My Exhibitionist Experience – Part 1 (Nude Outside)

Before beginning, I would introduce the hero of the story. he an engineer working with a private firm in the outskirts of Mumbai, 30 years of age, male and exhibitionist lover. He had made a number of nude dares in the vicinity. Today, let me share one with you.

During the lockdown last year, I chose to spend some alone time at my farmhouse in the native village. I somehow convinced my parents too.

When I reached our farmhouse, it was already late evening. I kept my luggage in the room and get out to check the condition of our farmhouse as we usually do not stay here.

After a quick survey outside, I rushed back to the bedroom and looked for a wooden trunk for the old clothes. I found one in the bedroom corner. I slowly opened it. Basically, I was looking for old clothes so that I can use them as a part of my fantasies.

From the trunk, I took out a few tiny towels and sheer clothes which are too good to reveal everything and hide nothing behind it. Additionally, the tiny towels which I found in the trunk were also really sexy. They were really short enough to tie over anybody’s waist size over 30-inch. I am already carrying a waist size of 34-inch. So I could barely tie this towel and have to do some kind of sexy adjustment.

When I tried to tie the towel around my waist, it could hardly reach the other end of the towel. I had to put an extra piece of string to tie together both ends of the towel.

When I checked my butt in the mirror after wrapping the towel around it, I could clearly see my 3/4th of my butt wide open to the air. It made it further difficult to hold the towel from lifting on my penis bulge. Further, the width of a towel was also a (naughty) problem. The width was hardly able to hide my 6-inch penis and unable to hold back my penis upon full elongation.

I was damn ready for the exciting show outside and eager to show my manly parts to those lucky.

I took out my shirt and pant, wrapped the towel loosely so that it should fell down accidentally or intentionally at the desired time.

Now I will describe my farmhouse. The house was situated just near to a water canal with 2m wide village road on one side. There was a small iron bridge near my house using which one can cross the canal and go to the other side where there exists a 3m road and with some houses/audience.

Initially, I planned to take a casual naked walk with the tiny towel wrapped around me and try to drop the towel whenever I get any audience. As it was twilight time and slightly getting dark, I could easily recognize that someone was approaching me but could not able to recognize who exactly due to the low light.

So I decided to take advantage of this situation and try public nudity so that audience can not recognize me easily.

I cautiously stepped out of the house and reached out the gate in a flash. The gate had grills everywhere so it meant that I had no chance to hide behind the gate. I slowly opened the gate. I suddenly heard the sound of whispers. Somebody was riding a bicycle and talking on mobile.

I paused there for a while and kept on getting out of the gate. The sound was getting close to me and further close. The bicycle rider easily passed from that place without even looking at me as he was busy on the mobile. It gave me some courage.

Then I decided to walk toward the main road (after walking hardly 10 steps from the gate) which ultimately opened me semi-naked to the public in no time. Semi-naked because I was still wearing the shortest ever (naughty) towel which was unsuccessfully trying to hide my hard bulging penis.

Now it was showtime! It was getting dark with every passing second so I had to hurry. I saw a small group of young guys coming towards me with their herds, probably they were going back to their homes.

I decide to strip down my towel before them assuming they won’t make any objection.

I slowly started loosening the knot of the towel which gave an adrenaline rush in my stomach. I slowly dragged the towel to the knee and made my penis wide open to showcase its swinging freedom to the young guys approaching.

I dropped my towel on the road and started walking towards them. Now my naked ass was about 50 ft away (from the only available nearest source of cloth at that time i.e. my tiny towel).

Now I realized that I reached a point of no return. Either I should keep moving ahead or withdraw myself from that awkward situation and run back to the house. My hard rock penis was swinging every possible way and hitting my thigh continuously. Then, after a few more steps, the strangers came closer where we can see each other.

I noticed a female member with them which rose my excitement to another level. I kept on walking toward them until we crossed each other on that 2m road (it had only a very small space for 3-4 people to cross at the same time) where we can see each other clearly.

I was damn sure that those guys saw all my features clearly. Just after crossing each other, I heard their smiling sound which meant that they ignored my fantasy with a smile. I think this was the time which I was waiting for long to pleasure myself.

After crossing them, I immediately masturbated hard and ejaculated on the road itself. Those strangers kept on watching my masturbation with a cute smile on their faces.

Thereafter I decided to pack up for the day as I was already tired of day travel. I slept completely nude that night, thinking about new fantasies which I can execute the next morning.

In my next post, I will write about my nude dare before maid at home and nude flashing and rubbing my rock-hard penis to another stranger lady on the terrace.

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