath. When we did, he gently unfolded my blindfold. “Was it good, baby?” He asked. At that moment, I could do nothing other than pulling his face close to mine and give him a long, deep, passionate kiss. He was truly the best for a beautiful me.

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