Trapping My Father-In-Law: Pain And Pleasure

Hello everyone, this is Sunitha. I hope you remember me. Thanks a lot for all your responses. I am extremely sorry if I missed responding to you. Today I would like to share a memorable incident of pain and pleasure with my father-in-law.

If you are reading my story for the first time, I recommend you to read my earlier story. For those asking me a question, “Are you still in a relationship with your father-in-law?”  Yes, I am still in a relationship with him. We enjoy it whenever we get a chance.

Luckily my husband goes away on business trips blessing us with time alone. One more question I often get is, “How is the old man in bed?” I would frankly say, my god! He is amazing. He can make any woman fall in love with him by his dick.

For the readers, let me tell you about myself. I am a married Telugu lady in my mid-thirties. I am fair. I have a huge pair of boobs that can never fit into your palms and a good ass, which can make any guy imagine stroking his dick from behind.

I mostly wear sarees below my navel, revealing my belly button and exposing my waist. I particularly enjoy the attention I get from men. I am very keen on body hair. I wax my legs, arms, and my underarms.

This happened sometime last summer. Two years back, I was addicted to my father-in-law’s touch. We had sex whenever we got a chance. He never lost any opportunity to touch me or fondle my boobs.

On a summer afternoon, I was serving lunch to my husband and father-in-law. My mother-in-law was at my husband’s brother’s house in a different city. During lunch, my husband got a call. He walked away in between. My father-in-law touched my leg with his and winked.

In anger, I made my eyes big and signaled that he might come. He was back in few minutes and said that he needs to go to Chennai for a few days. My heart danced with joy. I glanced at my darling. He was already looking at me with lust.

I acted a bit sad and asked him when he was about to leave. He said in a week. I couldn’t sleep that night. I was fantasizing about how I will be laid by my father-in-law. Luckily my mother-in-law was also not present at home.

I was sure this was going to be a sex marathon with wine and whiskey for us. I could shout and drink and have sex without any fear. I was sure my darling didn’t get sleep as well.

The next day, my husband left for the office. I was in the kitchen preparing lunch. My father-in-law came from behind, stroked his dick to my ass, and pressed my boobs. I turned around. He started kissing on my neck. With all my force, I pushed him back.

I went to him, placed my elbow near his neck with force, held his dick with force. He gave out a cry, “Suni. It hurts.” I smiled and said, “Why do you crave snacks when you have a buffet dinner waiting shortly?” He stood speechless.

I said, “Mavayya, even I want to get laid by you. But I want it to be romantic. Let your son leave for the trip. You will have your lady at your service in your favorite saree and white flowers, with whiskey glass to serve. I want you to crave for me till he leaves.” I left him with a vicious smile.

He said, “Oh, Suni, you devil. I know you will make me crave and beg for your touch all these days.” I smiled and said, “The more you wait, the more you crave, the more you crave, the beast inside you grows. Now, go to your room like a good boy and let me do my work.”

He didn’t leave the kitchen but kept watching me till I completed my work. The next day, after my husband left to office. I completed my work. I could see my father-in-law with desperate looks towards me. It was afternoon, and I decided to play with him.

I changed to a naughty nighty, which was only till my thighs and completely exposing my boobs. It just had thin straps over my shoulders. He was on the sofa watching TV, I sat beside him, and he was awestruck.  I kept my legs over him.

He pressed and kissed my legs and said, “Sunitha, you are a real seductress. I might die of high blood pressure if you don’t release my juices out.” I sipped whiskey and laughed. He said, “You are drinking? You didn’t bring me the drink. This is wrong, Suni.”

I laughed aloud and said, “Darling, if I make the rules, I can break the rules.”  In a sad tone, he said, “You will be going to hell for this Suni. My dick will curse you.” I laughed very loud and said, “I am not sure about me. But you would be going to hell for sure for fucking your daughter-in-law.”

He laughed and said, “You have already shown me heaven Suni, I don’t mind rotting in hell! You will surely go to heaven, Suni. You are an angel who just came to satisfy this old man.”

