Popping The Cherry In Pondicherry

Hey there boys and girls. This is Arjun Pandey bringing you first of his many stories. I always wanted to pin down my sexual experiences for others to read and imagine but didn’t get time to do so. This is the first of the many stories that happened to me.

The base script is real with just some of my own added features. So sit back, relax and enjoy this story. Before we start, a description of myself. I am a fun-loving and happy guy, with no abs, but a good upper body. I am working out now regularly to get those abs. I have a 6.5-inch cock.

A little bit shy by nature, but good at sports. So I have a decent body. Coming to the story. It was early in my career and I was already facing many problems due to the new work pressure in my company. I work as a software engineer in a reputed company.

So just to relax and have some fun, all my friends and I went to Pondicherry for the weekend. Pondicherry has really beautiful people. Please visit if you get any chance. So we had rented a villa for 8 people, 5 boys, and 3 girls and none of them were a couple.

So we went there on Saturday morning and we had good fun visiting different beaches and places in Pondicherry. In the evening, it was around 6 pm, and we were on Rock Beach of Pondicherry. We were sitting on the rocks and taking pictures when I noticed a curvy figure was walking towards our end of the beach.

She had a camera in her hand. It was a DSLR, so we knew that she is a pro in photography. She was wearing a red top and black Capri, which was complimenting her great figure and her fair skin. She is the heroine of the story and her name is Janice.

Her figure must have been 34-30-36, which I came to know later. We all started talking to her. I was glancing at her assets now and then. We came to know that she is here for some decent nature pics and to enjoy herself and she came alone. We too clicked pictures with her and she was good at it.

After some time, we left Rock Beach and came back to our villa. But I was unable to get her figure out of my mind. I went to the washroom and jacked off thinking about her. I took a longer time than usual in the bathroom. One of the girls was waiting outside.

As soon as I cam outside, she was smiling and I went off laughing in the other room. What happened there, I will tell you in the next story. So we had decided to go to a pub in Pondicherry as all the girls wanted to have a drink. We all got ready and went to the pub.

The girls were looking really hot and beautiful. I was wearing a white shirt, with black jeans, combined with perfume and my military-style haircut, I was looking good. So I went there and all ordered drinks except me. I don’t drink so I ordered a simple mocktail for me.

The music was good and we were grooving to the music. I went to take the drinks at the counter and there I saw the same lady we met on the beach, Janice. She was looking stunning as she was wearing a small black dress, which was till her thighs. It had a deep neck and her cleavage was clearly visible.

Her milky thighs were also visible and he was looking damn hot and sexy. We both saw each other and I smiled at her and waved at her. She smiled back and waved at me and came to me. She hugged me and it was like a dream come true. We both started talking.

I took her to our table, where all my friends were sitting. And believe me, the mouths of all the boys were open like that as soon as they saw Janice in that dress. She was just looking like an angel. Janice joined us and started drinking and talking with me. We were just talking to each other.

All the other boys and girls were quite drunk. So I asked Janice whether she will wait for me as I come back after dropping all of them to our villa. She agreed to wait for me. So I took all of them, put them in our car and left them at the villa. I came back and saw Janice again.

She was waiting for me and I was happy to see that. We started talking and had a long conversation including our likes and dislikes. I came to know that she was a divorcee. It happened just after 2 years of marriage and after that, she never remarried.

We were talking and soon, her favorite song, ‘Tum Hi Ho’ from Aashiqui 2 started and then she wanted to dance. But she was a little hesitant to ask me as there was a huge age gap between us. I could see that hesitance on her face. So I asked her to dance with me as this is my favorite song too.

She readily agreed and we both went to the dance floor. It was quite crowded as it was a Saturday night, so we were quite close while dancing with each other. She was smelling so good, it was intoxicating me. My hands were on her waist, and her hands were around my neck.

Our mouths were few cms apart and we were looking dead straight in each other’s eyes. We were enjoying the music and dance, in between we also had a couple of dance, and she danced so well. I touched her ass, boobs and all of her body during that dance and she didn’t mind it all.

So we were back to slow music. My hands around her waist and we were quite close. I told her that you are looking very elegant and sexy at the same time. It’s a very rare combination I said. She started blushing and she told me that she is happy that she met me here in Pondicherry.

As soon as she said this, I planted a kiss on her lips, which were seducing me all the time with that dark red lipstick on them. I didn’t get any response and when I saw her eyes, she was looking straight into me. I said sorry and I shouldn’t have done that. But still, with that dead killer look, she was looking smoking hot.

I couldn’t control and kissed her again. This time she did respond and oh my god! It was a magical kiss, our lips were engulfed into each other and we were kissing each other passionately, without being concerned about other people around us. That was one of the best kisses I ever had in my life until now.

My hands moved from her waist to her ass which was always inviting me. I started pressing that ass slowly as we continued kissing each other. We started involving our tongues in that kiss and it was amazing. After a few minutes, we gasped for air and came back to our table and had some water.

I just looked at Janice and I wanted to eat her right there. She wanted to do the same. So we went to the dance floor again, this time, in a secluded corner of the pub, and started dancing wildly. As we were dancing and kissing, I turned her around and blew a puff of air on the neck.

I started grinding my hard cock on her ass over our clothes and my hands started roaming all over her body. She was enjoying every bit of that and was moving her ass in rhythm with my cock. I started pressing her boob over that dress. I was kissing her neck and shoulder at the same time.

These actions of me led to her moaning and that was so sexy. I was fondling her breasts and her nipples were hard. She was becoming very horny and this was visible as her hard nipples were visible and her juices had made a wet patch in her panties.

We played like this, my cock grinding against her ass, kissing her neck, shoulder, and lips. My hands moving all around her boobs and wet pussy. She just had a huge orgasm and then she decided it’s enough here. She wanted the real deal now.

She asked me whether I can accompany her to her room in the hotel so that we continue this there. I was so happy to hear that and I gave a long smooch to her before we left. We sat in my car (I rented one for traveling in Pondicherry) and left for her hotel.

In the car, she removed her bra and panties, only wearing that small black dress. It made me harder and my bulge was visible over my jeans. She was biting her lips seeing the bulge and she started playing with my hard cock over the jeans. She took it out and was stroking it.

My dream of having a handjob in a car was done and she was doing it so beautifully. She was stroking my cock, up and down, and then she did the unthinkable. She took my cock in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob in the car. That was so slutty from her side.

We reached the hotel and were kissing each other in the lift as well. She ordered some champagne, chocolate syrup, and honey from the room service and resumed our activities.

So that’s it, folks, I will continue the story in the next part. This is my first story so please give me honest comments and feedback so that I can improve on those. I will be writing the next part soon. Thank you so much for reading.

You can contact me on [email protected] And I am available on hangouts as well. All types of inputs and comments will be appreciated.

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