A Housewife’s First Affair – Part 2

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Let’s do a quick recap about what has happened so far.

Ankita is a married woman in her late 40’s, and I was a young college graduate in his early 20’s. She was a devoted reader cum friend. We both used to talk a lot and flirt with each other. One thing led to another, and I was driving to her place early morning to meet her when her husband and kids aren’t home.

I reached her place, talked some more. Finally, her nervousness kicked in when she realized what’s going to happen. I took the initiative and made her comfortable till we were both naked.

I was making out in her bed. Her horny mature pussy was getting fucked by a hard young dick for the first time after her marriage.

Now back to the story.

I was halfway inside her and stayed like that till she confirmed to me she was comfortable with it. We kissed, and I started to fuck her. Her legs locked onto my waist, and her tits jiggled and jumped with every thrust.

Her – Ah! Ugh! This feels good.

Me – Yes, it does! Uh!

Her – God! You are so hard. Is it fully inside me?

Me – Not-ah-Yet!

Her – Give it to me. Don’t you worry about me! I want your tool fully in.

The deeper I thrust, the more she stabbed my back with her nails. It was beautiful watching her facial expressions change from a shy look to a horny seductive look. I was enjoying the feel of her pussy lips gripping every time I tried to pull out.

Her legs and pussy will suck me right back in every time she felt my dick tip getting away from her cervix. With few good thrusts, I was able to slide it balls deep inside her. It was not easy for both of us. But we took our time, and once she was fine with the new arrangement, we got back at it again.

We kept fucking slowly while our tongue wrestled during the intense long French kiss we shared. Her hands were all over my body, exploring me. Her legs spread wider, inviting me to explore her vagina’s depth.

Her soft, muffled moans and grunts were enough to know she loved it to the core. Now between our slow sex, I often surprised her now and then with a fast hardcore pounding. What I would do was hug around her legs in such a way that they end up on my shoulders.

I would hold her hands above her head. Grab them real good, bend forward towards her face and kiss her lightly before pulling out all the way. Then thrusting it back inside her pussy completely, then pulling back all the way again.

With her pinned down helplessly, not being able to resist me from having my way with her. I fucked her really hard. I fucked her deep. I fucked her fast and roughly using all my body weight to slam my dick as hard as I could.

The sound of my thighs clapping on her ass. Her boobs were jumping up and down in a rhythmic motion. Her eyes were rolling back along with her screaming, “Oh God!”

In between were our erotic uncensored moans. She stiffened and tightened her pussy walls on my dick. Every time she cummed was just icing on the cake. I fucked like that for not more than a minute or two, I guess.

But it felt like a long time with me almost reaching my orgasm with the sensation. Before it happens, I pulled out for a couple of seconds till the sensation went away. I thrust it inside her again to our slow-paced lovemaking.

She couldn’t get enough of it and giggle after every rough fucking nagging. She was begging me with “Do it again, Do it! Again,” like a child. But I wanted to tease her more. And sure enough, I did it again two more times at every moment she expected it the least.

I’d distract her with small talks and suddenly thrust it hard at her. The feeling of her hot juices flowing all over my hard dick was sending me to the edge. We both were sweating during the whole session. And during the third surprise hardcore, I plowed her pussy hard but felt my pressure building up.

Her – Ah! Ah Yes! That’s it! Oh Yes, That’s the spot! I’m near. Keep going.

Me – This is not good. If I did, I would cum.

She pulls me closer and kisses me. The moment I felt my balls getting ready, I almost pulled out. But she hugged me tightly and did that grip thing with her pussy. I blanked out, and before I could think. I realized what had happened after we got back to our senses.

I unknowingly thrust it back inside her and shot load after a load of my hot thick cum. Soon enough, she too orgasmed and cummed all over my dick. I rested on top of her. Still feeling her pussy milk my dick for every drop of sperm. We fell asleep in that position for some time.

After 20-30 minutes, she woke me up, and I got off her. The bed was a mess. The spot where we were fucking was a pool of our cum. And the room had that dusky scent of sweat and sex. We cleaned the bed, sprayed air fresheners, and we had a little fun shower together.

We both dried ourselves, and she went towards the kitchen to heat the breakfast. She made some nice paratha and aachar with hot fresh tea.

After having breakfast, we watched some television on her living room sofa talking about our life and the sex we just had. Ankita was wearing her nighty, and I was in my boxers. She was still looking sexy in the deep neck nighty showing off her boobs and curves.

We went for another makeout session. I sneak peek, and it was around 1:30 PM on the clock by then. Enough time for another quick round before I leave at 2 PM, we both thought.

She kissed me passionately with her hands in my boxers. My one hand fingered her while the other squeezed and kneaded her boobs. I was hard, and she was wet with a lusty expression on her face. I hugged her and got her in my lap, facing me.

I then proceeded to kiss her all over her cheeks, ears, whole neck, and cleavage. She dropped her straps, and the nighty slid down, exposing her boobs. I wasted no time kneading her perky nipples and squeezed her boobs. I felt her humping that wet pussy over my dick shaft, trying to get it in.

I dug my face on her tits, sucking like a baby. I lifted her by the waist enough to set her pussy right above my hard erect dick to feel it enter her warm, velvety fuck hole. We fucked like that for a couple of minutes. I enjoyed the view of her tits bouncing as she rode my dick like a cowgirl.

Then we decided to go for hardcore doggy style. I turned her around and bent her over the sofa. I lifted her nighty and rubbed my dick tip between her pussy lips. I pushed my dick slowly inside her wet heavenly pussy. We started fucking slowly but gradually increased the speed.

I was teasing her g-spot with my dick making her go out of control. We both were enjoying the fuck. Our thrusts were matching, and moans were next level. We were both lost in the moment when I heard a faint sound coming from the room.


My alarm was ringing. I had set it up for 2 PM so to escape early. But when I looked at my watch, it was 2:15 PM.! We both got worried, but I regained my pace, and she, too, pushed her ass back even harder.

It was a sight to behold. I had my hands over her waist, love handles, watching my dick go in and out, making her ass jiggle and shake. The erotic clapping sound of her ass filled the living room. We kept fucking like animals in heat till I heard her scream loudly.

Her fucking hot cum rushed all over my dick, followed by her pussy muscles gripped and milked my dick. I filled her pussy again with a hot new load of cum. Ankita cleaned my dick with her nighty, and I got ready as fast as I could. We shared one last kiss before I ran down her stairs.

Her kids’ cab was slightly late. We never got caught, and her kids came home 10 minutes after I was gone.

Ankita was on menopause or already had her surgery for future planning. She never talked about it. But all I knew was it was safe to cum in her without worrying about pregnancy. Plus, she loved the feeling of my cum inside her after every session.

I didn’t get to be with her more often due to the distance between us. But we used to make most of her husband busy at work whenever we could meet at her place.

Many ask me, ‘Is it wrong or right for a loving mother and a housewife to be friends with benefits with a guy younger than her?’ It’s debatable.

I hope you liked this housewife’s tale of love and lust. Feel free to drop your query, views, and feedback on comments or share personally on [email protected] (hangout or email). Take care.

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