I laughed, “My god Mavayya. Then you will also go to heaven for satisfying every inch of my body.” We laughed, and I slowly spread my legs apart. I didn’t wear anything inside. He kept his finger over my pussy and massaged it. He slowly pushed his index finger into it.

My looks turned lusty. He increased the pace. He then started pushing with 2 fingers. I held my hair and gave moans. I moved my leg over his chest. I became completely horny by his acts. He leaned over me to kiss me on my lips. I turned my face aside and said, “Not that easy, Mavayya.”

I kept my hands on his shoulders and pushed him down till my pussy. I held his hair and pushed his face into my pussy. He began to kiss it around it and slowly deep into it. I raised my hands and grabbed the sofa armrest. He licked further deep while pushing his fingers.

I kept moaning, “Ah, Mavayya, Abba deeper.” After some time, he stopped doing and stood up. His dick was erect. I sat, adjusted my hair and gave a soft kiss on his dick, and said, “It’s difficult to resist this monster. But the game is game, no love-making until he leaves.”  I left the hall, giving a wink to my father-in-law.

The next 2 days, it was a great seducing game I played with him. We were very eager for my husband to go on a trip. Unfortunately, my husband slipped from the stairs and got hurt a bit badly. The doctor has advised him to complete bed rest for 3 weeks.

We stay in a duplex house. Our bedroom is at the top, and in-laws stay on the ground floor. We shifted to the guest bedroom on the ground floor. I was disappointed for both the reasons that my husband was hurt and his trip got canceled.

For two days, I was completely held up with taking care of my husband. But after that, the heat in my pussy grew. I just waited for a moment alone with my father-in-law. On the third day, my father-in-law was in his reading room on the first floor. I went to give him tea.

He was reading some books then. I placed the tea on the table and sat on his lap. I placed a finger on his cheek and said, “Unfortunately, his plan didn’t happen. I can’t stay away for long without your touch, Mavayya. He is sleeping. I think we can fuck now.”

He smiled and said, “Darling, you make me crave for long. Now let me play with you. Let me see how you crave for me.” I was shocked at this. I said, “Come on, Mavayya, this is not fair. Take me to bed. Don’t make me ask for sex.”

He smiled and said, “Darling, even I know you can’t stay long without my dick. Now it’s my turn to play. I don’t want you to ask for sex. I want you to beg for it. Then I will drill you.” Then I said, “If this is the game, let us see who begs whom.” And I left the room playfully.

I wasn’t able to sleep at night. Every inch of my body wanted him. I decided if losing the game was winning him, I badly wanted to lose. I rubbed my pussy. I imagined my father-in-law fucking me. I did all this sleeping beside my husband. Such a bitch I am!

I pleaded with him the next day. He didn’t melt. The following day afternoon, my husband slept again. I decided to get fucked by Mavayya at any cost. I went to his study room. I was wearing a saree then. I unhooked my blouse. My boobs were completely exposed.

I went to him, sat on my knees, rubbed his thighs, and said, “Mavayya, please, satisfy your daughter-in-law, you see, she is begging now. I can’t stay without you, Mavayya. I love you. Please.” There was a slight smile on his face. I moved his lungi.

His dick was erect completely, and I took it deep into my mouth. I looked at him. He was looking at me with a winner look. I said while rubbing his dick, “What magic have you done to me? Why did I get addicted to you so much?” He smiled and asked, “Do you need it inside, Suni?”

I said, “I want it very badly.” He gave a smile and said, “Will you bear the pain for pleasure?” I replied, “I can bear any amount of pain for the pleasure you give.” Then he said, “Fine then, come upstairs.” I was a bit surprised at the idea of calling me upstairs when there was Ac and complete comfort in the room.

He went upstairs, I followed him to the terrace. We had a tank, and there was space behind it and a wall behind that. Nobody from outside can see the gap in between. He went there and sat down. It was afternoon and extremely hot. I started sweating.

He said, “Now darling, remove your saree and come.” I was shocked. I asked, “Why here?” He replied, “Do as I say if you need me inside you.” I was a bit afraid. The main door was locked, and my husband is not in a position to walk. I went behind the tank, kneeled, and slowly removed my pallu.

He pulled me over him. I said, “Wait, Mavayya, let me open.” I opened my blouse, and my boobs popped out. I opened it completely and kept it aside. He took it and smelt it and said, “Your smell is intoxicating.” I opened my bottom as well. I was completely naked in broad daylight beneath the open sky.

That felt a bit strange. He kept my saree and blouse under his ass. He pulled me over him and kissed my breasts. I held him on his shoulders and moaned. He began to bite them. I felt his erect dick below my ass.  I kept my finger below his chin, raised it.

We looked into each other eyes. I gave him a deep kiss. I sucked his lower lip deeply while my hands were working on his waist. He broke the kiss, kissed my neck. It was very hot, and I was sweating a lot. He looked least bothered about the sweat.

He raised my hands, and he came near my armpits. He kissed them. I said, “Chee, Mavayya.” He said, “Suni, you are an angel of sex. Even your sweat tastes like honey.” He then laid me on the ground. It was like a hot pan. I cried, “Ouch, Mavayya, it’s like a hot pan. It’s burning.”

He said, “Darling, we have discussed this. You bear the pain. I give you the pleasure.” Saying this, he came over me. I raised my legs, and he pushed inside my pussy. I was delighted as my wait has come to an end, but my back was burning due to heat. I was unable to put my back and ass on the ground.

He pushed violently into my pussy. I cried. I moved my ass up and down as that he might release due to my movement. It was was already some time since he started stroking. His pushes were still powerful, I couldn’t bear the burning sensation, but I enjoyed the strokes he gave.

I wanted him to cum early, but looking at his pace, he would be taking much more time. So I decided to talk filthy and abuse him so that he would leak early. I moaned, “Ah, Mavayya, please leak it fast. Unable to bear the pain.” He made moaning sounds.

I said, “You old man, how does it feel fucking your daughter-in-law? Making her slave? Making her crave sex? Fucking her more than her husband? Making her fall in love with her father-in-law? Ahh, you are amazing. I love you, Mavayya.”

As soon as I said this, he cummed inside me. I was relieved. I immediately sat on my knees. My ass and back must have become red. He stood up, adjusted his lungi, and said, “It was awesome. It reminded me of my younger days.” I gave a half-smile.

I dressed up and went to my room. I locked the door and got naked, and saw myself in the mirror. My back and my ass became red. I took a bath in cold water, gave some relief, and went to the room downstairs where my husband was sleeping.

After we had dinner, we watched TV for a while. My husband said he was sleepy, and I helped him to reach the room. We switched on the AC spoke for a while. Then he fell asleep. I browsed my phone, chatted with my friends. I was not getting sleep.

I heard some TV sound from the hall. I quietly moved out of the room, locked it from outside. My father-in-law was still watching TV. I went and sat beside him, holding his arms. He asked, “Aren’t you getting sleep, Suni?”  I replied, “I thought you needed some company while watching TV.”

I gave him a wink and held his dick in my hands. I played with it. He said, “Oh, Suni, you exactly know how to satisfy me. Now my little tool wants to be in your mouth. Take it.” I said, “Aww, my baby, come in.” Saying that, I took it into my mouth. I sucked it deeply.

I kissed the tip of his dick, bit it slowly. Then I licked behind his dick and finally kissed his balls. With the tip of my finger, I played with his pubic hair. I sucked deeply white, holding the dick at the end. When I reached the top of my pace, I felt hot juice inside my mouth.

He took his dick out and released the rest of my cheeks and other parts of my face. I drank the juice that was in my mouth and said, “Again, you leaked it in my mouth. I don’t understand what pleasure it gives you when you cum inside my mouth and face.”

His juice dropped from my cheek to lip, and I liked that too. I just cleaned the rest of the juices with my hand. I went to my room with few drops of cum over my neck and dress. It became our routine to have a blowjob daily before sleep for almost one more week as I was now my FIL’s fuck partner.

Thanks for reading. You can reach out to me at [email protected] I have been getting emails from both male and female readers requesting to write their stories. Let me know if you want me to write more about their experiences.

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